Monday, June 18, 2018

Philadelphia Church of God: Father Pleads For Contact With Children Inside PCG: "TELL MY CHILDREN I LOVE THEM, PLEASE!"

I received the following from visitor here who is a father with children inside the Philadelphia Church of God. If you have been a reader of this blog you will see Cal Culpepper mentioned a lot with postings describing his vile behaviour towards PCG members and his enforcement of PCG's "no contact" policy.

I’ve been out of the PCG for 6 years now. I was put out by the demon Cow Cultpecker. 
Since then my two children who remained in the cult have been forbidden to talk to me. 
Thankfully 2 of my children have come out and I am able to see them. 

In an effort to help cut off funding and make people aware of that this evil group is doing, I have been sending a message to all churches in Edmond and Oklahoma City. 
The easiest way I’ve found to do this is through Facebook. 
I’ve sent the following message to many churches. I’ve received positive supportive messages in  return.  
People are agreeing to boycott events at Armstrong Auditorium. 
I did include full names in the message. 
I hope many will do the same to help warn local people that attending events at Armstrong Auditorium is supporting this family destroying cult.

Thank you for all you do to help members and ex members of the PCG.


Please help a grieving father.  
My wife of 36 years died 8 years ago and now Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God have taken my children from me. 
I wish I could hear from them on Father's day. I haven't heard from them in 6 years. They are in the Philadelphia Church of God. A controlling cult that cuts children off from parents and parents from children. The dictatorial leader Gerald Flurry has issued an edict that says members can have NO contact with family members that have left the church. If you go against his rulings you will have to go through the tribulation and be cast into the lake of fire. Members have committed suicide because of this evil family destroying ruling. My oldest son Nathan M. and my youngest daughter Elise M. are in the cult and have been prevented from contacting me, my youngest son, my daughter and granddaughters. The cult has destroyed my family. When my oldest daughter and her family were told that they could have no contact with me, and told I was not allowed to see my granddaughter, they left the cult. 
When you attend events at Armstrong Auditorium you support the family destroying cult. They don't allow interracial dating or interracial dancing. They believe they are God's ONLY TRUE Church and Gerald Flurry is THAT PROPHET, he is THE APOSTLE, God’s only representative  on earth. 
Please do not support the evil group by attending events at Armstrong Auditorium  


Anonymous said...

You should send this to the Edmond Sun and Edmond Life and Leisure. The more the public in Edmond knows about the sick deeds of PCG the better. Contact the religion editor of the Edmond Sun too. You should also contact FOX25 who originally did a 2 part expose on Flurry and PCG.

Anonymous said...

Boycotting always seems to work - it hits in the wallet. Sending messages to all the churches in Oklahoma and Edmond is a terrific idea. Make sure you send your message to any "megachurches" too. Churches are sometimes very protective of their pulpits - but I wonder if some of them might actually read of your plea from the pulpit to their congregations. It couldn't hurt to ask. The more "modern" and "open" churches are probably have more of a chance of being able to do this.

Maybe the newspapers mentioned above would see your plight and give you some advertising space at a discount too. Nothing would spell a PR disaster for PCG then a full-page or half-page print exposing what they are doing.

If all of this doesn't work, pull out the big guns and contact CBS, ABC, and NBC. With the current news stories concerning separating parents and children, it's a perfect story to accompany.

Good luck, and I hope that you will soon be reunited with your kids.

David Rickman said...

Goddamn you Gerald Flurry for ripping families apart! You are a gutless coward and your whole PCG is demonic to the core. You are going to cross the line one to many times and somebody is going to bring you down a peg.

Gordon Feil said...

Yup, if you interfere with the wealth accumulation, you may get some movement.

Jesus came from a poor family. We know that because Mary and Joseph offered two pigeons or turtle doves when they presented him at Jerusalem. This was the offering of the poor. And then in later years, Jesus still had nowhere to lay his head. Some church leaders should try living like that.

Opinionated said...

Anonymous said...
You should send this to the Edmond Sun and Edmond Life and Leisure. The more the public in Edmond knows about the sick deeds of PCG the better. Contact the religion editor of the Edmond Sun too. You should also contact FOX25 who originally did a 2 part expose on Flurry and PCG.

Tried that myself. The paper don't give 2 shits about what goes on in Edmond. They may have a sweet heart agreement that involved money. Who knows.

Connie Schmidt said...

There needs to be some street demonstrations done at Edmund on concert days. Complete with signs and the like. Perhaps the poster could gather some local Ex - PCG and others to help put on a little sidewalk demonstration. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

Flurry is a liar but at least he has sound racial policies.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie et al, note that the defeatists who have given up on your children and don't want you to try anything to save them are on the side of Pack and Flurry. As usual, they use non-logic like "church members won't listen to you". Yeah but those are the ones that have stayed (so far) because over 80% who ever entered have left and are no longer church members. They want you to think that because a small percentage don't listen and stay, you should give up. This is typical of the "logic" of mathematically challenged progressives.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy for the father. Doesn't this smell of Pharaoh not letting the Israelites leave Egypt. They want to hang on to their tithe slaves.
And to think that people looked down at me when I stopped attending services in the 1980s. Whose the chump now?

