Monday, September 21, 2020

Restored Church of God: Gregory E. Kaidannek Letter


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 “Let No Man Deceive You” or “Take your Crown” 

By: Gregory E. Kaidannek 

This is a brief overview in relation to doctrines that have been done away or altered in the Restored Church of God over the last several years by the Headquarters leadership. 

Looking back today, it is not difficult to see that truth has been slowly departing from the RCG (hindsight is 20/20). After studying Haggai and Zechariah for a lengthy time (and a notable prediction) the Pastor General, began a new series at The Feast of Tabernacles in 2015 centered around “ the Temple of the Lords House being built IN the last days… (Isa 2; Micah 4)” and “…the first Dominion being set up” (Micah 4:8). This later became 266 messages (and counting) titled “The Greatest Story Never Told” (NOTE: the word STORY as you continue to read). Along the way the narrative has changed, reversed, changed, reversed, changed, reversed etc. so many times in incredibly confusing fashion that very few brethren can keep up. Most do not even know or fully understand what they are supposed to believe anymore concerning the most important events yet ahead. When asked what they think of the sermons, most brethren still resort to “it’s amazing” or “wow” because they have nothing else to say. Regrettably most lack the necessary foundation in the truth. In the end, even most of the ministry can only repeat what they hear in sermons to the brethren (this is not to fault good men but to simply illustrate they cannot fully grasp it either). 

Brethren are told to listen to the two or two and a half hour messages two times every time so that they can get all the details of what is being taught. Since when has the truth, simplicity in Christ, been so hard for someone with the Holy Spirit to understand? This process is purposely intended to program brains with the latest modes of thinking! Week after week messages are built on a foundation of circular logic, assertions, facts with no real proof, and along the way simple bait & switch techniques are used while brethren get overwhelmed by an avalanche of scriptures they “are not supposed to turn to” and Greek words. 

This method is not new. It has not only changed prophetic understanding (1/3 of the Bible) but it has resulted in a series of doctrinal changes away from long understood and proven, core truths from the Philadelphian age of the Church under Mr. H. W. Armstrong. 

God’s words to those of Philadelphia, “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that opens, and no man shuts; and shuts, and no man opens; I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. (Rev 3:7-11). 

This was a golden age of the Church that I grew up in. Many of you experienced this wonderful era of God’s Church just as did Mr. Pack. Contrary to the other Eras (except Smyrna) where God has criticism for their behavior, Philadelphia has none! Think, if Philadelphia had core Christian doctrines and the plan of God so wrong more would have been said by God in rebuke! In his first 30 reasons sermon (instrumental to those leaving the WCG in the 1990s) Mr. Pack even states the following, “if HWA was wrong on so many points, why was this the only era that was never criticized by God?” How soon we forget! 

God’s truth is precious to Him and He wants His people to understand it. He corrects other eras for allowing false doctrines to enter or be taught – why not Philadelphia? 

Laodicea, the age we all live in now, has the most warnings and rebukes of any Church era (we are deep into this era). John warned about a “spirit of error” in the last days. Paul talked about “evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse” both deceiving and being deceived themselves. It should not be shocking to those of us living in this age that truth is a hard thing to hold on to – for anyone – including Church leaders that once had it all. I firmly believe that the Restored Church of God did once – HAVE IT ALL! Sadly, I no longer believe this fact and you should re-consider as well after reading this letter. 

Brethren even the Apostle Paul thought he could become a cast away – let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall! Mr. H W Armstrong, the Apostle to the 6th era, repeatedly stated things to the effect “brethren, if I ever get off track, you should reject me as Christ’s (God’s) Apostle.” Mr. Pack also stated something very similar (as part of a larger statement), "… if I became deceived, I will never tell you what I'm going to tell you now...I am telling you if I go off into strange ideas do not follow me. … don't follow me if I go off into weird ideas…”. Powerful statements indeed. Why else would Christ directly admonish those that had the truth from the 6th era to “hold fast what you have?” 

Over the past several years truth has slowly bled from the Restored Church of God. Church growth has become poor (consider Feast sites not really changing in size), and the Church leadership wastes valuable time and effort sitting in daily meetings for 2-5 hours at a time. Ministers are expected to nod their heads in meetings even if they do not understand or agree. I know many have questions but never ask – I have spoken to several of them after meetings. It is well known amongst these men that only questions related to the latest narrative and framed in a way showing agreement are well received. If you disagree with anything based upon clear scriptural reasons or logic you simply cannot utter your question. 

I was personally “corrected” multiple times for questioning and asking such questions on many of the points listed below. I never got answers outside of the narrative (which never made any sense in the first place) and never received any tangible proof. Several times I presented clear Biblical proof to the contrary of these new doctrines. Most of the time these efforts were simply tossed aside, and I was told “you lower your office” or “you know nothing.” Asking questions and counsel on doctrine is a futile effort as you are simply told “you are wrong” when they do not agree despite clear and long-established scriptural evidence. Since when has that been the standard in God’s Church? 

Upon reflection it has become obvious to me that this was a root cause behind me being sent to the field in June 2019. In many ways I am thankful for this opportunity. I have enjoyed being in the field. God delivered me out of what was an impossible situation. It just was not the way I was expecting! My family and I are grateful for the opportunity to have been in the full-time ministry all this time, including our new assignment. We have truly enjoyed serving and spending time with brethren. 

Regardless, I felt compelled to put this list together so that you can see for yourself what has been allowed to “slip” over time (Heb. 2:1). I can no longer worship God in Spirit and in Truth if I am not hearing it (John 4:24), nor can I continue to walk with those I do not agree with (Amos 3:3). The Apostle Paul stated, “there must needs be heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest (obvious) among you.” Each one of us must prove ourselves to God. Prove yourself, “a workman that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.” 

Please review the list and take the time. You should. Be honest and ask yourself “have I held fast what I have?” And could my Eternal “crown” be in jeopardy? (new teaching is in bold – in some cases old teaching is not mentioned for obvious reasons): 

1. Present Truth –truth can change depending upon how a man wants to read it vs. the truth that was delivered and canonized for all eras of the Church to learn i.e. General Epistle. **This has been the mantle by which anything can be changed on a whim. 

2. Apostles can’t get doctrine wrong – i.e. infallibility vs. they can privately interpret and be in danger of becoming castaways – some can even be “ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” – think 266 messages and counting.


