Friday, June 22, 2018

PCG: We Possess That Purer Symbol: The Stone of HWA

Now that we have established that Gerald Flurry thinks he has the new "coronation stone" we move on with more of his mindless justifications and wild theories on what it represents for him and the Philadelphia Church of God.

Because the English nation was too stupid to know they should have kept the Stone of Scone in London, Gerald's god had to go searching for a new stone to use.  Low and behold that stone was found in a field in Oregon and was reportedly used by Herbert Armstrong to pray at in the early days of the Radio Church of God.
Hosea prophesied of a time when Britain would be “without a king, and without a prince ... and without an image”—referring to the coronation stone. We are in that time now! Britain doesn’t possess the image—the stone—any longer. We in God’s Church now have an even better symbol of King David’s throne.
This is what God wants. I realize it is radical to say that there is a new stone of destiny. But it is also radical to say that God’s people will have the throne of David, and that is straight out of the Bible! And the stone is a symbol of the throne.
God had a divine purpose for Flurry digging up that rock.  God had deliberately led HWA to that rock to pray and dream up a church and to set it apart as the rock Jesus Christ would come back to sit upon. 

But there is a problem with the Stone of Scone.  Besides being Jacob's pillar stone that he slept upon and had his dream, it was also the stone that UNCONVERTED Kings and Queens had been consecrated upon.  The Stone of Scone was essentially unclean.  This allows for Herbert Armstrong's rock to become the new consecrated stone that only CONVERTED people have prayed at and used.
Jacob’s pillar stone ties back to Jacob when he was unconverted. God changed his name to Israel upon his conversion (Genesis 32:28). That stone has been witness to generations of coronations of unconverted men and women who have carried on the royal line of David. In the final phase of His Work in this end time, surely God wanted to have a different stone—apurer spiritual symbol found within God’s Church, where His people possess the Holy Spirit. This symbol embodies so much more. I believe that is why God made the change. God’s faithful people today are following through on what Mr. Armstrong did as he prepared the way for Christ’s Second Coming. We are raising up the ruins of his work and magnifying him and what God did through him.
Herbert's prayer rock is now the purest thing on earth today and those in its possession are also pure.
God is certainly concerned about purity. As Mr. Armstrong wrote in Mystery of the Ages, when Jesus Christ came to Earth the first time, He “was born of the tribe of Judah, and it was necessary that He be of the original pure racial strain, even as Noah was.” As God prepares for Christ’s universe-shaking Second Coming, He is surely thinking about representing and preserving spiritual purity! God wants more purity there; and He achieves that with the prayer rock and all that it means.
The god of Gerald Flurry had a divine plan in action from the foundation of the world when he created the stone HWA would kneel at and set into motion the birth of Herbert Armstrong so he could become the end time messenger.
God makes a blanket statement here: “[H]e shall prepare the way before me.” Period! No caveats or qualifications. What an endorsement of this man! God made a covenant with Mr. Armstrong, and He knew that Mr. Armstrong would do the job. Did he ever! What a messenger!
The birth and life of Herbert Armstrong was one of the most significant events in human history. HWA's life will be honored FOREVER because of the prayer rock.
Mr. Armstrong’s life is one of the highlights in the history of man. God really was moved by how he delivered His message. He was moved by how he used the prayer rock to keep himself fervent and stirred to do God’s will! So now, Mr. Armstrong is going to be honored forever through the prayer rock!
Instead of humanity being blessed forever by the work and life of Jesus Christ, we have been blessed by Herbert Armstrong being in our midst. If we show HWA obedience and loyalty we will be blessed. Who knew!
Isn’t it wonderful that God will bless us so richly for being obedient and loyal to Him?
It is more important for COG members today to pledge obedience to the new stone of destiny vs that dirty old rock used to crown unconverted Kings and Queens on.  How could anyone imagine Jesus Christ coming back and sitting his holy posterior on that dirty old Stone of Scone! Jesus Christ can only return to sit upon the Stone of Herb!
Christ is pleased with His messenger! How God is honoring Mr. Armstrong with this new stone of destiny!
Because Flurry and his band of minions no claim to be the true heirs of Herbert's legacy, they are the new Zadok's of the world today. Flurry's god is so pleased by PCG's actions that it has instructed them to be the caretakers of the Holy Rock of Herb
God is also pleased with the spiritual “sons of Zadok” who, like Zadok the priest to King David anciently, remain loyal to God’s throne from beginning to end. He trusts His people to take care of the prayer rock—the new stone of destiny. This is a noble and worthy cause.
The weight of this heavy burden weighs heavily upon Gerald Flurry.  He realizes he is only a man filled with vanity and sins, but he has the life of Christ Herbert as his example.  Forget Jesus lifting that burden off of Flurry's shoulders, HWA is the only way!
God has commanded us to raise the ruins. Now, I am a man with vanity and sins just like anyone else. If I ever begin to think that I can do my job without following Mr. Armstrong’s example, I will be falling into a fatal way of thinking! But I have realized that every time I honor Mr. Armstrong, God honors me. Isn’t that wonderful? This is God’s government. It is a wonderful truth that we all must learn deeply.


