Sunday, March 18, 2018

Restored Church of God Ministerial Exodus

Here are the ministers and wives who have left David C Pack's Restored Church of God in the last couple of years....

William Behrer
Jackie Behrer
Charles Bishop
Pat Bishop
John Capozzolo
Margaret Capozzolo
Scott Clark
Kevin Denee
Jennifer (Pack) Denee
Jonathan Dicen
Retzel Dicen
Robert Farrell
Gary Goebel
Donna Goebel
Bob Harrington
Gail Harrington
Gabriel Lischak
Davina Lischak
Tom Marchione
Anthony Mew
Melanie Mew
Joe Milich
Allison Milich
Justin Palm
Stacey Palm
Daniel Quimby
Nicole Quimby
Jake Toews
Robin Toews
James Turck
Steve Wazny
Candice Wazny 
Mike Webster
Jill Webster


nck said...

Well by any standard there are/were only two true bishops I see.


Anonymous said...

RCG had a female Bishop!

Connie Schmidt said...

Pack loses top brass faster than Donald Trump does !

Anonymous said...

NCK wrote:

"...Well by any standard there are/were only two true bishops I see..."

So, now, what kind of a group, "church," body is Dave associated that is now also missing 2 palms, 2 toews......oh,and so important to a GFlurry, 2 Rocks?

Time will tell!


nck said...


How can "the body" now measure skirts lenghts below denee.

I know, I am being childish about people, who perhaps had the courage to walk out on insanity. But I don't know their complete stories.


Anonymous said...

My father told me that he knows of one former minister and his wife who were in their 70's, lived in Canada and were told they needed to get jobs. Age discrimination in Canada is a lot worse than here from what I've been told, my father said they left because of it. I don't know their names or where they served Pack at. It sounded like they were tossed out for being too old. It would be nice if a few of them would comment on the experiences they had.

Hoss said...

And how many of them rushed to join Bob Thiel's CCOG?

Anonymous said...

“Here are the ministers and wives who have left David C Pack's Restored Church of God in the last couple of years....”

Congratulations on your fine escape!

The Restored Church of Fraud was certainly one of Satan's sneakier, costlier, crueller, and dirtier tricks.

David C. Pack initially pretended to be very concerned about doctrinal precision, but then later just threw up all over everyone during his sermons, such as the ones where he made a “Clarion Call” for more money, falsely predicted great things for August 31, 2013, restored his “common” theft scam, made himself (rather than HWA) out to be the prophesied Elijah with the power to change all doctrines, made himself (rather than Jesus Christ) out to be the prophet of Deuteronomy 18:18-19 that everyone had to listen to, babbled on and on about a new “First Dominion” prophetic scenario, and all sorts of other puke.

There appears to be no hope that David Pack will ever repent or recover from his downward spiral. The situation will most likely only grow worse. It probably would take a team of very powerful exorcists, who have done much fasting and praying, to cure him now.

P.S. Those who really are still interested in the Bible can now stop listening to David Pack's endless noise, stop reading David Pack's ever-changing literature, and finally read the Bible itself for a change.

David Rickman said...

How about a list of ministers that have left the other Armstrong cult groups. Also, I'm curious if GCI has any "growth" since they no longer teach Armstrong's lies.

What About The Truth said...

A little background for everyone on the mechanism of the RCG: All sermons come from their headquarters and close to 90% of the sermons are from Mr. Pack himself. These sermons are in the form of CD or video. The field ministers rarely if ever speak except for and during the Feast of Tabernacles. Most congregations are led by what is termed a host - a leading man of some sort. The few field ministers that there are, try to visit the congregations at least once every two months excepting for some of the big cities where the minister lives near. All hosts and minsters must fill out a host form every Sabbath. The host must record who spoke, what were the messages about, who was song leader, who gave opening and closing prayer, any visitors, who attended and who didn't show up. This whole set-up is for the purpose of "So that we can all speak the same thing" according Mr. Pack. So essentially everyones minister is Dave Pack. The field minsters only insure that everyone is dressed properly and that that they do and speak and act as if they were attending headquarters. All counsel and answers to questions from the field ministers will be according to what Dave Pack has taught, period!

That list of names of ministers and wives may be just a list of names to most of you, but some of those are astounding individuals, others are unique and some are just well ......

