Thursday, May 3, 2018

LCG: Living Education For Young Women To Learn How to Be Submissive Wives

As Jonathan McNair promised last week, here are the reasons young women should drop over $3,000 and spend a year in Charlotte being educated on how to be a Proverbs 31 woman. After all, you will NEVER be allowed to speak in church or say a prayer, so learning to set tables for your future husband or working in the secretarial pool at God's ONLY HQ on earth makes your $3,000 dollar investment all the more valuable!

Please note that due to the incredible size of the Living Education "facility" only 7 women and 7 highly selected young men will be allowed to attend. The cream of the LCG stock, forever to be smirked at by their peers as HQ suck-ups.

Oh, and you will live 4.5 miles away from God's HQ where you will be trained on churchly and womanly things.

"Here’s an example of a question that we’re often asked: “Would the Living Education-Charlotte program be beneficial for young women?” The answer is “yes!” Young women who come to Charlotte for our on-site program will find a safe, welcoming environment to learn and grow. We have room for seven young women and seven young men in our program. This gives ample opportunity to make individual friendships, yet be part of a team of learners. Our young women will take the same classes as the young men, but also have additional training in topics specifically designed to help them fulfill their God-given role as women. The living arrangements for the young ladies are very comfortable, in a safe, quiet neighborhood. The classroom facility is part of the Headquarters office building, with daily interaction with other women and men working in and around our Headquarters. At this point, we are still taking applications for both men and women, and we have room for a few more. For any young woman or young man who wants to lay solid groundwork for a life of service to God, our Living Education-Charlotte program is a good starting point! Just go to to learn more and apply.—Jonathan McNair"


Tessa said...

There's nothing to be said about this Any cog woman with any sense will run a mile from this kind of cultic brainwashing. . Do they give Prozac as well for the depression that will no doubt be created by this brainwashing. The prov 31 woman is actually an intelligent woman who can go out and "consider a field" and buy it. She can run a big household. If you read the prov honestly you'll see that. However if you're a man with low self esteem who needs to bolster his ego you'll take it as putting women under your thumb and demoralising to be governed. Yes that is the question. Why do people go to living church of god?

Anonymous said...

"God-given role as women." -LCG speak.

Haha. Anyone want to take a guess as to what the translation really is?

Here's some vocal cues to assist.

1. Honey, do you want 2 pieces of turkey ham on that or 4?
2. Dear, I just folded all of the laundry for you, and I've got dinner on the stove!
3. Honey, I'm going to vacuum in here in a minute so can you please keep your feet up?
4. You know what's best dear, what you say goes.
5. Yes, sir.
6. Ask your father.
7. I'm sorry, honey, I'll be quiet next time. No really, I will be. Honey....
8. Okay dear, whatever you want, I'll pick up at the grocery store. No, I won't forget....
9. Yes, sir.
10. I'll iron the church clothes after I bathe the kids, fix dinner, vacuum the floor, wash the dishes, and pick up the toys. Anything else, my dear husband?

Anonymous said...

They are accepting 7 males and 7 females for their living education program. McNair said they have a few more openings. A few more openings means at least 3 or more. This is such a joke. Doesn’t sound like a stampede waiting to get in. What young person with any sense wants to spend $3,000 and waste a year of their life learning how to be a suck up to LCG?

James said...

Sounds like a setup for sexually exploiting certain individuals. I would not trust these people.

Byker Bob said...

Years ago, there was an Ambassador cliche. It was the pissed off father who had paid for his daughter’s AC education and then she didn’t marry someone who was being sent into the field. In fact, she didn’t even marry an AC graduate. Parents who raised their kids in the church often had unreasonable expectations, expectations that far exceeded their childrens’ skill sets, aptitudes, and preferences.

I wonder if the LCG candidates will receive a bit more contemporary sex education than was provided by the prudes at the original AC. After all, sexual intercourse has two purposes: procreation and recreation.

I also wonder whether there will be any diversity amongst the students so that the class looks like America.


Anonymous said...

"What young person with any sense wants to spend $3,000 and waste a year of their life learning how to be a suck up to LCG?"