Anonymous said...

Nobody said that, 4:56. The concensus message was you can try, but don’t be surprised if it takes a long time or never happens. Also be careful how you go about it so that you don’t drive the son into Armstrongism more deeply.

That’s not a pro-Pack or pro-Flurry position. It’a an acknowledgment of just how dastardly and insidious those two are, and how skilled they have become at brainwashing.

As is normal with the anonymous poster whose logic and literary style are instantly recognizable to most of us, by setting up your strawman, you are arguing not with us, but with your own imagination. Have you administered a math test or taken a survey to determine whether each poster is predominantly liberal or conservative?

You should rejoin an ACOG. That’s where you belong.

Anonymous said...

How about contacting the people that will be performing on stage at Armstrong auditorium and inform them that the PCG is an abusive cult?

Anonymous said...

9.18 PM
I suspect that the 'poster whose logic and literary style are instantly recognizable' is me. My comment is 6.59 PM. As mentioned before, there is not just one same anonymous poster expressing a certain point of view. People have different mental diets and see the world differently.

Anonymous said...

Armstrong and everything connected to him is rotten and wicked.

I can't wait until the entire movement is extinct.

the Ocelot said...

Stop sending them money! Then maybe he'll have to sell his jet to keep his scam afloast

Dumbhead said...

Little off topic but... I miss Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Clair Voyant, Helen Wheels & Sarah Tonin, being the same person, must have ran Dennis off.

Anonymous said...

I felt nagged by Dennis. It's a occupational hazard of teachers, they see the world as one giant classroom.

KyRustic said...

It’s been 6 years since I’ve heard from my children. I’m always searching the web for information or pictures of them. They are not allowed to contact me because of the evil no contact ruling imposed on them under penalty of death by the evil cult leader Gerald Flurry.

Just the other day a recently freed member of the PCG got in touch with me with information on my son Nathan and daughter Elise Moffett. Thanks to this person escaping the evil cult I was given some insight into what my children are going through. I am so thankful for the information and so thankful that this person took the time to send it to me. Because of it, I’m hopeful that my children will be among those that will soon be free from this evil mind controlling cult.
Let me say that I was not told this information was confidential. So I feel free to publish it in hopes that it will encourage and help others that are going through this loss. I hope to hear more from this courageous person.
Here is some of what I was told (emphasis mine):

“Elise was working for Mr. Turgeon, as his personal assistant. Before that, she was working in the AC kitchen. I think she was happy to get out of the kitchen…. Personally, I think it would be excruciatingly boring to work for a guy like Mr. Turgeon, but at least its not Mr. Davis.... Nathan worked landscaping for the college for a while, but then moved out to start his own business.

There is one story I think you'll find interesting (and ridiculous). There used to be a rule about how much an AC student could drink when they were off campus. There was a 2-drink limit if you were over the drinking age, but if you were under it and you were at a married couple's house, you could have 1 drink. So I believe some freshmen went out and had two drinks at someones house, and it got back to Mr. Burns and Mr. Turgeon through the usual spies... (ugh... don't even get me started). So they came back and "reiterated" that the rules were you could only have 1 drink, and if you were under the drinking age, you could only drink if you were at a married couple's house. Now, since the rule had always been 2 drinks, some of the older students spoke up in their meetings and asked why it was being changed. Why punish responsible students by lowering the drink limit just because of freshmen? Mr. Burns and Mr. Turgeon replied that it had always been a 1 drink policy--which was clearly wrong, and every student could tell you that. Elise, being Mr. Turgeon's assistant, told him that it had originally been 2, but Mr. Burns told her "no, it has always been 1." Then, when Elise was telling this story to me she said "it was like 1984 up in there." "We're not changing the rules, it's always been a 1-drink limit!" 

So, yes, the story and the rule is all a little bit trivial, but I could tell it was a time where Elise was just frustrated about the ridiculous micromanaging and dishonesty among the higher ups. I, for what its worth, actually think that they are so used to doing this kind of thing that they begin to believe their own lies. Elise and Nathan are both very smart, and I am waiting for a lot of smart people to leave in the next 2 years when Trump leaves office. I am not sure if you know, but GRF says President Trump is the Jeroboam of Amos 7 who will kick the church out of the US and into "Judah." So if any of my family members are still in the church after Trump leaves office, I'm going to be ******************  “ ( redacted to protect identity. but lets’ just say “upset”.

Again, THANK YOU to the caring person that sent me this information and congratulations that you had the courage to leave the cult. I pray that this person does not have to go through the loss of family because of their brave decision to leave. Let’s all pray for those newly freed and those still enslaved. We all know what they are going through.

Dan Moffett

Glenn said...

Dennis is fine. He has a new camera and is enjoying learning how to use it. He will be back.

Anonymous said...

Bet he’d enjoy a new Camaro more!