3. Prophets do not have to be spoken to by an angel, receive an utterance, or a vision vs. God’s clear outline that they do (Numbers 12:6) 

1. Prophets can be wrong on multiple dates (over 2 dozen times Apr 2019-Jan 2020) while stating “on God’s authority” vs. Duet 18:22 stating you should reject them and not fear them. ** do not forget his latest prediction after re-announcing himself just this week! 

2. A man can call himself a Prophet and then take it back and assume the role of Apostle after being wrong repeatedly then re-assume the role of a Prophet 

3. An apostle’s job is to “forecast” future events vs. Preach the gospel, warn the nations, and teach the truth to God’s people 

4. Apostles can also be Prophets at the same time (see Point 3) 

5. That Prophet – Elijah - DCP vs Christ 

6. Joshua is also Elijah vs. a Levitical Priest 

7. OT Passover Date – 15th ABIB vs 14th (Lev 23) 

8. “Evening” Exodus 12:6 no longer means exactly “between the evening" DUSK – the period between sunset and darkness vs the slaughtering of the lamb happened on the 14th and could never have happened on the 15th 

9. Night to Be Much Observed is really the 21st of Abib vs 15th (Exodus 12:37-41) 

10. Predestination – God knew our names and engineered our births before the world was created (Calvinism) vs. God did not engineer rape, incest, divorce, adultery for 6000 years because He turns away from sin (Isa 59:1-2) but Predetermined to Call those who “were of a poor and contrite spirit” when it was the optimum time for them to succeed 

11. “Animal People” – people who were simply made “animals” from the beginning vs made in the image and likeness of God who He wants to eventually have an opportunity for Eternal Salvation 

12. Bodies like Christ – not yet Eternal vs. Christ who is Eternal and was glorified like He was at the First after His Resurrection 

13. Two Stage Salvation vs. Salvation = Eternal Life 

14. Angels cannot be Holy vs. Anything in God’s presence or with His name is Holy (i.e. vessels, ground, days, garments, Throne, unconverted children, etc.)


15. Angels in Revelation are Saints 

16. “Sure Mercies of David” – means David C Pack vs God’s Promise referenced multiple times in scripture to have a descendant of David sit on the throne until Christ does (Isa 55:3; Acts 13:4;II Sam 7:14-16; II Sam 23:5) 

17. The Twig of Isa 11 – Elijah - DCP vs. Ancient Resurrected David (the tree is Jesse – trunk and roots – Ancient David is a twig and Christ grows out of the roots)


18. King David disqualified himself and lost his role in the Kingdom and David Pack will assume it – Psa. 89 vs. David was given an everlasting promise as a man after God’s own heart and Christ repeatedly made reference of him in a positive way in the NT 

19. Last Great Day has two meanings – the 8th (Great) Day after the Feast of Tabernacles and ALSO the Last day of Unleavened Bread vs. ONLY the 8th (Great) Day after the Feast of Tabernacles 

20. Secret coming of Christ “slipping from a cloud” vs like manner simply meaning Christ will come again in the clouds 

21. 7th and 8th Heads are separate systems vs. there are 7 heads and the 8th Head is OF the 7th as part of the same system 

22. Two Tribulations – a bad one and then a Great One vs. One Great Tribulation 

23. Israel is resurrected twice this generation and then all who have ever lived vs. Only once for all those who never had a chance 

24. The Father is coming with Christ vs. much later - Rev 21:3 “Behold the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with men and they shall be His people and God Himself shall be with them and be their God.” 

25. Three Kingdoms – 4 phases - each interrupted by uncontrollable evil vs. 1st phase Holy Spirit in us, 2nd phase birth of 144,000, 3rd phase all those who have ever lived get a chance 

26. God of the OT who interacted with mankind is also the Father vs. only pre-incarnate Christ (the Word) because no one has seen or heard God (John 1:18; I John 4:12; I Tim 6:6; Acts 7:38) 

27. Some people have seen and spoken to the Father vs. plain scripture stating otherwise (John 5:7; John 8:58; Exodus 3:14- 16) 

28. The Devil can Create vs. God is the Creator of Life 

29. Clear scriptures were “over-read” vs. we believe God’s word for what it says because it is refined 7x, pure and perfect 

30. We are going to the 3rd Heaven to receive salvation vs Meeting Christ in the air, being changed and ruling on earth 

31. Revelation does not apply to us or the last generation before the Kingdom- seals, horsemen, beasts, etc. vs. it ties directly to Matt 24/Mk 13/Lk 21 

32. Christ is not the Lord of Hosts – (see point 26 & 27)


33. Christ is not King of Kings – (see point 26 & 27) 

34. There are 4 separate “thief in the night” events


35. There are 5 judgments 

36. The Day of Christ is not the Day of the Lord 

37. There are TWO days of the Lord 

38. Unconverted rebellious adult children get first chances at salvation vs. they get treated as others do 

39. Day of the Lord is just a day vs. one year 

40. Grace is simply “gratefulness” vs. a gift to be grateful for (i.e. Eternal life which no man can earn). Unmerited pardon! 

41. The Ezekiel warning after the Kingdom arrives vs. before the Kingdom and the sword is coming! 

42. Ezekiel (also Elijah/Joshua at the same time), who has received salvation, but also a Prophet vs. a prophet has always been a position held by a man without yet having salvation 

43. First commission NO LONGER includes the Ezekiel warning 

44. Doing the Work is the Campus FIRST then preaching a Gospel 

45. Key of David may be government vs. knowing where the tribes of Israel and throne of David are today 

46. Deut. 28/ Lev. 26 do not apply to this generation in Israel 

47. All the NT saints who died in the faith must be resurrected back to physical life to go through a final test – some with gifts, some saved, but not yet God beings vs. they had their chance for salvation and may have lost reward if they never fell away 

48. Christ is returning to Wadsworth (Joseph) not Jerusalem 

49. Col. 2:16 – refers to a specific sequence events vs. Holy Days, Sabbath, New Moon (Being an outline) picturing the plan of God 

50. Rev 10 – 7th angel is David C. Pack vs an actual angel 

51. 7th angel sounds before 1-6 get to 

52. All the angels of Revelation 2 and 3 are the same angels that blow the 7 trumpets vs. the angels that blow the 7 trumpets occur after the Church eras are complete 

