Wednesday, January 11, 2017

There Is A New Prophet In Our Midst Who Also Has Had A Dream Setting Him Apart

Almost Arrested, Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, Doubly Blessed Prophet/Apostle, Second Witless Witnsess and Future Martyr Bob Thiel has been working over time in trying to convince everyone that just because he had some nightmares after some bad Chinese food that he is now a true prophet of God.  He dreamed a dream and that proves it! We are expected to take his word for it.  Its all true!

Thiel has now been usurped by E W King.  Prophet King had a dream recently there he was named a true prophet of God.  If Almost Arrested Thiel can claim that his dream was legitimate, why can't King?  If I were going to pick one of the two, I would pick King as a prophet.  He seems kinder and gentler than the attention seeking narcissist Thiel.  Both men are just a few steps short of entering the looney-bin.

~Prophet Eric W. King taken December 16th at Land of Mormon Temple - The Alter~

“One of them lifted his right hand and spoke [unto Eric]. He said: “We have come from the celestial kingdom to call you forth as a prophet of God in this seventh church time. Behold, I am Elijah the prophet.” At this pronouncement I fell to the ground shaking madly. Then the other personage spoke: “Behold, I am, John the apostle. You have been working for the kingdom and now you must take on your full responsibility as prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ in this Seventh Church Time. You have rightly studied and discerned the seven church eras thus you have been lead by the Spirit of God and now called to take on the authority and responsibility of speaking with boldness and carrying this message with grace and humility to the church and to the entire world. You must now without any doubt fully trust the Lord.”

~The night of December 12th 2016 Vision~

Because of this fact we also believe that America has been given a record of its own ancient Scripture which we recognize to be what is called “The Book of Mormon”. This record of ancient Scripture was found by the prophet Joseph Smith back on September 22, 1823. 
Please understand that though we recognize this record of Scripture WE ARE NOT MORMONS in the regular sense of the title. After the death of Joseph Smith the church scattered as it always does after the death of a great leader. We do not believe in any other prophets after Joseph Smith accept for Sidney Rigdon and Eric King. We do recognize Brigham Young to be an authentic prophet but not in the same sense as Joseph Smith and it was he who led the group of people which latter on became known as “The Mormon Church” and what is today called “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. So again, though we recognize the Book of Mormon to be an actual scriptural record of ancient America we do not call ourselves Mormons in the regular sense. ~


Byker Bob said...

Flavor of the month?

Wait until Eric discovers that DVDs are available for the entire 6 seasons of "Lost". Imagine applying the Armstrong prophecy mold to the inhabitants of a strange island (place of safety?). Special guest appearance by Satan as the smoke monster!

A thought for the day: 2,000 years from now, will your local postal route be considered to be church eras?


Sweetblood777 said...

In this world of unemployment and underemployment, many false prophets are arising in order to gain tithes from people. Many have seen the riches that the tithe brings to those that can tell a great story.

The greater the story, the greater the chance for success. Many people are living in fear, and these opportunists see a field ready for the picking.

DennisCDiehl said...

I've always liked how Celestial Dream Beings say "Behold...." Sounds so very official. We can only dream what Bob Thiel is thinking about this.

The Painful Truth said...

Next year Eric will be a JW.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Like Dr. Martin Luther King, "I have a dream" (probably that he would have a holiday named after him, along with street names), I also have a dream.

In it, Armstrongism completely disappears along with all the kooks and nuts that make money off of it and gain their daily narcissistic source.

And the world is better off in a small way, with a very small measure of increased peace in our time, because, darn it all, Armstrongism is really disproportionately noisy for no good reason.

Connie Schmidt said...

Next month, Eric King is going to discover "Star Trek Conventions" , and that he is actually Captain Kirk from a different "time line" from a parallel universe, and that both Star Trek and the church will become one. He and Spock will be the Two Witnesses.

He will recruit others from the Star Trek fan community that will serve in his church as well. He will marry a faux Janice Rand, have the gay Sulu charting course and running church operations, and have the pretend Uhura be in charge of church communications.

The wannabe Scotty will constantly be heard saying "We need more power, we need to preach the gospel of King with MORE POWER".

Pretend McCoy-- "Im a doctor, not an Evangelist". Pretend McCoy comment on the COG-- "They're Dead Eric"

Anonymous said...

