Friday, August 3, 2018

Herbert Armstrong: Evil Lurks In My Inner Most Soul

From a reader of this blog.


James said...

It looks like Herbert should have been stoned by his parents for being rebellious. Its in the bible after all.

Mickey said...

Even his talking of his negative traits manages to be boastful.

Anonymous said...

Herbs "determined, evil, inner self" is the usual cultural taboo on self love. It's the fox talking to the chickens, the wolf talking to the lambs. If self love is wrong, then whose self are we to love? Why the trailer park losers of course. They can't succeed in the real world, so they rig the rules.
So love their self, not your own.
So pursue their hopes and dreams, not your own.
So pursue their self interest, not your own.
So pursue their profit, not your own.

Why work for a living if you have all these slaves working for you hand and foot. HWA being a good example of this.