53. There are two New Heavens and New Earth Events 

54. Old waste places and lands are healed for 1 year in the KOG then the Father changes out the “ball”/earth vs. a thousand years of utopia before a new heavens and a new earth 

55. Parables are more literal than parabolic 

56. David C. Pack was the first minister to ever teach “no man can know the day or the hour” vs an understanding, paragraph after paragraph in WCG literature stating otherwise dating back to the original Bible Correspondence Course


57. It is a sin to have hope – you must have faith –Ministerial Conference Lecture/Sermon 2019 vs. faith, hope and love. 

58. Behemoth is a dinosaur vs. Baluchitherium PT March 1964 (pg 16, 41-42) (Job 40:14 –“ was made with you” – i.e. during the re-creation week) 

59. If you believe that “no man can know the day or the hour” you have a lazy mind 

60. Place of Safety applies only during the 2nd KOG 

61. Elijah is the fig tree making Christ the vine in the statement – “every man will sit under his own vine and fig tree” vs. literal vines and fig trees in a utopian society 

62. The word read in Revelation means “know again” meaning Revelation had to be revealed? vs. the book being revealed – the name of the book means Apocalypse – a Revelation – to rip the cover off and reveal, to disclose. 

63. I Sam. 2:35 – faithful priest is David C. Pack 

64. There is a second 70 year’s prophecy for Jerusalem in Jeremiah vs. the Ancient prophecy ending in 609-539 BC 

65. Christ does not need to finish his 69th week (i.e. 3.5 years) vs. He needs to finish it 

66. Blindly follow Church Government vs. Prove all things with an open Bible and HOLD FAST THAT WHICH IS GOOD (I Thess. 5:21) 

67. …more to come – error always begets more error 

(**by the time you read the list it may already be out of date as things change so often

Read and re-read the list. Add others if you can think of them. Do your research. Use old Church literature and free resources online from past literature produced by the Worldwide Church of God. Ask yourself the hard questions – “is this going to get better or worse?” “Do I honestly believe these new teachings?” “can I prove them?” “do I have faith in them or in a man?” “Does deception get better on its own?” “Should I continue to sit at the foot of a false prophet while he prophesies?” “What was my baptismal commitment? – the only reason to leave the Church is if truth has left the building” 

I waited a long time before taking this step. It has been agonizing and I did my best to be patient. But I had to ask myself these same questions. 

Brethren, God warns of those who “preach(es) another Jesus1, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit2, which ye have not received, or another gospel3, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him” (II Cor 11:4).


1) Based on the latest we have heard from the leadership of RCG - Christ was not the primary interactive God of the OT – a different Jesus than the one who said he was “I AM” (John 8:58). 

2) The sure word of prophecy led to 266 + parts of an ever-changing series where ~95+ % to-date has been thrown out under the guise of “present truth.” Versus admitting that the majority of it was private interpretation. In II Pet 1:21 it states that “… Not by the will of men, but Holy men of God who spoke as they were moved by the Spirit (of Truth)” which is supposed to “lead you into all Truth.” Which Spirit is at work? The Holy Spirit or Spirit of Error? 

3) TWO stage salvation where you are part of the Government but not yet Eternal, and it is the Kingdom of God while a fire ensues! Versus the Gospel of the Kingdom of God – God beings fully born into the Eternal Family of God bringing a lasting true form of Government to a desperate world. A very different gospel indeed. 

We are truly heartbroken. At one time we were convinced that Mr. Pack was being directly worked with by Christ – the fruits seemed evident. My family and I gave up everything – Country, career, family for a time, sold two homes, etc. – I had the wonderful opportunity of traversing the continent and the world going from congregation to congregation. As a dutiful, and faithful servant, I defended what was being taught. I believed I was “following him as he followed Christ.” We all thought that God would work out the “kinks” but over time I realized that nothing improved, it simply continued to get more and more confusing. God is not the author of confusion! 

We then had to face reality, “you shall know them by their fruits.” Annual Church growth has all but dried up because the turnover rate has been unprecedented. No new broadcasting. No warning Israel. Massive doctrinal changes (not just prophecy). Books and Booklets retired see the appended list of cancelled or discontinued literature on a separate page below. It’s stunning! Decades of truth simply thrown out! In addition, we offer literature “out of date” to new understanding and many people continue to contact the Church based on this information. 

After this I had to examine myself to see what I had also let slip and repent of it! 

The timing of this letter is regrettable, but I could no longer allow my conscience to be seared. After seeing the June-July Pillar magazine’s assault on the Passover, watching a cunningly devised sermon from Headquarters attacking Christ and God (called “Seeing the Father) and listening to part 266 where Mr. Pack called himself a prophet (for the 2nd time and his prediction was wrong again), I simply felt compelled to act. 

For many years I have prayed for Mr. Pack (and I will continue to do so) and for God to intervene. But for whatever purpose is being worked out, God has not yet chosen to do so. I am fully confident that He is the one in charge and is working out the final stages of His plan before Christ returns and ushers in a new era of peace and prosperity. I do not believe there is much time left in this age at all. 

In the meantime, we must all remember each individual Christian has a work to do. I urge you all to – “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Do not settle, “try the spirits”, “look to yourselves”, “prove all things” and do not allow “there is nowhere else to go” to be your answer. This is what brethren had to face in the 90’s. Do not limit God. 

We plan to continue in God’s way of life - Laws, Sabbath, Holy Days etc. - all the way to the end and to do what we can in whatever part is given to us. 

Feel free to contact me at your convenience. I would love to hear from you. 

In Christ’s service, 

Gregory E. Kaidannek 



PS… I am not a perfect man and am not without my flaws. I battle attitudes and actions just like we all do. Life at HQ is not perfect, it never is when humans are involved. HQ will find a way to change the focus and intent of this letter. Believe me, after 8 years of being there I know first-hand. Your job is to look past any personal matters or attacks and to prove the truth - that is what matters! 

Discontinued Items - List 

  1. Bible Introduction Course (BIC) 

  2. Bible Introduction Course – Is This the End? (Lesson 1) 

  3. Bible Introduction Course – Where Are We Going? (Lesson 2) 

  4. Bible Introduction Course – Who and What Is God? (Lesson 3) 

  5. Bible Introduction Course – Proof of the Bible (Lesson 4) 

  6. Bible Introduction Course – Who Will Rule the Earth? (Lesson 5) 

  7. Bible Introduction Course – Christ Opens the Seals (Lesson 6) 

  8. Bible Introduction Course – The Day of the Lord (Lesson 7) 

  9. Bible Introduction Course – Is Heaven the Reward of the Saved? (Lesson 8) 

10. Bible Introduction Course – Who and What Is Man? (Lesson 9) 

11. Bible Introduction Course – The Truth About Hell (Lesson 10) 

12. Bible Introduction Course – When Is One “Born Again”? (Lesson 11) 

13. Bible Introduction Course – Are the Ten Commandments in Effect Today? (Lesson 12) 

14. Bible Introduction Course – Does God Require Tithing Today? (Lesson 13) 

15. Bible Introduction Course – What Is the Old Covenant? (Lesson 14) 

16. Bible Introduction Course – Preparing to Become the Bride of Christ (Lesson 15) 

17. Bible Introduction Course – What Is the Holy Spirit? (Lesson 16) 

18. Bible Introduction Course – Who Rules Earth’s Airwaves? (Lesson 17) 

19. Bible Introduction Course – What Is Human Nature? (Lesson 18) 

20. Bible Introduction Course – Repentance – Turning Your Life Around (Lesson 19) 

21. Bible Introduction Course – About Water Baptism (Lesson 20) 

22. Bible Introduction Course – Should You Keep the Sabbath? (Lesson 21) 

23. Bible Introduction Course – Who Authorized Sunday Worship? (Lesson 22) 

24. Bible Introduction Course – First in God’s Plan – The Passover (Lesson 23) 

25. Bible Introduction Course – The Days of Unleavened Bread (Lesson 24) 

26. Bible Introduction Course – The Feast of Firstfruits – Pentecost (Lesson 25) 

27. Bible Introduction Course – The Feast of Trumpets (Lesson 26) 

28. Bible Introduction Course – The Day of Atonement (Lesson 27) 

29. Bible Introduction Course – The Feast of Tabernacles (Lesson 28) 

30. Bible Introduction Course – The Final Judgment – The Last Great Day (Lesson 29) 

31. Bible Introduction Course – Putting the Pieces Together (Lesson 30) 

32. And There Shall Be Famines 

33. And There Shall Be Pestilences 

34. And You Shall Hear of Wars 

35. Are These the Last Days? 

36. Promised Protection – Secret Rapture or Place of Safety? 

37. Herbert W. Armstrong – His Life in Proper Perspective 

38. How Often Should the Lord’s Supper Be Taken? 

39. The Bible’s Difficult Scriptures Explained! 

40. The Bible’s Greatest Prophecies Unlocked! – A Voice Cries Out 

41. The Mid-East in Bible Prophecy 

42. Who or What is the Beast of Revelation? 

43. The White Horse – Many Shall Come in My Name 

44. The Red Horse – And You Shall Hear of Wars 

45. The Black Horse – And There Shall Be Famines 

46. The Pale Horse – And There Shall Be Pestilences 

47. “What Is the ‘Seventy Weeks’ Prophecy?” 

48. Abortion – Woman’s Choice or Modern Holocaust? 

49. A Generation of Pleasure Seekers 

50. Assault on the Family 

51. The Alcohol Epidemic – The Tragic Curse of Alcohol Abuse 

52. The Education Crisis 

53. The Immorality Explosion! 

54. The Twisted, Perverse and Bizarre 

55. Witches, Wizards and Spirits – Grave and Growing Danger 

56. The New Gambling Plague 

57. The Tragedy of Drug Abuse 

58. This Polluted Earth 

59. The Worldwide Crime Wave 

60. What’s Wrong With the Weather? 

61. Why They Hate Us – Anti-Americanism on the Rise 

62. Are We in the Last Days? 


Anonymous said...

Greg was an abusive minister. For all of his upset about doctrine, he seems unconcerned about the sh!++y way he treated so many people. Now, Pack is treating Greg the way Greg treated other people, and suddenly we are supposed to think it's a problem?

As you sowed, Greg...

Anonymous said...

We all know these two will start their own splinter group instead of being truthful about all of Dave’s shit when they could leave it all behind. What is interesting in this letter is all the little morsels of Dave’s insanity that is brought to light.

Tonto said...

This letter exposes more about the "Pack Madness" than any other source in many years. I am sorry for anyone trapped in that morass. RCG is the North Korea of the COG universe.

Anonymous said...


Gerald R. Flurry: Gospel perverter and family wrecker with delusions of grandeur.

David C. Pack: Doctrinally unstable “common” thief with delusions of grandeur.

Ronald E. Weinland: Prophetic fantasy fiction writer and ex-con with delusions of grandeur.

Robert J. Thiel: Mentally challenged guy with fake followers and delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

David Pack was quite the writer and speaker at the start of his RCG splinter group and was quite convincing.

Now, the stuff David Pack is making up is totally unbelievable.

David Pack has got to be one of the most unstable messes around.

Von Howitzer said...

Odd that the "Common" nonsense wasn't listed.

Anonymous said...

There are people who still believe this stuff?

Anonymous said...

So God doesn't find fault with the Philadelphian era which he claims is the "golden age of the church" under HWA. Then why did it quickly fall apart on Herbs death? Under HWA leadership, the church was totalitarian and morally Marxist if one scratches the surface. That it was without fault is laughable. All these restored/lost truths are distractions from the core issue of how members were and still are mistreated in these abusive hell holes.

Anonymous said...

Odd that the "Common" nonsense wasn't listed.

The Kaidanneks will probably ask for Common from members of their new group. Remember, they supported Common when they were residents of Pack's compound and got benefit from it, so they would be hypocrites of the highest order if they abandoned that doctrine now.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you are talking about.

Unknown said...

He said he lost 2 homes and sacrificed career to work in true church. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

Unknown said...

