Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Update About Father Searching For Children Trapped In Gerald Flurry's Philadelphia Church of God

It’s been 6 years since I’ve heard from my children. I’m always searching the web for information or pictures of them. They are not allowed to contact me because of the evil no contact ruling imposed on them under penalty of death by the evil cult leader Gerald Flurry. 

Just the other day a recently freed member of the PCG got in touch with me with information on my son Nathan and daughter Elise Moffett. Thanks to this person escaping the evil cult I was given some insight into what my children are going through. I am so thankful for the information and so thankful that this person took the time to send it to me. Because of it, I’m hopeful that my children will be among those that will soon be free from this evil mind-controlling cult.

Let me say that I was not told this information was confidential. So I feel free to publish it in hopes that it will encourage and help others that are going through this loss. I hope to hear more from this courageous person.

Here is some of what I was told (emphasis mine):
“Elise was working for Mr. Turgeon, as his personal assistant. Before that, she was working in the AC kitchen. I think she was happy to get out of the kitchen…. Personally, I think it would be excruciatingly boring to work for a guy like Mr. Turgeon, but at least its not Mr. Davis.... Nathan worked landscaping for the college for a while, but then moved out to start his own business.
There is one story I think you'll find interesting (and ridiculous). There used to be a rule about how much an AC student could drink when they were off campus. There was a 2-drink limit if you were over the drinking age, but if you were under it and you were at a married couple's house, you could have 1 drink. So I believe some freshmen went out and had two drinks at someones house, and it got back to Mr. Burns and Mr. Turgeon through the usual spies... (ugh... don't even get me started). So they came back and "reiterated" that the rules were you could only have 1 drink, and if you were under the drinking age, you could only drink if you were at a married couple's house. Now, since the rule had always been 2 drinks, some of the older students spoke up in their meetings and asked why it was being changed. Why punish responsible students by lowering the drink limit just because of freshmen? Mr. Burns and Mr. Turgeon replied that it had always been a 1 drink policy--which was clearly wrong, and every student could tell you that. Elise, being Mr. Turgeon's assistant, told him that it had originally been 2, but Mr. Burns told her "no, it has always been 1." Then, when Elise was telling this story to me she said "it was like 1984 up in there." "We're not changing the rules, it's always been a 1-drink limit!" 

So, yes, the story and the rule is all a little bit trivial, but I could tell it was a time where Elise was just frustrated about the ridiculous micromanaging and dishonesty among the higher ups. I, for what its worth, actually think that they are so used to doing this kind of thing that they begin to believe their own lies. Elise and Nathan are both very smart, and I am waiting for a lot of smart people to leave in the next 2 years when Trump leaves office. I am not sure if you know, but GRF says President Trump is the Jeroboam of Amos 7 who will kick the church out of the US and into "Judah." So if any of my family members are still in the church after Trump leaves office, I'm going to be ******************  “ (redacted to protect identity. but lets’ just say “upset”.

Again, THANK YOU to the caring person that sent me this information and congratulations that you had the courage to leave the cult. I pray that this person does not have to go through the loss of family because of their brave decision to leave. Let’s all pray for those newly freed and those still enslaved. We all know what they are going through.

Dan Moffett


Anonymous said...

People just don't seem to understand that Flurry admitted that satan gave him his power. Remember how he said when he confronted Joe junior, Joe's authority was transferred to him. Joe had no church authority because his dad was the one in authority. Flurry received his demon at that time.

Also, remember he claims titles that only belong to God. That is satans wish and goal.
And one more thing; remember Flurry says he has established an ABNORMAL government in his church.

As time goes by, people seem to forget little things that when you add them up they easily explain what is really happening.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea that might do real damage to Flurry's cruelty. What about setting up a go-fund me page (or something similar)to raise enough money to take out a full page ad in the Edmond OK newspaper (and maybe other papers...remember how Flurry took out full page ads after the damning story by Fox about 10 years ago). For the first time, the general public would be informed of the no contact rule and suicides...and because they're all true, there should be no legal repercussions.

Connie Schmidt said...

So what is the number of drinks limit for Gerald Flurry, who has been arrested and convicted for DUI ?

Police report located here

KyRustic said...

Funds for full page adds sounds great. I'd contribute. OK, one of you talented writers put together the ad. I'll check into go fund me.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moffet, don't let the cult-mentality defeatists on here convince you to give up on your children like they are trying to do with Stephanie and her son.

Anonymous said...

Taking out newspaper ads? What a great idea! Good to see some positive thinking on here for a change. Keep those ideas coming.

Anonymous said...

Inundate Edmond with flyers exposing the cult.

Anonymous said...

