Saturday, July 14, 2018

Restored Church of God Continues To Implode

There is more good news out of Wadsworth, Ohio today about David C Pack's Restored Church of God. His personality cult continues its downward spiral by more defections from his headquarters.

Over the last few months, key people have left the RCG. 

Dave's right-hand man, his "Aaron Dean", left. His wife was also a longtime employee in their editorial department. 

RCG's main programmer also left. 

Their HR manager is gone too. 

It is great to see more and more people waking up to the abuse and lies emanating from Dave, but sadly many still are enraptured by the guy.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Grab the popcorn and soda! Can insolvency and bankruptcy be in the prophetic near future?

A Corollary question would be, why does God allow his one and only true Church of God to fizzle and go bankrupt?


James said...

Pack doesn't give a shit. He WILL find replacements after he is done discrediting these people.

The churches of god are like the McDonald's franchise. Its a revolving door. One quits and another is hired. Loyalty does not exist because their is no basis for loyalty in a church of god. Its just another family franchise using religion to drive profits.

Anonymous said...

Dave: Beloved. (Meaning of Name)
Pack: "a group of wild animals, especially wolves, living and hunting together." (Actual Definition, from sheknows dot com)

Put them together and we find Dave Pack's name's true meaning:

A beloved (by their congregation) group of WOLVES who hunt (MONEY) together.

Fitting, huh?

Alllen Dexter said...

I feel for those who are leaving. It's scary. I've been there and it took quite a bit of time for me to get my bearings, establish a business of my own and build a new life. Much of it is hazy now. A lot of the details have faded, but I know they are facing a traumatic change. It's unavoidable.

Anonymous said...

Dave's new theme song.... SING IT WITH ME

DUM..DUH DUN DUM.........

I hired you to serve me completely
I trusted you to obey my word
I let you clean my offices nearly
I thought you'd stay through my sermons absurd......

Where, oh Where, Are you Tonight
Why Did you Leeeeeavvee me hear all alooonee...
I search the world over and I thought I found ministers.
YOU found another and
You were gooonnneeeee

Byker Bob said...

Courage is contageous. Hopefully, there will be further emancipations!


Anonymous said...

Total collapse can't happen soon enough for me.

Anonymous said...

And waking up after being swindled out of their life savings. They have my deepest sympathy. Anyone can fall into a trap.

Byker Bob said...

I’m wondering if Dave gives good references for these folks when potential new employers call. I’d just bet that that smug self-righteous bastard even screws them over in that way as well. It would be consistent with what we know about his dna.


Anonymous said...

What James said is completely true. And BB, Dave will absolutely not say a good word about anyone who leaves, under any circumstances. He attempts to destroy anyone who he feels betrays him. It is about him, not God at RCG.

Sweetblood777 said...

I would say that Pack is pretending to be a David, while in truth, he is a wolf.

Connie Schmidt said...

Like the half life of very unstable radioactive substances, Packs group will hit a nuclear threshold and then explode in a quick bang. Sounds like the end is near for his pyramid scheme.

Anonymous said...

When klepto-Dave Pack-of-lies tries to deceive you and steal everything you have, and tries to do it all in God's name, just remember this simple rhyme that all the little children are singing these days:

Rant and rave, yell and spit,
David Pack is full of [sugar

Anonymous said...

RCG members seem like some of the unluckiest people around.

David Pack originally promised to restore faithfully all of HWA's teachings from 1986, and pretended to be very concerned about “precision of doctrine.” David Pack taught that the understanding that HWA was the Elijah who was prophesied to come and “restore ALL things” was a great wall of defence against doctrinal heresy. David Pack said that his Real Truth magazine would bring “responsible understanding rather than reckless speculation.”

Then, David Pack came up with his August 31, 2013 prophetic guess that totally failed. David Pack went on to steal virtually everything that his followers had with his newly made up “common” theft trick. “Restoring” this “common” theft scam was supposedly just one of “130 proofs” that David Pack came up with that he, rather than HWA, was the Elijah with the power to edit/change/delete/restore doctrines. Next, David Pack started to rant and rave on and on with his lengthy “first dominion” series of complete nonsense about prophecy.

The false prophets on the so-called COG scene are a real pain in the neck and in the wallet. One never knows at the beginning just how crazy these characters will turn out to be in the end. They come around pretending to be God's representatives, but in the end it always turns out that they are actually Satan's representatives.

Anonymous said...

Was one of those who left Jeffrey Ambrose?

When Ambrose finally leaves, you know its almost over for Pack. He has been with him since Pack left WCG for GCG.

Anonymous said...

No, Ambrose is still "all in," sadly.

Anonymous said...