I spoke with minister from Quebec and I tried asking him a question and just got cut off as he rambles on and on about the topic. I didn't like that but it shows how members are treated. Questions are unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

He said he lost 2 homes and sacrificed career to work in true church. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

Greg, you know that your "career" wasn't as great as all that, and that you preferred the security and status (or so you thought) of church employment to being laid off by your previous employer. And you wrote that you "sold" two homes, not that you "lost" them. Your original phrasing was more truthful. You sold without making as much profit as if you'd been able to hold on to them, but selling two homes is something that many employees must do, and they aren't getting the parsonage tax break that you got for being a minister.

I'm glad that you/Greg finally woke up, but we all know that you held on as a hireling for long enough that you are compromised. you need to ATTEND a church somewhere and learn to be a real Christian, not START a church and act like the bigshot you used to think you were.

EX=RCG said...

Glad that we left RCG in 2004. It was obvious then that DCP was full of himself, and someone that God could NEVER use to lead the COG. How so many people fell into his trap is beyond me?

Anonymous said...

David C. Pack's imposter cult, the Restored Church of Satan, was a BAIT & SWITCH SCAM of the very nastiest sort. David Pack targeted former Worldwide Church of God members by claiming that he was going to restore everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had taught at the time of his death in 1986. He even tried to rewrite almost all of the old WCG literature in his own words. This was very convincing.

One of the few hints that something bad was up was when David Pack said that Satan would not have him go to all that trouble just so he could go bad in the end. Someone immediately disagreed and said that, yes, Satan would. Then, David Pack started to undo the old teachings and change everything. David Pack promoted himself to Apostle, Joshua the High Priest, Elijah the Prophet (in place of HWA, whom he posthumously promoted out of his way to the Office of Moses), That Prophet of Deuteronomy 18:18-19 (in place of Jesus), and now plans to become Messiah (in place of Jesus Christ). As David Pack might say, you cannot make this stuff up. But, apparently, David Pack can make this stuff up.

RCG members who thought they were going to hold fast to what they had so that no man would take their crown have now had so much of their time, energy, and money worse than wasted supporting a satanic fraud that they probably will be left too messed up and destitute to be of much, if any, use in supporting the truth. This is, no doubt, exactly what Satan wanted. People greatly underestimate Satan.

Anonymous said...

Other people were supposed to admit that they were wrong, repent, and join Dave's RCG splinter group for the sake of the truth.

Now, those who joined Dave's RCG splinter group will have to admit that they were wrong, repent, and leave Dave's RCG splinter group for the sake of the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Doing the Work is the Campus FIRST"

Nicely manicured acres.
Well there's something to show for all this, but it will quickly look strange after the money dries up. And Oh how fast the money flow can cease! Ask Tkach!

Anonymous said...

Delusional blabber. Hard to accept that adults are so vulnerable. I remember your arrogance Greg. You will never be as important as you think you are.

Anonymous said...

NZ I still think of you Douglas.

nck said...

Adults from dysfunctional families are vulnerable. 99 percent of wcg members had "father issues" and had hwa as the replacement.

Today, since the end of the Cold War, the "fear for immediate and premature death" has subsided and covid is hardly a replacement for the "fear inducing communists."

Oh wait, the worlds billionaires and intellectuals are labelled Marxists these days.

There is still a "way to grow" as they say in Des Moines.


nck said...

The "vulnerability" stems from the negating consequences of the revolutionary decree by the RC church a 1000 years ago.

The actual decree stated that "close relatives should not marry."

This simple rule set into motion many fundamental changes. States replaced tribes, science replaced old wifes tales, laws replaced customs.

But "we" are exceptions.

The majority in this world thinks differently. Only exceptions think in terms of free will, analytical thought, personal responsibility and feel guilty after misbehaving or feel that nepotism should be fought.

The majority however identifies stronger with family, tribe, clan or ethnic group, think more holistic, accept responsibility for the acts of their group (and publically punish those that leave their group). They feel shame, not guilt if misbehaving and believe that nepotism (or many interconnected family members as ministry) is a natural duty. (hence the tribal irish dancing in the family ministry pcg cult.

There is no "universal human nature". The brain and attitude toward the world is also shaped by the described environment.

The majority, non western (tribal jewish armstrongite) use left and right parts of the brajn to recognize faces. Western trained people use left for language and have more difficulty in recognizing faces.

So there are major psychological and even biological differences and uses of the brain between those caught in tribal cults and those residing in western philosophical scenes.

There is hope for bubbah thiel's market share, but davy pack not so much.



"Several times I presented clear Biblical proof to the contrary of these new doctrines. Most of the time these efforts were simply tossed aside, and I was told “you lower your office” or “you know nothing.” Asking questions and counsel on doctrine is a futile effort as you are simply told “you are wrong” when they do not agree despite clear and long-established scriptural evidence. Since when has that been the standard in God’s Church"?

I have had many conversations with Greg in the past and what he fails to tell in this his offer of innocence and validation is that his modus operandi unto others was exactly the same to the poor lay member looking for the same clarity of the "truth".

Greg Kaidannak was ordained to uphold and enforce the "squeaky clean" government of the RCG, period! That is what he did expertly but to the fault of judgment, mercy, faith and most importantly truth.

Greg and his dad's retreat to perceived WCG authenticity and purity of doctrine or truth based upon the interpretation of an church era just shows how far he and his dad need to go to shake off the dirt and grime of the past and present.

What an anticlimactic ending to this letter. From the headline of: Let No Man Deceive You or Take Your Crown to "I would love to hear from you and I can be reached at ......." certainly is just a teaser for the saddened and confused to cleave unto another man who could potentially deceive and take from them what little they have left.

Anonymous said...

Good for Greg, his dad and his wife!

Regardless of what some may think about him as a minister, he is finally free. I may be wrong, but I think him being abusive and controlling as a RCG minister ‘came with the job’ so to say. My guess is, that somewhere in the minister’s handbook there’s an entire chapter on how to abuse, belittle and control the lay members. Because ALL of these ministers do it, even the ‘nice’ once will if you ask the ‘wrong’ questions..

Anonymous said...

The guy writes an impassioned letter exposing Pack as a fraud.

Yet he has the nerve to sign himself "Greg Kaidannek, Minister" even though it was the fraud Pack who "ordained" him!

Greg wants people to reject ALL BUT ONE of Pack's decisions, the decision to ordain him as a "minister."

What a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:48
Come on.. Give the guy a chance before you tar & feather him. Walking away from the RCG, as one of the most abusive COG’s, is hard enough.

Anonymous said...

You are right . How are we to be on fire for the work when we don’t know where the work is anymore? It makes it so difficult to send money to these groups when your so unsure I would have much easier time believing I have to tithe If there wasn’t so much confusion I mean what is there 300 + splinters. Where are we supposed to go? Where am I to send my commanded tithes or else I am stealing from GOD?

Anonymous said...

Greg wants people to reject ALL BUT ONE of Pack's decisions, the decision to ordain him as a "minister."

What a hypocrite!

Comment: That depends on whether a person is a true believer. If a person believes that it is God who ordained them as minister there is no reason to feel he has lost the right to continue a ministers responsibility, Who has the right to judge who and why God is working through in any persons life?

Anonymous said...

From a distance, to those who did not know him, David Pack appeared to be getting off to a good start with his Restored Church. From closer up, such as to those working at RCG headquarters, he was bad from the beginning.

David Pack's August 31, 2013 prophetic guess totally failed in spite of his 24 given reasons plus his 32 not given reasons for a total of 56 reasons why it was true. After the failure, David Pack discovered his mistake that he had used the wrong calendar and rescheduled for a spring fulfillment, but that never happened either. What do you think of the intellectual capacity of someone who can come up with literally dozens of reasons and proofs for something and yet be wrong about every single one of them?

David Pack's “130 PROOFS” that he, rather than HWA, is the prophesied Elijah with the power to restore doctrines was also a disaster. Mostly, David Pack just restored his new “COMMON” theft doctrine that everyone must send him virtually everything they have, or no salvation if they don't. The money does not get redistributed to help the poor either. That would be a pointless waste. Everyone in the RCG will be poor when Dave is done with them. What do you think of the intellectual capacity of someone who can write a book proving that HWA was the Elijah but then later delete it from his website and come up with “130 PROOFS” that HWA was actually Moses and that Pack himself is Elijah?

Endless so-called Bible study appears to be futile in the RCG. For all his supposedly great knowledge of the Bible, all David Pack could do was come up with his “FIRST DOMINION” series of complete nonsense. David Pack ended up deleting many of the sermons about it. What do you think of the intellectual capacity of someone who claimed he was going to restore what HWA had taught but then comes up with 266 sermons full of new prophetic nonsense like that?

David Pack likes to torture numbers and make them lie. He steals more and more from his followers and then tries to tell outsiders that the RCG is growing rapidly, but it is just his own covetousness, greed, and theft that are growing rapidly. What do you think of the intellectual capacity of someone who can only argue and debate endlessly but never treat other people or their property with any respect whatsoever?

So, what do you think of the intellectual capacity of a false Apostle, false Joshua the High Priest, false Elijah, false That Prophet, and all around demoniac?

Anonymous said...

Comment: That depends on whether a person is a true believer. If a person believes that it is God who ordained them as minister there is no reason to feel he has lost the right to continue a ministers responsibility, Who has the right to judge who and why God is working through in any persons life?

Yes. Greg wants us to believe that God ISN'T working through Dave Pack except for when Pack ordained Greg as a minister. But if God could work through Dave Pack to ordain Greg, who's to say He didn't work through Dave Pack to do a lot of the stuff Greg now objects to? Greg's approach is self-serving and illogical.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33: You might want to set aside what you've been told about tithes and consider what the good book says or does not say................

1. There was no COMMANDMENT, cf Romans 4:15, to tithe on anything before Moses.

2. There was NEVER a command to tithe on money but (historically but not now) you could pay in money if you add 20% (Lev 27:31).

3. Levites were 2% of the population (Num 31:30), received 10% only every third year (Deut 14:27-29), not a third tithe (what’s third is the year, not the tithe).

4. “Change” OF THE LAW (Heb 7:12) is a disestablishment, removal as in Heb 12:27, not a reversion.

Anonymous said...

I was disfellowshipped from RCG for questioning tithing . All I got was a phone call telling me to find somewhere else to go I sincerely want to obey GOD and give to GOD but I don’t see in the Bible where it says I’m sinning if I don’t pay a monetary tithe from my job All of the splinters teach it is a sin and I was recently told by a new splinter that GOD wouldn’t give me his Holy Spirit if I didn’t tithe

Anonymous said...

Time to update the picture of the 16. Any originals remain?


"I was disfellowshipped from RCG for questioning tithing . All I got was a phone call telling me to find somewhere else to go I sincerely want to obey GOD and give to GOD but I don’t see in the Bible where it says I’m sinning if I don’t pay a monetary tithe from my job All of the splinters teach it is a sin and I was recently told by a new splinter that GOD wouldn’t give me his Holy Spirit if I didn’t tithe"

Give your tithe to the actual poor anon 6:12. Get your Bible out and read what the disciples with and without Christ present were doing with money. Their attention was on the poor and they were actually giving something to the poor.

This is one way to become rich spiritually which is a requirement and therefore you will be doing (a requirement) as well as watching (a requirement) until HE COMES.

Anonymous said...

In my very short time at RCG, I found Greg, and many of the other “ important ministers” mean. Completely lacked any humility. Maybe this situation may humble him. I doubt it though. I did find Jeff Ambrose to be kinda normal and approachable. He never seemed to fit the HQ asshole mold.

Anonymous said...

The reason people give for doing an act, and the real motive/s are often very different. Why did it take so long for Greg to see the obvious? How did he react to the outcrys of members who were made destitute by the common teaching? Why did he hang around for so long?
I doubt that he's the moral Snow White that he paints himself as.

Anonymous said...

"Behemoth is a dinosaur vs. Baluchitherium PT March 1964 (pg 16, 41-42) (Job 40:14 Open in Logos Bible Software (if available) –“ was made with you” – i.e. during the re-creation week)"

I thought the list was all the usual Millerite palaver until this issue was broached. How this rises to the level of a grounds for schism, I'm not sure.

First, nobody knows what animal behemoth was. Just because someone (likely Hoeh) flipped through a book on prehistoric creatures from the fossil record and found a big animal doesn't mean that behemoth was positively identified - certainly not to the point of it becoming dogma. (The doctrine of the infallibility of Herman Hoeh could be explored at this point.) The Baluchitherium was one of the largest mammals to ever live on earth. It was related to the rhinoceros and became extinct during the Oligocene 23 million years ago. How does that timing fit with the Joban record? The Tanakh translates Job 40:15 as "Take now behemoth, whom I made as I did you . . ." so the scriptural moorings of this event in chronology are not so secure.