Inundate the area around the campus with leaflets. Soon the church members will be afraid to open their mail.

Byker Bob said...

Charter a small plane to do fly bys over PCG sabbath services with a banner streaming behind it that reads “Gerald Flurry has labeled me as Laodicean and has my children shunning me! HWA=666”


RSK said...

Hmm. I dont know that people read newspapers the way they once did, but itd at least provoke a public meltdown from the Flurrys.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say that bringing up these leaders personal shortcomings is inappropriate. But since they put themselves on a pedestal for the purpose of having undue influence, it's not inappropriate at all. They shouldn't be playing these self exaltation games.

nck said...


My (limmited) advice (for now)

You should fully apreciate the phase your children are in.
That is early twenties distancing themselves from parents in order to carve out a life of their own. Find parters. Service community and friends, rather than family in this phase. Any engagement should be based on that fact. ALL parents are faced with "unacceptable" choices of their children in that phase. To respect them is to respected their choices in their own right. (although I am not advocating spring break behavior, I'm talking normal responsible persons as your kids (young adults) are)

Others here are dealing with 80 year old parents who spent a lifetime in armstrongism. If one wishes to maintain a good relationship, than it should be based on their age, education level and understanding of life. And even these old people appreciate contact if they are not constantly challenged on their life story and would love to learn about yours.

Having said that.
It seems your daughter is an extremely rare and precious personality type. Efficient, goal oriented, strategic, rational like a chess player, intelligent. Speaking in a general sense, anything that does not speak to her as rational or overly emotional will be quickly discarded as a waste of time.

It is up to you to decide, if I am right and whose side of the family she has that from. If it is your side than you know deep in your heart how to aproach or interact with her. OR NOT. Since if you recognize what I wrote than you might have difficulty aswell relating to people on an emotional level or applying strategic concepts and plans in a practical way or talking chit chat or practicalities, poor logical flow in conversation or emotionalities.

In short. I believe the older and more experienced person such as yourself should help solve problems for their off spring and not increase them.

A banner behind a chessna would work for some personality types "oh my god my dadd loves me, where are the cameras...", but would work counterproductive for the more rational type.

My totally idiotic advice in this specific case would be to establish a relation on rational common ground. The undeniable fact that you are her father, that you wish to solve any problems for her and that you respect any choices that this intelligent person has ruminated on for hours already. It must be genuine and true. If not. You loose!

Take her to a concert in that auditorium of theirs. Behave like a civil person that warrants respect. Behave like an adult. Demand what is your right as a father in a non emotional way. And respect any transition your children are making. If that is to difficult find out what else you might establish a relationship on and do it.

For others I might advice spectacular televised outpourings of love and many tears and love and joy and hugging. But Mr Moffett here should consider what works for his situation and as a true parent let go of any ideas he might have on what is good or not for his family, since in the history of mankind most young adults will detest "steering, selfish, dominating" parents, but respect those that do the right thing in respectful manner.


nck said...


It seems you are a creative person with the hands, whereas your daughter seems a creative person with the mind. What if What if What if scenario's thought through and through. People interpret their perfectionism with bluntness or judgmental whereas they like to stay to the facts and will immediately blow a hole in emotional, or non rational statements. They like to talk about ideas but not emotions. Do not like to stay in crowded places, do hate salespeople "trying to interact" with them, but remain with people who share their values, strife to the highest quality, with the latest of technology. A death stare should not be interpreted as personal but as concentration and focus. They enjoy being alone and peacefulness. Silence should not be interpreted as passive agressiveness but peace and being okay. THEy HATE HAVING DRAWN attention to themselves.

You should be able to understand what I am saying as a constructive architect yourself.
There are so many ways to connect and construct and some ways that don't work and have a construct fall apart.


Anonymous said...

The trouble is that the smarter a person is the better they are at making excuses and rationalizing what they see.

KyRustic said...

WOW! Perhaps you are not aware of what is going on..... I CAN NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THEM.
And they are not to have contact with me. So far, they have not.
Have them call me. Have them email me, have them text me... I would love to communicate with them... I can't.
God willing, that will not be the case for much longer. I have hope.

Dan M.

nck said...


I know its 1200 miles. I'm really sorry for that. And perhaps you are low on funds.

But perhaps in 6 years. It would have been possible to have put on your best suit. Some aftershave im your neck.

A nice little flower in your hand. Walk up the canteen. Shake their hand, a quick kiss on the cheek. One loving sentence and perhaps a small apology for what you have not been able to be for them the past 6 years or for mistakes you might have made. (perhaps convey you will be in the area for another few hours) Than you walk out without expectation or self magnifiying scene.

