Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ron Weinland: People Hate Me Because I Am An Apostle - Like HWA and Paul

As God's only end-time apostle (sorry Almost-ordained Bob Thiel!) Ron Weinland is mocked and ridiculed on the internet by evil nasty people.  Just as Paul and HWA were mocked, Weinland claims it as a sure sign of his apostolic position in the church.
Although we had believed Christ would return in 2012, it will still be a Pentecost when he returns—Pentecost of 2019! There is great purpose “why” he did not return then, and that will be thoroughly explained. Although many ridicule and mock this change, and use it to try and discredit what I speak, people will in time become astounded why that date actually did change. 
Paul, the apostle to the gentile world, was beaten, stoned, imprisoned, and then kept under house arrest in Rome for an extended period of time before he was eventually killed. Candidly, ever since that time, people have continued in great hatred of the message that God’s apostles and teachers have brought, and as a result, many other leaders of God’s Church have been imprisoned and/or killed.
At the time of my calling, Mr. Armstrong was God’s apostle. He died in January of 1986, and yet to this day the Internet is filled with written content that contains intense hatred for him. Most of what is written contains things that have been contrived, twisted, distorted, and just plain lied about concerning him and the life he lived. Yet it is amazing that most people who read such things “choose” to believe all or at least part of what is written because their mind is prejudiced against him solely due to the doctrine he taught, the truths of God, some or all of which they reject.
There are many who have written things that are on the Internet who had been part of God’s Church at one time, but in time turned against it, just as God and Christ said would happen. These are those who had been given opportunity through a direct invitation from God to enter into a new creation, yet in time began to reject what God was o ering and teaching them. They turned from the grace, the favor, that God had shown to them.
Some of those have gone so far in their bitterness and hatred that they have done exactly what Lucifer did and their minds have now become set against God. God will not force anyone to receive His way of life if they do not want it, even if after having accepted His invitation, they later turn away; that is their free choice. God’s creation within the mind of mankind cannot be completed in anyone who does not want it. 


Anonymous said...

Ron is just responding with shoot and smear he messenger. He is copying Herb who on many occasions labeled as unconverted or not having the holy spirit, members who disagreed with him. A ploy which many of his ministers has since used.

Sweetblood777 said...

This ass is trying to deceive others that by rejecting his organization, that they are rejecting Yahweh. He has placed himself on Yahweh's throne, just as Satan tried to do.

Soon these people will be turned to dust and will have to give a full accounting of their actions when they come up in the second resurrection. They will not be in the first, as they no longer qualify. If they do happen to come up in the first, they will be tossed into the lake of fire, wiping out any possibility of them entering the Kingdom.

Surely Ron, your time is short.

Connie Schmidt said...

"Scoffers and Mockers", ... sounds like a good name for a tavern!

Byker Bob said...

Or a punk rock band....


Opinionated said...

Sweetblood777 says "Soon these people will be turned to dust and will have to give a full accounting of their actions when they come up in the second resurrection."

Ron is a atheist so he could give a rats ass about scripture.

Anonymous said...

Weinland: "I can call spirits from the vasty deep."

Why, so can I, or so can any man; But will they come when you do call for them?

(with apologies to Will Shakespeare)

Anonymous said...

Ron Weinland: “People Hate Me Because I Am An Apostle – Like HWA and Paul”


People despise you because you are a liar and a thief--like Gerald Flurry and David Pack.