nck said...

It is my professional opinion that non of you "detractor, rebel" guys can come up with a better way to destroy that "church" than just have this booklet published and publicized.

What a PR nightmare to have the drunk delusions of a retarded spiritual leader be out there, exposed in the open for the public to see, recorded for history. How the hell did the seconds in command allow this to happen. Are the accounts and buildings already tranferred into their possession and don't they care about a future implosion, folowing Tkach example to just bank up percentages of the proceeds of real estate and let "God sort out his own"? Is Flurry dying and are the boys ready to cash in?

Boy what a challenge for the PR communication team to boost their image to the outside world when this kind of drivel is released and promoted, beating the hardly comprehensible speaking style of the old geezer. Or perhaps there will be just utter disbelief of those in the bible belt who might request and read the booklet for its nice cover. I sure hope he comes up with more of his musings and in a faster pace since time is short.........


Anonymous said...

Utter rubbish on so many levels. The whole idea is absurd. The stone of scone is not even dirty. Shameful that it has come to this level.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the life of Herbert Armsatrong was so pure and holy that the stone that have supposedly kneeled and prayed at is to replace the stone that sinning royalty sat on. I sure want to be a part of a religion that worships a pervert and the stone that he knelt at. Where do I sign-up?

Anonymous said...

These people aren't really honoring Herb as they claim. Rather they are honoring his perculier blend of truth and error, ie, an alternate reality.
It's a church culture, symbolised by Herb, that they worship.
The Pharisees were guilty of the same sin, and killed Christ for criticising this error.

Anonymous said...

One word, IDOLATRY!!

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that atheists (who fervently believe that Armstrong and Flurry are assholes) have sat on that stone and farted.
Does that not mean that the stone is no longer consecrated?

Hoss said...

[Israelites will live many days] “without a king, and without a prince ... and without an image”

That's part of Hosea 3:4, ignoring "Israelites" and Hosea 3:5 "Afterward the Israelites will return... in the last days." It doesn't say Ephraim (which BI claims to be Britain) and verse 5 is in "the last days" (haven't we been in "the last days" for decades now?)

Connie Schmidt said...

SING ALONG TIME! -- Sing to the Tune "She Loves Me Like A Rock" Paul Simon (with the Dixie Hummingbirds) 1972

When Flurry was a little boy
And the Devil would call his name...
He'd say "Now who do...
Who should we get you fooling!"

Flurry is a constipated boy
Singer in the Sabbath choir

His HWA loves Flurry, he loves Flurry
He got down on his knees and hugs Flurry
He loves Flurry like the ROCK
He rocks Flurry like the rock of ages
And he loves Flurry
He loves Flurry. loves Flurry. loves Flurry, loves Flurry

Byker Bob said...

