Saturday, August 4, 2018

Twitchy Fingers of the Future Gods

Just what this world needs...thousands of gods running around who just might press the wrong button or wish the wrong thing at the wrong time. Kaboom! Oopsie!


What About The Truth said...

Which COG leader would qualify to teach a member to have and administer controlled power in love, meekness, self control, fear of God the Father and a single minded desire to help and never hurt the humans under their authority?

I guess the members will be trying never to hurt the humans under their authority while Christ and the COG leaders will be putting all of His enemies under His feet (I Cor. 15:25) and gathering up the tares of the Kingdom to be burned in the fire (Matt. 13:37-43).

nck said...

I'll be the guy with the satchel behind "the powers that be.


Anonymous said...

1. There are still some in Armstrong Township (Oh, how the mighty have fallen!) that believe that the Church never taught that we were to become God. This is one of many proofs that that is exactly what we taught.

2. This is what happens when you think you are going to be God (wrong) and then think about all the power that you think you will have (wrong) and that an accidental thought or negative emotion would go haywire. This isn't describing God at all. This is describing what happens when you try to assume authority you do not have and will never get (being GOD), and suddenly realize you're way in over your head because you never were intended for that purpose. Seems to me according to scripture this is what "others" who tried to Be God also thought? hmm...

3. How shortsighted! He's comparing God's power to the power of a thousand earthly weapons? Really? Billions and trillions of stars in one arm of one galaxy out of trillions - and that's just on one grain of sand in the universe - and the universe is one universe of what could be infinite amounts of universes - and he says that? Come on now.

4. This just shows what Armstrong ministers thought about (and maybe still try to think about) - power, ruling - and thoughts like this minister obviously at one point entertained.

I would not trust a COG minister to have telekinetic power to light a MATCH nonetheless have the authority of the power of the universe at his disposal. Look at the splinters today - they can't even get along in their own house - they certainly can't get along with each other, they can't even hold a joint Feast of Tabernacles in the same city - and they think they'd somehow be able to be unified as some type of a god being? I don't think they know (or knew) what mind they were speaking out of. But there is a clue. The very founder of the very religion admitted his inner core was evil and wicked - and went on in that article to say that the powerful evil that was driving him was - I forget the exact words - something like impossible to overcome. If the FOUNDER of Armstrongism doubted he could ever be saved late in his life - what business did he have giving all these ministers the delusions of power they threw around at hundreds of thousands of people over the years?

If they WERE correct (and they are not, and were not) with what this clipping advertised, I'd trust Darth Vader and the Klingons with better discretion than a COG minister claiming to be a god. The good news is, both examples are pure fiction.

Anonymous said...

"When you as God are able.."
This is a good example of Herbs training in advertising, and very misleading advertising at that. Nowhere in the bible does it say that resurrected saints will have the power of God the Father or Christ. Or unleashing the power of hydrogen bombs at whim.
Herb appealed to members power lust in order to bribe them to tolerate all manner of minister control and abuse.

nck said...

Personally I would state that Armstrongism never scarred me very much because its leader admitted to having been far from perfect.

I could have been one of the thousands of those gone berzerk it its leader had claimed perfection. I guess that is the biggest "haters" have, that at one time they may have thought or believed they were in heaven with an infallible leader. Those that judge more mildly never believed that or had so much "real life experience" that they knew that if claimed, it was not possible.

Who in COG dom would deny, armstrongists were to become god????????
How stupid is that? The entire premiss of armstrongism is about ruling the universe like God as a God with slightly altered and less powers since the "first God" has seniority.

As a matter of fact. A case could be made that "the God of the bible" is only one of many revealing himself to mankind.

Dennis has made an excellent point several times that the God of the bible is only a minor God as part of a large and extended Pantheon. A Pantheon armstrongist were promised to take part of as "sons" of the "minor yahweh."

I am not talking out of my neck here. As a matter of fact I am closer to the "truth as found in literature" than anything else.

What a load of crock. If you are called "a son" in "Roman Law" all the emperors were "adopted sons" . Julius Ceasar inherited his entire fortune of the Julii as an adopted son. How is it possible to deny that the bible promises the "complete legal and family inheritance" of the God we call "abba father" ACCORDING TO ROMAN LEGAL PRINCIPLES THAT JUDEAN SEPTIMA CITIZEN JESUS was quoting and the ROMAN CITIZEN PAUL expounded upon.


Anonymous said...

Instinctively, I don't trust a church that teaches that I have to become "God" as they portray God, and to rule with a rod of iron. I don't want subjects. I like to work with others on an equal playing ground, and whoever's particular talents are best suited to success of the project gets to be the points person. The world is an ecosystem, with everyone on every level contributing their part to that system. One size fits all is simplistic, and doesn't compute.

Which is my way of stating the obvious. Not everyone wants their "reward". I personally think it sucks and would prefer not to live forever as part of their vision.

Allen Dexter said...

When you get down to it, the idea that we would become gods is something else Herb borrowed from that con artist Joseph Smith. Mormons believe they are going to become gods over planets throughout the universe. At least, they do have big fantasies. I have to hand it to him. He made good use of that time in the Portland Library picking and choosing the nonsense he was going to amalgamate into his new business. He fell behind old Joseph though. He didn't come up with a whole damn book to supercede the Bible but Joseph did. His booklets served the same purpose though.