Hmmmmmmm. This remind you of anyone we talk about here frequently? Who didn't just spend $3,000 but spent years sucking up to LCG? Didn't get him very far.

Anonymous said...

7 pairs of humans. Sounds like they are loading the Ark

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the LCG candidates will receive a bit more contemporary sex education than was provided by the prudes at the original AC. After all, sexual intercourse has two purposes: procreation and recreation.

Well, the first woman who earned a Living University bachelor's degree on campus was also the first LU student to get pregnant before marriage. Young adults are going to do what young adults do!

Anonymous said...

A lot of Western women are unfeminine man-haters, which is why men don't want them anymore, except for sex, which is a sad state of affairs. They insist on controlling men and shaming them constantly and if you don't control the woman she will despise you and control you like a little puppy dog.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Rod McNair wrote, "Here’s an example of a question that we’re often asked: “Would the Living Education-Charlotte program be beneficial for young women?”.

MY COMMENT - A question that we're often asked? Horse manure! He made that up. No one has ever asked such a stupid set-up question other than the author himself. Often asked? That was a real Pinnochio!


Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder if they'll be evaluating them just like AC did with the Manpower fiasco back in the 70s under nearly continual obsessive observation, conducting extreme personality profiles for the 14.

"Hi, student A, thanks for coming by. You look a during class. So I have a few questions for you.

And begin interrogation without boundaries.

And then share interrogation with fellow ministers.

Hoss said...

Here’s an example of a question that we’re often asked

How often? By whom? Could you give another example?

Anonymous said...

Here's a song that tends to Describe Armstrongism really well in my opinion. I fell in love with this bluegrass version.

I've listened to preachers, I've listened to fools
I've watched all the dropouts who make their own rules
One person conditioned to rule and control
The media sells it and you live the role

Anonymous said...

It is only fair that certain things are expected of the women, because there are also things expected of the men that the women don't have to do. Life is a two way street. Women can't have all the perks of being women without doing anything in return. The idea of chivalry was to honor women to compensate for their need to be submissive. Somebody has to be in charge, it might as well be the natural leader, the man. You people are terribly cynical. You think you are modern but you are just foolish wise-crackers.

Anonymous said...

A writeup to accompany the musical post above. I hope no one minds, but I didn't find a thread to fit random thoughts. Apologies to Gary for the misplaced post.

Armstrongism truly was, and is, the Crazy Train.

It's a train some of us boarded willingly. It's a train some of us had no choice but to board. But it was a train that was, in every definition of the world, crazy.

We have certainly listened to preachers and fools, as the song goes. But the part of this song that really hit me was:

I've watched all the dropouts that made their own rules.

How accurate could this possibly be? HWA was just that - a dropout - who literally made his own rules, and passed them off as divinely inspired. He was conditioned to rule and control - and orchestrated a large media conglomerate to sell others to "live the role". It's a more accurate statement then any of the COG ministers have ever could possibly come up with in their lifetimes.

Did we "inherit troubles"? Are so many "mentally numb"? How much of this song could we apply to the COG leaders that plaster the COG universe with carnality, wickedness, and malignant hubris? And how many members have internally wondered how fair it all has been - when the ministers claim it all and leave members to rot in extorted dungeons?

The song has lyrics that say "Maybe it's not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate".

Perhaps the most accurate statement that ever could be applied to the aspects of the COG's that are so troubling.

Armstrongism has definitely created mental wounds because of it's crazy train. How can they heal if Armstrongism constantly rips off the scabs of healing, over and over again? Perhaps the Crazy Train of Armstrongism isn't as huge and massive as it used to be under the dropout who made his own rules, as his media sold it and we all lived the role. But with every sting and with every bite from the evils that permeate the core, Armstrongism still drives many insane as it speeds down the curve as the crazy train it has always been, is, and always will be.

Anonymous said...

"However if you're a man with low self esteem who needs to bolster his ego you'll take it as putting women under your thumb and demoralising them. ..."

An insecure woman needs to bolster her ego and manipulate men by ridiculing men and acting like they have an ego problem so she can put them under her thumb and demoralize them. If they buy into that they will never assert themselves and the women will walk all over them.

