Friday, May 4, 2018

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher May Be Appointed As "Judges" In The Millennium

Just so you never forget how crazy some diehard followers of Armstrongism are:

From a Private Yahoo Group:
This is the most pro-HWA forum on the web. As such, we take seriously our beliefs and follow in his footsteps. This includes interpreting world events in the same way he did. Therefore we have leanings toward men and women such as Theodore Roosevelt, Thatcher, Reagan, Churchill because of their conservative stance. Both Thatcher and Reagan were promoted as good leaders in the Plain Truth and were regarded as possibly 'judges in Israel'.
We are also opposed to the Carters, Clintons and such like who have beliefs and policies dramatically contrary to the Bible. In other words, if one had to measure up the beliefs and policies of them, some were better than others, similar to the Kings of Israel and Judah.
Similarly, we praised the founding fathers of the USA despite their weaknesses and also Abraham Lincoln because of his achievements. Our publications were, as such, very Israelitish in outlook and 'connected' with leaders that were like that. Some say that HWA was pro-Republican Party and anti-Democratic Party. This is not true, however, on the balance, we praised good political decisions and trumpeted against bad ones. Thus, the appearance of Church of God magazines has always been conservative dating back to the 1930s.
A younger generation does not like that and makes all sorts of excuses for us to quit our stance as they are more liberal than most of us. I am shocked by the level of political correctness creeping into the Churches of God.


Anonymous said...

The fantasies and the delusions these people have know no boundaries.

Their statement is as much of a fantasy as saying the Millennium will be governed by Klingons and Romulans. All I see come out of Armstrongism is hypothetical scenario after scenario trying to fit fantasy into reality, and reality into fantasy. Their ramblings, if they weren't serious, would be hysterical. But because they're serious, it's just pathetic and sad.

I'm glad there isn't a Star Trek TNG "Holodeck" that exists. Me thinks the whole lot of them, if there were, would all get into a Holodeck and simply live out the rest of their lives in a COG-built Millennium Program and make it their reality. No, actually, it wouldn't work. They'd all be fighting over who'd be in charge and the dang computer would probably crash. Most of the "ministers" wouldn't be ruling anyway. They'd be away in their houses with computer generated "females" all the time. The computers would create way too much booze, and everyone would be drunk off their asses. I don't see it going well. Their "World tomorrow" would be hell on earth if they had a Holodeck to live out their millennial fantasies.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan chose to marry a woman who was known for her proficiency at giving oral sex to men from whom she sought to gain acting jobs. Doesn't sound very moral to me. Reagan liberalized California's abortion laws and threw mentally ill Californians onto the streets, neither of which sound like good Christian policy positions.

Anonymous said...

What on earth did I just read?!?! That is the most insane theory to ever be conceived from the Armstrong cults.

Anonymous said...

Political correctness creeping into the churches? Ha ha ha ha.
The members never experienced a non political correctness period. It has always been Gestapo tyranny with the ministers lording it over members faith and acting as thought policemen.

Anonymous said...

yet another example of how the spirit of self righteousness blinds the cog to the obvious evil fruits produced by those in the world whom they admire on a carnal level...

c f ben yochanan

Connie Schmidt said...

The Reagans were very much into astrology and the like, which according to the Bible is WITCHCRAFT! This is certainly public knowledge and even confirmed by Nancy Reagan herself.

When Reagan was inaugurated as Governor of California, he did so at 12:10 in the morning so as to be "more aligned with the stars"

Joan Quigley was their astrologer , and was discretely used as a top aide to the White House.

Read more here...

Byker Bob said...

Attention: Jonathan McNair. Be sure to include this proficiency in the course of study for the submissive wives.

I’ll never forget sometime back in 1967, Pasadena Friday night Bible Study. One of the “questions” that came up was “My husband wants me to commit sexual perversion on him. He is in the church.” As I recall it, no reprimand was issued to the husband by the presiding elder.