Mr. and Mrs. Behrer - class acts - always talking with the lowly common folk. MR. & Mrs Capozzollo - both really good people and hard working. Kevin Denee - too much like royalty. The Goebels are fine minsters. And who wouldn't love Mrs. Goebel who came to her first sabbath service in the 1960's wearing a mini-skirt with go go boots. Davina Lischak (Mr. Pack's adopted daughter) is the ultimate girl next door. Tom Marchione was well loved in the New York area. The Mews and Quimby's all young and talented. Justin and Stacey Palm - Justin was Mr. Pack's personal assistant - both of them very nice people. James Turck unfortunately was around Mr. Pack for far too many years. Steve Wazny is a guy everyone would want as their best friend - he had to leave the ministry because he couldn't afford to feed his 4 teenage children. Mike Webster was very well liked by many. When he left many followed. Last I heard he had close to 200 with him. The Farrell's, Harrington's and Toews all had good reputations.

Shortly after Mr. and Mrs Behrer left and some of the others on this list as well, Mr. Pack commented; "Oh well, all the old ones are gone, that just leaves the young ones and thats the way I like it".

Real people, real lives and an unobstructed tyrannical church leader who claimed he was God. What of any good can come from that?

Anonymous said...

Anybody know the names of those who are left? Or how many?

Anonymous said...

@ 7:39pm Seems you are a current member of RCG, but if putting your ministerial office on the line for being around the lowly and common folk is a class act then what would actually losing your HQ job and having to leave Wadsworth be considered? Especially if it were all because you practiced the office according to scriptures and not at the behest of Pack?

If Solomon was considered the wisest man who ever lived and he always heard both sides of the story before pronouncing a judgment, how much more should we listen to both sides of a story when it comes to those who were beloved leaders vs what pack says. Pack shields the people from hearing the other side, conveniently so. He does not want you to know, yet you are all in training to be judges? Right? How can we know whether these ministers who have left, actually left because of conflict to do the right things but always facing an uphill battle against an insatiable money-hungry ego?

The common theme among those who have left is that as we learn why they left, the picture becomes clearer that what we are seeing in rcg is a viable fulfillment of 2 Timothy 3:13 "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived."

David Pack has waxed much worse than in previous years, his "first dominion" prophecy has changed everything HWA taught. Ministers are not equipped to preach this gospel because it is ever evolving and elements are changing as pack tries to fit the past and present into this prophecy and its causing chaos, because it is not merging as pack though, so he had to change offices around and make stipulations to allow the prophecy to seem it is for "this" generation, which he says will not pass until all things take place.

But im afraid for the flock eventually dave pack will fade into the grave, what then? who else must suffer? God must sort this out in a clear, and concise manner, so far it has not been so.

I've always said it, if i am wrong about this i will humble myself and do the work thru this man, but the claim this is the true church doing the work vs what the scripture says of God's church and work become more incompatible as they years go on.

What About The Truth said...

To Anon. 10:16 AM

A big tip of my hat to you for having survived being a Wadsworth headquarters employee. To have to go to work everyday in that environment for a little paycheck, puts you in a class far above the many whom the members would deem the elite.

As to why these ministers left or were thrown out is a story I didn't need told. I was cringing with almost every Dave Pack sermon that I heard, and I lost at least a couple of nights sleep with some of his truly man made doctrines that he created. Many of these ministers were hearing the same sermons and were forced to make a decision - a bigger decision than just one person deciding to leave. Many of the ministers left without saying a word, others spoke up and some took a following. The common denominator for them all was that they made a decision based upon a "Truth".

Your point about the leadership of RCG being "Evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse" is specific to one thing, and that thing is the TRUTH. For they are evil men against the truth. Seducers against the truth and they wax worse and worse against the truth. These errors of action are all rooted in their belief that GOVERNMENT IS EVERYTHING. With this belief, Dave Pack has self titled himself with almost every title of the bible and given himself the authority to "Bind and loose". Unfortunately, "Bind and loose" in the hands of Dave Pack is blind and kill and that is the record of action for the RCG.

"That I might have to humble myself before these men" actually briefly crossed my mind when I first left . Dave Pack has already stated that the leaders of the splinters whom he classified as the synagogue of Satan (Rev. 3:9) will come and worship before his feet. He has deemed any that have left his church as being in disobedience and having lost God's spirit. That a person would have to worship before Dave Pack on the way to the lake of fire would surely bring about what the bible describes as weeping and nashing of teeth.