Unknown said...

Submissive? What the heck is this ... ISLAM???

(the word Islam translates into the word "submissive")

Anonymous said...

Most men have to work for someone else and take orders to feed their families, so why do women get all peeved off if they have to take orders from someone?

Men HAVE to work. A lot of women don't. The ones that do can blame the feminists for driving down wages and forcing other women into the work place.

Anonymous said...

Whats the odds on anon503 being a pastor general type.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:56 alot of women within cog land actually hold down jobs or run small businesses. Its been more progressive in the last 15 years and many church women enjoy working. It is the older generation of Church members and ministry who cling on to the assumption the women should be in the home.
Amongst many rank and file brethren more younger women work than you'd think.

Hoss said...

Instead of beginning with 7F+7M it would be nostalgic to start with 4, 3M+1F. It would "recapture" the beginnings of AC and not Honey I shrunk the University.

Anonymous said...

There are many men's rights groups today springing up all over. Men are fed up with being intentionally misrepresented and maligned. You can find a lot of these groups on the web. Angry Harry is just one of many. A Voice For Men is another.

Anonymous said...

"Whats the odds on anon503 being a pastor general type."

What are the odds that the person who wrote that is feminist or a wimp?

Byker Bob said...

Directly because of my experiences in the WCG, I have always had a real problem with authority figures, particularly those who are overbearing, and especially when the authority is arbitrary. There are, of course, people who know how to carry authority respectfully and properly, as well as the polar opposite of that, the ones whose role model is the military drill sargeant.

There was a space of about ten years when I subtly, but deliberately sabotaged the drill sargeant types, attempting to make them figuratively chow down on feces as much as possible. I wanted them out of my life. Ultimately, I discovered that for me, the best course is to be an entrepreneur, and to be self-employed. It’s a good solution, and there have been many benefits. An entrepreneur is largely in control of many of the factors which determine success or failure.

How do you do that with church? Especially an authoritarian one. The problem with a church organization that overemphasizes submissiveness is that once you commit to their authority, you are subject to every flaming asshole that has somehow made it into the power structure of the organization. And, believe me, people aspire to be part of this power structure because once they’re in, it gives them immunity to a certain extent against abuse from all of their fellow assholes. Unfortunately, the screening process actually favors these “leaders” as opposed to excluding them. They are also often zealots, expect everyone else to be, and enforce the process that makes this so. It is geared to zealotry! In a perverse reversal of norms, any nonfanatical person who carefully meters his or her approach, prefers to operate in the middle of the road, and would normally be unassuming and totally nonproblematic, becomes the enemy (translated: target for abuse).

How does an organization get away with terrorizing and abusing people of strong-normal disposition? One way is to convince members that the organization has a higher moral authority that they don’t really have. This is a spiritual scam. And how would members prove othewise? Well, you can look at the fruits. But, in Orwellian doublespeak, leaders can explain these away. You can do the forbidden: Continue to “prove all things” after the leaders tell you you should have stopped because you have already arrived at “the truth”. Just don’t tell anybody else about this as you uncover more and more! You could point to failure of the primary leverage: Prophecies have failed and not come to pass. The “leaders” have prepared for this, too. They reindoctrinate the doubters by convincing them that fulfillment has not failed. It has merely been delayed, and even questioning this demonstrates your shallowness or lack of faith.

The ultimate question is, why must abuse be an integral part of your belief system? Is that actually what God intends? Should the chief obstacles to your faith come from the organization itself which is supposed to be your spiritual guide? That makes no sense at all!

What I’ve found over the years is that deprogramming doesn’t work on ACOG members. You can use reason or logic, but these folks have been programmed to be immune. Members must experience something on their own which causes them to rise above their programming in search of the answers. Something just needs to “pop” or “snap”, and then suddenly everything falls into place, and tomorrow can literally be the first day of the rest of your life! Let us hope and pray that this popping happens for more and more of the entrapped until Armstrongism no longer has power or a base!


Anonymous said...

Thankful I never married a woman from the ACOG.

Anonymous said...

This is why most men get and deserve no respect: