Tuesday, July 10, 2018

PCG: Another Suicide Attempt Due To Aberrant Teachings

Exit and Support has another posting up about another suicide attempt in the Philadelphia Church of God due to their despicable "no contact" policy.

Another Attempted PCG Suicide:
July 3, 2018
Please pray for another grieving father and husband whose children came home to find their mother, a 24 year member of the PCG, unconscious after one of several suicide attempts. Praise be to God that He intervened and with the help of the medical field, she survived this attempt. Yes, PCG people, God does use doctors to save people. Flurry's no contact rulecaused a heavy burden to be placed on this poor beautiful woman when she found out her daughter, age 23, who also attended PCG was found dating outside the PCG and was kicked out, causing a great deal of pain and suffering leading to severe depression with her mother. Since her daughter left the bondage of that cult, with their rules and hoops to jump through in order to obtain salvation under the dictatorship of their so called leader, her health and disposition issues have greatly improved. Praise God!


Connie Schmidt said...

Im praying for lawsuits and invetigative reporting reveals on big media!

Stephen Schley said...

Hi, I don't want to seem calus but does anyone know if this was in Oklahoma?

I ask cuz if so it might be easier to get some media light shone into the pit of darkness the PCG seems to be.

Anonymous said...

Satan (flurry) is a destroyer of families. When people worship a man like flurry, hang your immediate family members because flurry is more important. Then reality sets in after a while and guilt reigns. After continual mental and emotional agony, there is only one solution for escape of the relentless pain....death. Just glad I got out of there 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

In Matthew 5:17-20 Jesus said not to think that he had come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, but to fulfill them. The Pharisees and the teachers of the law liked to act like they were great commandment keepers while in reality they were not. Jesus said that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.

In Mark 7:1-23 Jesus said that the Pharisees and teachers of the law had let go of the commands of God and were holding on to the traditions of men. Jesus gave an example from the Ten Commandments that said to honor one's parents. Jesus said that the religious leaders of that time had a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to keep their own traditions. Jesus said that they nullified the word of God by their traditions. And Jesus said that they did many things like that.

These days, a false prophet named Gerald Flurry has appeared and claimed that God has commanded members of his PCG cult to avoid certain ones. The “certain ones” that he meant turn out to be any grandparents, parents, mates, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends who knew what HWA had taught in the WCG and did not join Gerald Flurry's PCG imposter cult. Gerald Flurry has a really nasty way of forcing PCG cult members to break the commandments of God in order to follow himself.

In I Corinthians 5:9-13 the Apostle Paul said not to associate with anyone who claims to be converted but is sexually immoral, a slanderer, etc. Interestingly, the local goons in the PCG force PCG members to associate with sexually immoral strangers in the PCG cult or else get kicked out. So PCG members can get kicked out of the PCG cult for refusing to cut off all communication with their own decent parents, and they can also get kicked out of the PCG cult for not going along with whatever the old sex maniacs, sex perverts, and predators in the PCG cult want them to do.

That False Prophet Gerald Flurry and his satanic PCG imposter cult are all about pretending to follow HWA and God while actually forcing PCG members to do the exact diametrical opposite of what both HWA and God had actually taught.

Anonymous said...

For a Christian, it's God that chooses ones mate. And that mate is sometimes one outside the church that one attends, even a atheist at times. A Christian is one who follows Christ rather than a denomination. Denominations often have self serving, self perpetuating rigid rules that show a callous disregard for the individual, i.e., physical church system first, members second or don't matter at all.

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with that church. Isn't Gerald Flurry the one who should be doing away with himself?

Byker Bob said...

The deeper problem being that the basic theology of Flurry and those whom he has entrapped prevents them from seeing and learning from these events. It is negative feedback that should tell them that something(s) in which they believe and practice are terribly wrong. Usually, there can be no correction until the negatives affect someone very close, like a child or grandchild. Stubborn, stubborn old man! He is more Pharaoh like than Christ like!


EX-PCG said...

How anyone stays with PCG is beyond me? I personally believe that many know that their is something very wrong with PCG, but are comfortable being there. They have family, friends, and may have jobs associated with PCG. HOW CAN THEY LEAVE?

GRF has made PCG a work all about him! He denies the power of Christ and has placed that power on himself and what the PCG can do! He spends most of his time in the OT, because
so much of the NT condemns him and PCG. He is anti-Christ!!!

Anonymous said...

2.57 AM
I don't agree that most members "are comfortable" in their ACOGs. Rather, they are trapped by a combination of factors. These include family, fear for their salvation, and being mentally imprisoned by certain lies. Life in these cults is not comfortable.

Byker Bob said...

7:17 ~ The members have had the concept of "comfortable" reprioritized or reordered for them. (Orwell). They are programmed to believe that a true Christian is not supposed to be comfortable in this lifetime. Therefore, their comfort is derived from not being comfortable.

There is also a lot of nonsense conversation that takes place amongst members. As an Ambassador College student, sometimes when parting company with another student, I'd say "Take it easy!" I remember being quite shocked when people would respond with, "No! I can never do that! I've got to be diligent!" Or, if I'd wish someone good luck on a test, they'd come back with "Luck? Is there any such thing as luck?" There's a whole insider jargon that you have to learn to speak if you expect people to trust you!


nck said...


What, what, BB is mocking the protestant work ethic.

Did your catholic femalefriends try to cut your hair aswell for the purpose of taking your strength...........before you tumbled the pillars of the auditorium and you struck everyone with a donkey jaw.......? :-)


Byker Bob said...

1) Not mocking the work ethic, (that’s in my dna!) but I am mocking Amballador Cossage. (That’s also in my dna in case you might have missed it).

2) My Catholic girlfriends would tell me never to cut my hair. The longest it ever got was just off the shoulders. I’ve pretty much always had a ducktail styled haircut from college until now. It never got too frizzed out from those 70 mph rides on the bike that way.

3) I never tumbled any pillars at AC, but did pick up the lecturn, lifted it overhead, and threw it down the aisle during my “Attack” speech. Unfortunately that turned the “A” I was going to receive into a “B-“ for losing control (I really didn’t. The lecturn went where I aimed it) The guys scrambled and got out of the way, so nobody was injured. Cabinet shop was able to rebuild the lecturn, and the carpet was able to be repaired. For my attack speech the previous year, I stood at the lecturn quietly for a few moments, fired up a cigarette, took a couple of drags off it, and then launched into some statistics, and ranted about the tobacco companies. The instructor was glad I hadn’t chosen to attack marijuana.

Got any more questions or inSINuations?


Anonymous said...

"I never tumbled any pillars at AC, but did pick up the lecturn, lifted it overhead, and threw it down the aisle during my “Attack” speech"

Was this a double-wide, halogen lit, solid oak lectern with the Seal on it, with water inside? ;)

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I would think that the suicide rate of those trapped in Armstrongism is much high then the suicide rate of this society in general.

I remember a fellow member of the WCG congregation I used to attend that kept stating that he didn't like the fruit of those that stayed with the WCG/GCI after the 1995 massive doctrinal shift. He left to join the UCG. What he didn't realize was that bad fruit was the result of Armstrongism since HWA started the WCG not just after the changes of 1995. Sadly suicide has been some of the bad fruit of Armstrongism for decades.

nck said...

They were inSIMSONuations!