If only megastupid megachurch Christian preachers started sermons with, "I don't know my ass from my elbow when it comes to prophecy ..."

Anonymous said...

You mean mega churches teach prophecy? Got any specific names or preachers so we can check their versions out?

The Painful Truth said...

You should write film scripts! That's very interesting. Let's hear more.

Anonymous said...

Oh dream on everyone.Bob (doubly blessed) Thiel has competition.That aside,the best dream is this;''Behold,you are going to WIN the State Lottery''.If only........sign.

Hoss said...

This goes back to HWA looking for the True Church - you make the rules and you make the call.

About a year after I first heard GTA and started getting R(adio)CG literature, my mother invited some door-knocking Mormon elders to make their sales pitch. And they knew their (specialized) stuff. They proved LDS was the “true church” – but I’d previously proved the RCG was the “true church”. This was better than a SDA classmate who just claimed he belonged to the “true church” and the RCG was “dangerous”.

I wrote to Pasadena about my problem regarding the Mormons’ “proof” and all I got back was a reprint article on relying on books other than the Bible (not mentioning the Book of Mormon).

The methodology for both groups seemed simple enough. First you find your intended convert, and agree that there must have been a Biblical “true church”. You look at certain attributes of that church, and get your intended convert to agree on certain criteria. The final play is to show the RCG, LDS, whoever, fit the agreed criteria. What do you know, that group MUST be the “true church”.

And the methodology is a simple way to sell yourself as a prophet, apostle, whatever.

NeoTherm said...

People want to see thrilling things happen. They want to see miracles and interventions and not the staid, patient plod through life that is required of them. Think of the electric excitement that flows through a congregation if they have a "prophet." The Bible drama has suddenly come into their lives.

I knew of a small congregation in our State that came into being post-1995. It was run by a salesman who had graduated from Ambassador College. Before long one of their members (used to be a deacon in the WCG) was advertised as a prophet. I don't know how he was credentialed and whatever happened to him. The group moved en mass to another State.

But can you imagine how meaningful, relevant and exciting the congregation felt for the short window when it seemed like it was a true and inspired event. Prophecy has always been good for stirring up fear and getting people to cough up some money. Having your own prophet is just one of the more extreme examples of this. Alas, prophets don't last long. There is no flow or miracles from them and people get bored with this and look for some other form of excitement. I am not sure how ex-prophets occupy their time.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder what goes on inside those Mormon Temples?

NewNameNoah has a YouTube channel featuring hidden videos of all your favorite temple
rituals like baptisms for the dead, Endowment ceremonies, marriage sealings and so on.



Anonymous said...

Dennis said:

"I've always liked how Celestial Dream Beings say "Behold...." Sounds so very official."

Yep. I also like how the book of Mormon apes King James English, even though it was already becoming archaic in James' own time. Nobody used language like that in the 19th century when Joseph Smith "translated" (invented) the book of Mormon—unless they were attempting to sound authoritative. That aspect basically shows us Joe's entire hand. I mean, what REAL "God" would need to rely on tricks like that? But I can certainly understand a con man thinking he needed to rely on such tactics. Purely for the thoughtless rubes, mind you. This aspect shows us Eric King's cards as well. If King James English was good enough for Jesus, then it must have been good enough for Elijah the Prophet too, right? So, basically, this shows that Eric King is just trying to be another Joseph Smith. Though I think he'll find it a damn sight more difficult to sell from scratch to 21st century audiences than it was for Joseph Smith nearly 200 years ago, when even most educated people were hardly educated by today's standards.

Also, it might bear noting that dream testimony was used in the Salem Witch Trials, against the good advice of Cotton Mather. The was called "spectral evidence," and it became so obvious to the court during the course of the proceedings that such "evidence" was not reliable, and this realization caused the governor of Massachussetts to shut them down. Later Judge Sewall confessed that the proceedings had been in error. Ever since, "spectral evidence" has been unacceptable at trial. But Eric King expects his "spectral evidence" to be convincing still to the likes of his readers? I assume he'll find a few thoughtless rubes. The consequences for their foolishness is upon their own heads as they have no excuse not to know better.

Anonymous said...

"You should write film scripts! That's very interesting. Let's hear more."


Anonymous said...

I love this guy. He's cycling through just about every fringe element even remotely connected to the Christian faith.