I am ecstatic with joy for every person who escapes Pack's cult! But, I believe that it would be harder to leave HQ than anywhere else since Pack's mind and time control is most intense there. I was not at HQ but was still taken in by that false apostle and am thankful for every day of freedom from Pack's deception! There are many times I have wished to see Pack keeping company with Bernie Madoff as they have so much in common. But that decision is not up to mere mortals. If Pack does not repent of what he has done in deceiving people and destroying their lives emotionally, financially and in some cases spiritually....I would not want to be him when God decides his punishment!

Patrick said...

The Aroan Dean of Pack, I thought the Post is talking about Jeffrey Ambrose. Who are the names? Or do we have to wait for the next Real Truth Magazine to see the deleted names?

Anonymous said...

You've got a point there James.

Anonymous said...

In fairness Jesus did warn us. Grevious wolves not sparing the flock. COG brethren tend to be very naive when it comes to false shepherds.
The tradition of the COG culture is to give too much respect without that respect being earned. We need to be more loyal to scripture and God.

Anonymous said...

It is 100% certain that none of these people left unscathed from a single criticism, even more so because they are high-profile individuals.

Things are getting pretty wacky in Wadsworth. It is true that lately a lot of high-profile people have been trickling out. However, many of them are stuck, we all know this, they are far too invested.

When Jeffrey Ambrose + Bradford Shcleifer leave, you can all assume things will take a grim and dire turn. However, I would not be surprised if these sackless bags of skin get offered nice things if pack so much as suspects they are getting ready to self-eject. He is probably privately grooming them for special roles and gassing them up.

One thing has always been clear to me, the ppl in RCG are so nice, so loyal, so desperate to be a part of something greater...and it is this kindness and loyalty and desire they have that keeps them in chains, my heart yearns for Ephesians 4:14. Packs only skills are to warp God's words and make things feel imminent. He creates a constant state of urgency and is always preaching about gifts and special abilities and power and authority and healing God is soon going to give the entire Church. He tells them Christ will come back and work directly with members and teach them and make them "Resplendent".

RCG has a teaching that Christ will establish God's kingdom like a mustard seed and the world will keep God's government before the official second-coming and he will make members who qualify to rule "Resplendent" and be able to work in the many waves of Gods kingdom on earth and during this period of time, God will judge RCG members on their performance for later on.

Resplendence - Is the state between Human and God, but a little lower than angels. Ppl in RCG believe Christ will give them resplendence (bright state) and they will have boundless energy, not hunger, be able to fly and command angels. With resplendence they wont be able to be hurt by any human or the devil and will have the ability to work with the entire word in bringing Gods 1st, 2nd and however many other waves of Gods government pack has preached now.

If they succeed in helping God's government grow in the world, then after the tribulation when the world had total knowledge of christ but rejected it and all the other things happen they will be judged and given a crown and reach a final god-state at the second-coming.

This is why many of rcg members are gripped tightly, they believe they are going to have magical abilities to go thru walls and fly and execute ppl and shine bright. But tell anyone in rcg you watch harry potter and you'll be reported as loving witch craft and being into occult.

This whole the greatest story never told, was probably never told for a reason, it makes no damn sense. Its whimsical, illogical, filled with errors, Credits God as the "Author of Confusion". This two year long going on 3 year long sermon series that has now more than 190 parts has everybody tired. They'd rather hear an auto-tuned fart on repeat than listen to one more sermon.

The first sermon told in this series was so off, filled with so many errors and cut back so much by the sound-team that its basically 5 minutes of filler words now.

David Pack nobody believes you anymore when you say "This sermon will be unlike anything you've ever heard"!

He backtracked on being the Elijah, he teaches that the Father is the God of the old testament, he teaches the foolish shepherd is a splinter leader, the antichrist is a jewish man who will arise out of israel. He teaches the new heavens and earth will come after the tribulation. He teaches that Mr. Armstrong and virtually everyone who ever attended wcg never new this. In effect what they were told to prove by God was essentially allllllllllll wrong. So basically God told them to believe a lie because HWA doesn't have the full truth like pack does. And since pack is not the Elijah he doesn't have the authority to restore anything.

Anonymous said...

Many will learn never to pity the men in power over at RCG. They are knowingly involved in destroying peoples lives and shield pack and all of his antics, none should respect them men and all should see them for what they are. WOLVES.

Unknown said...

I got a letter in the mail thanking me for my $150.00 donation to this church. I have never even heard of them. I have tried with no success to call and find out what is going on. The lady that answers the phone tells me I need to talk to the business office and then an answering machine comes on. They don't call back. I just can't figure out how this would benefit their cause to send me a letter thanking me for a donation I didn't send. Any ideas?