We must remember that there are people being taught that leaving the second button on your shirt unbuttoned and wearing non-oxford shoes makes you look worldly. Oh, and do ignore your conscience and pass by that homeless family, cause God’s probably punishing them to make them want to go to an ACOg. Don’t dare give them any of your spare change!


Anonymous said...

God has commanded us to raise the ruins. Now, I am a man with vanity and sins just like anyone else. If I ever begin to think that I can do my job without following Mr. Armstrong’s example, I will be falling into a fatal way of thinking!

No. God has commanded us to love God with all of our heart, mind and soul, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. That's the command.

He says he is a man "with vanity and sins". Where is the acknowledgement of Who died for his sins? A man of God would be praising the Lord for dying and paying for his sins!

And how does he think he can do his job? By following Christ? By practicing Christ? By showing Jesus in all he does? By exalting and living as Jesus? Showing Jesus in everything you do? No. What does he do? He says:

" If I ever begin to think that I can do my job without following Mr. Armstrong’s example, I will be falling into a fatal way of thinking! "

That right there proclaims who his god is. Scripture says:

"I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me."

Flurry says:

"I can do my job through HERBERT ARMSTRONG who strengthens me."

The god of Gerald Flurry, the god of PCG is Herbert W. Armstrong, who has been elevated to god level, despite the evidence of the falsehood of Hebert Armstrong's ministry. It is idolatry to the utmost, and it is wrong.

PCG is not Christianity in any way, shape, or form. It's beyond even Armstrongism. I don't have a name for it. It's appalling.

David Rickman said...

Any & all of their literature should be placed in file 13.

Byker Bob said...

I heard that some of the intellectuals at PCG are having the stone dna tested and rafiocarbon dated to determine if it’s the same haplotype as Jacob, and from Jacob’s era.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Flurry said, "Mr. Armstrong’s life is one of the highlights in the history of man".

MY Comment - Vintage and classic Worldwide Church of God thinking. We were taught by Mr. Armstrong, particularly during the Feast of Tabernacles, that the Work was the most important work on earth. His generation passed and the promises of the Wonderful World of Tomorrow never came true, but the teaching that Mr. Armstrong's life being one of the highlights in the history of man endures in Flurryland.


Near_Earth_Object said...

He “was born of the tribe of Judah, and it was necessary that He be of the original pure racial strain, even as Noah was.”

The is language worthy of one of the many White supremacist organizations. Maybe The White Knights of the Big Sandy Magnolia. Waterhouse used to say that HWA was also racially pure and this was an element in his credentialing as an Apostle.

Christ was Haplogroup J. But Haplogroup J originated from IJ and then backward through time to Haplogroup A (Cf. Wikipedia article entitled "Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup" for a chart.) This means that if you go back far enough in Christ's lineage you will find Black people who lived in Africa - just like the rest of us including HWA. I am sure Christ didn't mind - after all, he created humankind in this way.

And there is no way of telling whether or not HWA was racially pure. Nobody ever did an autosomal DNA study on him. He may have been of British extraction but Britain was under the control of the Roman empire at one point and Roman soldiers from all over the Empire served there and, shall we say, had relations there. Haplogroup A is found in Africa but it is also found in a pocket in Britain - thought to have been imported by Roman soldiers. Of course, Gerald didn't know this.

Near_Earth_Object said...

For that matter it is highly likely that pure-in-his-generations HWA had Neanderthal genes. Though sequencing has not yet been exhaustive, most Europeans have some degree, on average about 2.6%, of Neanderthal ancestry.

If the HWA worshippers want to make his apotheosis unchallengable, they should unearth HWA, extract some DNA from a tooth and have it analyzed. Otherwise, we must assume he was part Neanderthal like almost all other Europeans.

Byker Bob said...

We’ve read examples of key figures in the Bible smashing and destroying pagan idols that the Israelites had embraced. Someone really ought to pulverize that stone of Flurry’s with a jackhammer, and to turn it into fine gravel, distributed appropriately and tastefully as part of the landscaping on Flurry’s grounds.


Retired Prof said...

Maintaining racial purity denies offspring the advantage of hybrid vigor.