Thursday, February 15, 2018

Crackpot Wade Cox: You have less than 7 years to repent or Jesus and the Mohammads of the Middle East will slaughter you.

It is always fascinating to watch the various leaders of the COG's as they mentally break down from delusional beliefs and teachings. For some reason, their god is the nastiest vengeful god one could ever imagine.  It is like they look with glee with the hope to see the people of the world slaughtered by their god during the end times for being such grievous sinners. Only they and their crazy band of followers are the true believers.

Wade Cox says:
So there is no doubt to the people seeking the First Resurrection this is the bottom line.
  1. Repent and be baptised
  1. Have hands laid on for receipt of the Holy Spirit
  1. Keep the weekly Sabbath and daily prayer.
  1. Keep the Sabbath of the New Moon and do not trade (Amos 8:5)
  1. Keep the Lord’s Supper on the night of 14 Abib according to the Temple Calendar, participating in the bread and wine and footwashing.
  1. Keep the Passover on the night beginning 15 Abib and keep the full seven days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. (Penalty for failure is to be cut off (Ex 12:15, 19) and all the Armstrong systems have failed to do this since 1965 and before then kept it only by accident due to Hillel).
  1. Keep the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost on the 50th day which is the First day of the week following the 49th day Sabbath which commences the Feast.
  1. Keep Trumpets on 1 Tishri, 
  1. Atonement on (10 Tishri),
  1. Keep the Feast of Tabernacles from 15 to 21 Tishri with Holy Days on 15 and 22 of the Seventh Month.
  1. Tithe as per God’s Laws as a sign of Repentance and return to God.
  1. Give three feast offerings a year at Passover, the Feast of Weeks and at Tabernacles.
Do these things and you shall be saved. Keep Hillel and fail to obey God and follow the Hadith and you will die. Teach men to disobey the Laws of God and you will be killed at the return of the Messiah. 
Those alive at the return of the Messiah will repent, or the elect under Messiah, Qasim and the Muhammads of the Middle East will remove all of you.
There is no negotiation. You have less than seven years to repent.  The ministry of the Churches of God have only half that time because they are already under judgment. Prepare for the Passover and turn and be saved.
Wade Cox
Coordinator General


Dennis Diehl said...

I'm sending he doesn't own a New Testament Lol. Should go by the title Uncoordinated Grunt

Allen Dexter said...

OOOH!!! Talk about being theologically mugged! Reminds me of the SS approach: "You vill do as vee say, or else!" He doesn't have to worry about building any ovens either. His imaginary god has provided for that in that mythical "lake of fire." Ho, hum. Pardon me for not trembling in terror.

Dennis Diehl said...


Anonymous said...

well, at least he's got the 3 feast offerings right....

wonder why he calls the days of unleavened bread "passover"???
jewish influence maybe?

Anonymous said...

How can people fall for such crap? If you read Cox's papers, he ends up having to twist the Koran to make it say what he wants it to say, and to not say what he doesn't want it to say. If he is looking for a doctrinal angle, he would be better off claiming that Chaucer's Canterbury Tales were a series of parables and coded messages meant to guide the Church in the Wilderness.

Anonymous said...

I notice that there's no mention of personal growth/fruits of repentance in his list. Oh, I just remembered, members who grow will soon recognize him for the fraud that he is. So no maturing for members in his church. Just blind obedience.
Dave Pack and similar must have the same approach.

The Overseeing Chief General of the so-called "generals" said...

Why do all of these morons who set themselves up as church leaders have to give themselves some kind of crazy title? Pastor General, Chief Overseer, Coordinator General? These despots are "generals" of nothing other than being Lucifer's boy toy generals. These sicko's deserve no respect.

Connie Schmidt said...

Im soooo confused!

I thought all this time it was suppose to be the GERMANS that would come and kill us and eat our babies!

Well, I guess times change!

Percy K. Euttodd said...

7 years, you say?

We'll wait for the 3-5 year extension...

True Bread said...

so-called "ministers" always perplex me when they start spouting off about the end's like none of them read or understand the's fairly clear that there must be a seven year peace agreement PLUS a Temple in existence PRIOR to the final seven years beginning.....

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:51 PM,
To whom or which org do you send your 3 feast offerings?

Byker Bob said...

End times? Who knew that we would be living when Slash of Guns and Roses had reached age 52?

Most of the people who might have been considered candidates for the two witnesses back in the ‘70s are either dead or prohibited by age related infirmities from doing any vibrant sort of work.

Wade Cox may have switched punishers from the Germans to the Arabs, but he is no spry spring chicken.....