Goddamnit, my kin escaped polish concentration camps to organize resistance against the japanese in asia and remained gentlemanly until the day of dying. In know what you are up against.

Other family hated hwa so much they could drive a tractor over the gII. But when they came visit us at feast sites nearby, it was yes sir, no sir from my grannies toward the ministers and certainly vice versa.

Of course during ministerial visits things got tougher. Although the grandkids have fond memories. The one mistake they made toward the kids is that their insistence against the ministry became an emberassment and that they did not acknowledge that adults make personal choices.

Listen. I'm not saying they were wrong. I'm saying how they made a bad situation worse.

I know this cult cannot be compared to anything of the original golden wcg years. But I believe some original budhist unselfishness and some courage can go a long way.

Any thought or actiom that extends beyond the purpose of conveying your love in action is self centeredness and attachment. Including criticism of the cultmeisters.

I'm not joking if I would advice a rugged all american to get some yoga lessons, pray for meekness, fill up the car and do what a man feels he needs to do in peace.

Non of the above contains any accusation. And you may choose to continue to act as an adversary to your. childrens lifestyle or their spiritual leaders. I'm just offering an inspiring alternative that may not even wield tangible results.

But it would take courage to walk up there hand a flower and walk away. And I am saying this as kin to those who looked the gestapo, the kempetai, and other conceivable theaters of evil in the eye and spoke the truth and acted accordingly in a calm and determined manner in as you can imagine a non antagonistic but determined fashion.


KyRustic said...

OK, let me know where I can find them. Should I dress up and go to Sabbath services? Do you think they would let me in? If anyone knows where they hang out, let me know.

nck said...

I don't think they have an open door policy regarding sabbath services so I heard.

I do think they have normal office hours.

I can see you have not been in sales Ky!

During my stint we would just call and say Hi Diana (secretary), this is Jack calling is Louis (Director of Sales and Marketing or Buyer) in tha house.......She would reply, oh no, he is in New York for a week. Aha...hope the weather is fine long streets for walking..........Oh I doubt that he is in the fancy "Merriweather Hotel". Ok fine, I'll talk to you later Diana...

I'm not mocking you Dan. But even I know you used to have brown hair, can exactly pinpoint where you are at 10.00 am. When the group tour starts. That your daughter loves the surroundings where you are locationwise. For another 20 dollars I can access your records, tax receipts, who you are voting for, where you vote or figure out what Wall Marts you get your chuncky ice cream. Is there some "nerdy" cousin around who can figure that our for you? It's not that they are in a witnes protection program Dan, but I shouldn't oversimplify the difficulty of your situation, nor should we exaggerate it if you are of pure heart regarding your intentions.

As a matter of that I am brainstorming with you.........You could contemplate and visit that Hezekiah museum curator thing, ......its free of might be of interest and who knows.......she might be showing you around.......................

Look what two people with good intent can do together. That's why I am urging you in my postings to at ALL times remain in good intent, whatever happens or despite disappointments you might have.

I am not in any way encouraging to spend money on a 2000 miles trip you might not have.
I am encouraging you to look at your situation from a different perspective a different angle, a non self centered perspective.

I do feel that after 6 years you have certain rights (to a smile) that could be claimed with some creativity, integrity and dignity. But remember her psychological make up is not in for emotional, embarassing showdowns. At least, she is quite open about being my type. Therefore I am advicing accordingly.

Your son, I hear through this site is the entrepreneurial type. You should be able to relate to a young man like that.



I would love to let this go and start wining and picking and making fun on the cog's from my comfy armchair in "the basement", mocking, ridiculing the crazy people out there. Be bitter and sip a cup of coffee.

But today I thought. Hey let's just inspire Dan a bit with some creative thought.

Byker Bob said...

Hey! If the ACOg-approved president can repent of separating families, maybe there is hope for doctrinally-challenged leaders.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Elise and Nathan are still there Dan.

It has been nearly 5 years since I have seen either of them. I was very fond of Elise and her and I were great friends. I hope they both soon find their way out. As dismal as it seems, I think Nathan in having his own business will start to see the light as it were. Don't lose hope the, they are both smart kids.

As for the "two drink minimum."

When I was a student I was always told it was "two drinks per sitting (in essence, per meal).
I can tell you that the specific rule was almost never followed by anyone at any point as most see though its arbitrary and contradictory nature.

Mike Manners said...

I am sorry Dan that some of these sad cowards are giving you a hard time HIDING behind Anonymous. Their advice is not worth an Obama Birth Certificate. Those of us with a heart will pray that your children will be returned to you soon. Keep looking up and stay positive and don't listen to the losers.....

KyRustic said...

Thank you to all the caring people here. Thank you for the kind words and prayers.