Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Is Dave Pack Still Unable To Pay Most Of His Ministers

From Exit and Support:
February 12, 2018
This [Restored Church of God Destroyed My Marriage] is a sad story, repeated too often. Personally, I am grateful that my husband in RCG continues to support us. His understanding of "common" is less strict than what I have read on your site.
I know that most of the RCG ministry works without pay, just being compensated for expenses. So, it is not a mystery who gets the money [Pack]. They teach that the End is near, so why bother saving? I also know they believe that they are not looking for Jesus to return, rather they believe that Elijah is coming to "rule the world" for a time.
Also, a top minister in RCG works full time to "correct" Pack's false prophecies on their computers. That way, no one without a hard copy will know how wrong he is! --[name withheld]
It is well known that Dave imagines that "all things in common"include members money, which he believes belongs to his god, and therefore since he is God's only representative on earth today, all of their money belongs to him.

Apparently, Dave is so cheap he has a mostly volunteer ministry.  Other than paying some of their expenses, Dave is keeping all of the money for himself.

In May of 2016, Exit and Support reported that Dave could not afford to pay his ministers:

May 23, 2016
Dave Pack is pressed for money, as he still is not paying lower ministers for their full time work. At most, he is paying half pay. Many ministers are working for no pay. I do know that he has lost a big chunk of members by now claiming to be the "Elijah." Anyone, who takes time to check out HWA, especially if they followed him, just won't buy it. --Impacted by RCG
This should not be considered something new.  The Church of God has a great track record in doing this to its ministers over the decades.  As tens of millions of dollars were poured into the Pasadena campus for buildings, grounds and AICF, the ministery struggled to be paid at times.  HWA and the top echelon of the church never suffered during those financial crisis's, but everyone else sure did.

Also, notice the last paragraph in the top quote.  Dave has spent the last several years posting one sermon after another about his scenario for the end times and the return of his "jesus" for the second and third time.  Those sermons contained one outlandish teaching and prophecy after another.  When the mockery of these teachings reached a crescendo, he abruptly pulled all 130 some sermon transcripts offline.  Now he has to pay someone to come in and clean up his mess.


Anonymous said...

I read Dave's original autobiography. It had some interesting information. He mentioned that he use to ask members to fill in a card indicating time spent in prayer and bible study. The 80% that filled in the forms, indicated that about half spent no or next to no time in prayer or bible study. I believe he got it right when he concluded that this corresponds with half the church falling away on Herbs death.

It would have helped to have known that half the members did no prayer or bible study, since I gave every benefit of a doubt to members in the 1980s, only to be taken advantage of.

I notice that someone of greater maturity has 'photo shoped'/airbrushed his autobiography.
Not to worry, I have a copy of his original downloaded booklets for historians to examine.

Anonymous said...

“Is Dave Pack Still Unable To Pay Most Of His Ministers”

That cartoon picture has it all wrong and exactly backwards.

David Pack will be well dressed while all his followers will be left naked and destitute.

mitigator said...

In response to Anonymous about the P and BS survey, in our local church, the local pastor, Roy Page, did the same damn thing. At church services he asked everyone to take a blank sheet of paper and write either a Y or a N to the following question. "Do you, on average, every day, spend at least a half hour in prayer, and a half hour in Bible study?"

I had to be honest so I wrote a big N on my sheet, and I folded it so the ushers collecting the responses wouldn't see it. I figured that by next week when the results were in, the ratio would be about half and half. And sure enough, that's what it was, and it seemed to validate in the pastor's mind the veracity of the parable of the ten virgins, five of whom were wise, and five were foolish, a 50:50 ratio.

I can't recall how many times that particular parable was used to hammer in the notion that we had better strive to be counted among the elite "wise five" as opposed to the foolish five. It appeared that the time spent in P and BS was the litmus test that would establish which of the two groups we would be in when the Bridegroom finally showed up.

Allen C. Dexter said...

This is nothing new. Unless you were at the top of the power structure, you did not do well anywhere in WCG. You were lucky to have enough to pay for rent, utilities, a junker car and the barest of essentials. Read Samuel's warning about kings if you want to know how those in power conducted themselves. WCG was totally fascist in its governing and practices. The common herd meant nothing to any of those in power. That included most of those who did the work in the organization.

Connie Schmidt said...

Anyone working for Pack , is going to do about as well as a soldier does in North Korea. Resorting to eating grass, stealing whatever food they can find, and eating rotten worm infested scraps.

Anonymous said...

Dave has spent the last several years posting one sermon after another about ... the return of his "jesus"

That weird. I didn't realize that Dave ever heard of Jesus. Are you sure he wasn't just swearing?

-- Evil Diabolical Satan-Worshiping Hideous Nazi Troll.

Anonymous said...

2.55 PM
Bible study and prayer are not litmus tests. Rather they are tools of personal growth.

Anonymous said...

David Pack is a piece of shit. His cult has a congregation in Olive Branch, Mississippi and the people are brain dead fools for believing his satanic nonsense.

What About The Truth said...

The no wage for the ministers is another unfortunate reality When it comes to Dave Pack's god. That god would be the god of mammon. When I attended there, we lost our minister partly due to financial hardship. At the time I know he was paying $1400.00 a month for the Obama Care health requirement as just one of his monthly bills. His house was in need of many repairs which he didn't have the time or money to do because of his church related requirements. I imagine he had a bitter stomach watching all the buying and building of houses on and around the Wadsworth headquarters and Dave Pack's proclamation about how they were all living in a millennial paradise while he was doing the grunt work for nothing and living in a decaying house. Once again, a real life example of the wreckage that sits unseen under and supporting the Restored Church of God.

Anonymous said...

What are the L & I laws of Ohio? Do they apply to churches? If so, then why is the state not looking into this practice? I live in a different state and our L & I laws were used to pay us back pay for working on our lunch hours, breaks we didn't get, coming in early, leaving late and other things. The company that I worked for at the time had to pay us, after that there were no more bonuses at the end of the year. New testament states that the laborer is worthy of his wages. Another proof that this group is definitely not biblically based.

Anonymous said...

“Is Dave Pack Still Unable To Pay Most Of His Ministers”

The worker is worth his pay.

But the preacher of David Pack's scam is worth less than nothing.