There are passages in the description of behemoth that seem to make behemoth a known mythical creature - an example of great strength - like, maybe, Paul Bunyan. It is easy to imagine that someone could give a sermon and use Paul Bunyan as an analogy of extraordinary strength - but this would be a literary device not a discourse from anthropology. We have to consider that God was talking to Job about something that Job was familiar with - like most of us would be familiar with Paul Bunyan. And, on the mythic side, Rabbinic literature states that behemoth could drink six months of the Jordan River's flow at one time.

On the other hand, there are elements in the description that do seem to be rooted in zoology. Maybe someone around the Middle East back then found a really big fossil bone somewhere. And the news spread and speculation was indulged. (Then behemoth might have been a dinosaur.)

Should the natural history of behemoth be one of Greg's 66 Theses nailed to the riven door of the RCG? He needs to raise the bar.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:08 PM said...“I was disfellowshipped from RCG for questioning tithing . All I got was a phone call telling me to find somewhere else to go I sincerely want to obey GOD and give to GOD but I don’t see in the Bible where it says I’m sinning if I don’t pay a monetary tithe from my job All of the splinters teach it is a sin and I was recently told by a new splinter that GOD wouldn’t give me his Holy Spirit if I didn’t tithe”

You certainly do have to be very careful about financially supporting the splinter groups. You have to be careful that you do not end up financially supporting one or more of Satan's false prophets and the outrageous evil that they teach in HWA's name and in God's name.

Gerald R. Flurry and his PCG cult talked about holding on faithfully to everything that HWA had taught. In spite of all this talk, GRF immediately changed the entire commission of the church from “preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God” to what GRF called “warning the Laodiceans.” In actual practice this had the dual effect of once again suppressing the true gospel and of breaking up families. This effectively undid two of HWA's major teachings. HWA had talked about preaching the true gospel of the kingdom of God and about turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.

David C. Pack and his RCG cult initially talked about restoring everything that HWA had taught at the time of HWA's death in 1986. Later, DCP suddenly changed and it became all about getting all the money that DCP could from his followers with his new “common” theft doctrine that he “restored” and about babbling new prophetic nonsense with his “First Dominion” series of noise that DCP made up as he vomited along.

jim said...

Of all the WCG teachings that can be easily disproven, tithing is perhaps the easiest. Be generous of spirit and give to those that need it where you can...

Anonymous said...

Nck decrees '99% of WCG members had "father issues" and HWA was the replacement'

Nck lets slip what the elite thought of the dumb sheep. 99% is really a complete write off of the WCG membership. Not even half or a third. Thanks for the inner revelation Nck.

But what if God really called some to Jesus Christ's vine. Secretly, quietly, behind the WCG psychologists back. Now wouldn't that be a joke on the WCG elite.

I've heard HWA called and described in many terms by different people but in a desired adoring fatherly tone was most assuredly NOT one of them.

nck said...


It was just my observation.

Many had a "problematic relation" with their earthly father.

Especially the leaders.

I can see by your comment that you were one of the 99 percent.

It's not a judgment. It's a fact.


nck said...

What convinced me is your description of the "ideal fatherly tone."

For dysfunctional families the father is the "absent, distant, meat cutter on sundays, giving everyone (verbal) chastisings, holding the little lady down), thats what I mean with "father figure" in the context of the cultic experience.


Anonymous said...

Whatever Nck. You think what you want, you always do anyway. That's you're weakness.

So if church members grass or complain about corrupt leadership they are the ones with the problems. That's always been the rebuttal accusation of WCG and splinters.

Keep drinking your own cool aid.

The membership are never as stupid as you ex-AC elite assume.

nck said...


True, I think what I want 'cause, on Banned anyway, I've never been PROVEN wrong only stupid assumptions by the likes of you.

By the way. My initial 1000 postings on Banned were in defense of the cog membership since MOST that cog stood "accused" of, had been published in mass circulation before. My bitterness regarding fools and cynic comments were initiated, when "some" here started questioning that, whilst I NEVER post anything without the proof as back up. I have at least 10 times challenged people to "ask questions". NEVER happened (which says enough of the fear to be confronted with their own foolishness), so indeed I resort to think whatever I think. You are soooooo right.


nck said...

Of course the "you" is just restricted to the limited anonymous persona as displayed in the comments.

I leave plenty of room to the possibility that beyond cyberspace you are the bestest, funnest, most likest person ever.


Anonymous said...

nck wrote, "I have at least 10 times challenged people to "ask questions". NEVER happened (which says enough of the fear to be confronted with their own foolishness)..."

nck, you mistake disinterestedness for fear.

At one time I would spend some small effort trying to understand your posts but when you wrote that you seed your posts with "hints" that others are supposed to discern and then devote themselves to extensive research to verify, I decided that my time would be better spent in other ways.

I still skim your posts and read some of them thoroughly because I have learned an occasional odd fact from them. But I think there is no possibility that I will adopt any portion of your distinctive weltanschauung.

Anonymous said...

nck at 11:33:

99 percent of wcg members had "father issues"

I thought nck claimed to be a lawyer, not a psychologist.

He's probably neither.

nck said...

That is all I wish for!
Just let me know if any odd fact warrants further info.

I never claim, I just state facts, then people attribute things.

I have been a lawyer once.

That I sat in classes with the Lybia defense lawyers in Lockerbie case, or studied in Halls named after the Tokyo tribunal prosecutors or was taught by executives of the 7 sisters made some readers attribute things I never claimed.

I relate many odd facts that are of no interest to anyone here in particular, that I can confidently claim.


Anonymous said...

NCK is not a lawyer. He’s not a psychologist. He is obviously well read. Seen a lot, had access to a lot of information.
I would say NCK is a journalist..

Anonymous said...


nck said...

The ancient Egyptians were well aware of the pre existence of dinosaurs.

I believe a temple dedicated to Osiris (whose body was strewn over the world) contained many ancient bones people had apparently brought to the temple to honor Osiris.

Doesnt one theory assume ch eops and dj ob are the same character, as in based on....?


Anonymous said...

"Why They Hate Us – Anti-Americanism on the Rise"

BLM is Commie financed and media backed. You don't need prophecy to figure it out.

nck said...

I was wondering about the catholic takeover of the Supreme Court. I also witnessed the total corrumpation of american business since 2000, with Enron, Worldcom, Andersen, Quest, Subprime as just a couple of examples I am familiar with upclose. That is the source of my criticism.

Since GWB jr, the NEOcons and crooks like Cheney, Rumsfeld and "serious" picks like that dummie lady ex gov from Alaska, I resent US politics as well, as the US got exposed as unfit to lead. Armstrongism was part of the Cold War soft diplomacy effort to wow the world, reaching its cultural peak during Reagan whilst Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest conquered "the hearts and minds" and western "unity" was at its pinnacle, exactly today it is at the lowest point since 1945. Its not communism that won but capitalism that has failed and is only sustained by the Fed printing money and Karl Marx truth that pure capitalism leads to accumulation of capital, which causes division and lead to revolution.

Marx and HWA were right as philosophers because they saw capitalism in its infancy.
The core of their message...... "this baby is gonna be big".... hidden in code language.


Anonymous said...

1.43 PM
The Trump derangement syndrome implies that there's something more at work than the commie influence.

Anonymous said...

September 22, 2020 at 8:48 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...Yet he has the nerve to sign himself "Greg Kaidannek, Minister" even though it was the fraud Pack who "ordained" him!

Sorry, but you are wrong about Greg being ordained by Pack. He was ordained by a true and faithful minister of Restored before Greg did.... I know that for a fact.

ex-RCG - holding fast to truth

Anonymous said...

I knew something was wrong with Pack's cult from the first I ever read any of his books about 20 years ago. And went elsewhere. I ended up attending the feast with RCG by happenstance. Plans to get to the feast were made to ride with someone else as I had no transportation. At the last moment before anything could be changed my ride decided the group we were with was not the place to be and decided to go to RCG; this was a few years later than the 20 when I read some of his stuff. So it was either go to the feast with my ride or no feast.
All I can say is I knew from the start that something was wrong with RCG! The way they hound you about tithes, once I forgot to put my name on the tithe and they accosted me when it appeared that I had not sent one. There ministers are mean. They do seek to CONTROL you!
I never truly enjoyed a sabbath at RCG. As I look back and think; there were so many things and not just little ones that said this is not right. I did not stay long with them. The reason I am writing this is because I just saw the trumpet video and the ^^%$$$^&&*** that he is preaching now is hell and gone from what was then!!! Absolutely amazing how out there he is now. Does he know what he is doing and is evil or is he just insane?

Anonymous said...


There are no ‘true and faithful ministers’ in the RCG. The RCG is a cult and not a church.. So HOW can there be ‘faithful ministers’. I only see cult leaders

Anonymous said...

"He was ordained by a true and faithful minister of Restored"

What a laugh. Too bad he wasn't a "true and faithful minister of" Jesus Christ.

Restored is not the true church, therefore it doesn't matter which organization. There is no one single organization making up the true church.

Anonymous said...

If anyone questioned nck's intelligence before, there's no question now, he has none. His post at 6:57pm is purely ignorant jealousy of the U.S.

The world doesn't hate us, they're jealous of us and it's displayed using anger.

Poor pitiful nck!

Sarah Palin is smarter than you'll ever be nck!

nck said...

The "jealous argument".
Sheer ignorance on your part shown by you not being specific.
I was extremely specific in giving personal examples I personally witnessed upclose as examples of a wider problem in your perception.


nck said...

I shouldnt have bitten.
I apologize to all.
I mean common:

-the world is angry (cities being burned by own citizens ripe for civil war
-SP intelligent
-marx wrong on "accumulation of capital", whilst every economic paper acknowledges the fact exarcerbated by technology (as 5 companies drive the dow (43 percent)

From now on I will ignore the willfully ignorant to not distract from the topic. Which is Packian cultmeisters.


Anonymous said...

Nck, I've never said that Marx was wrong. It's just that his economic theory isn't practical with human nature. I've always said that socialism would work just fine under Jesus Christ's benevolent rule. The problem is that human nature is greedy, lazy, etc.

Capitalism only works to an extent and that's because of greed, trying to get the most for you and your own.

Socialism can't work in this world for any length of time because if I work harder than you, why shouldn't I get more than you. If we're all going to get basically the same thing then why should I work my ass off?

I realize this is a simplistic explanation of a complex subject but I think I've covered the basics.

Anonymous said...

Nck, also there are only 30 companies that make up the djia so 5 "driving" 43% of it is nothing. Maybe you don't understand economics like you think that you do.

Anonymous said...

Nck, why are you writing to yourself at 6:14pm? 6:57 was your post. Not as intelligent as you think you are eh? Yeah, it's jealousy whether you want to admit it or not!

nck said...

Hello 1:03
Yes it is too simplistic. Not even close on the basics. But I do not blame you for confusing Marxist economic theory (accumulation of capital, verelendung etc etc) with Soviet Communism, I really don't.

To adress just one fallacy.
People working 2 jobs cleaning toilets do not necessarily make less hours than others making millions.

I talked about economic inequality that is so irrational that it has always been a cause for revolution as opposed to the "jealousy of the poor" argument.

I do believe in competition. Anti trust laws and other legislation helps to provide level playing field. I did hint at the current technology driven "winner takes all" economy (in market share).

If they would make a profit it would!

1:10 You think Canucks are jealous of USA or just different philosophy and aproach?


Anonymous said...

Nck, maybe you should study Marxist theory more, it's closer to Soviet communism than you think.

No, I don't think Canucks are jealous of the US, I know they are!

nck said...

What an idiot you are to quote a contradictory analysis to your point EXACTLY making my point.

Perhaps you are a troll, enjoying my postings in reality. I said before, I doubted your abilities to absorb knowledge, now I need to thank you for your advanced quoting.

-marx analysis was about the (english) capitalist system in its infancy
-the communists disagreed on the cause of revolution

I havent used the word nimkompoop for a long time. It seems apropriate now.


Anonymous said...

By the way Nck, who wrote The Communist Manifesto?

Anonymous said...

Why was Karl Marx so against capitalism? Because in a capitalist society one has to work to succeed. Marx was a lazy bum! Anyone idolizing him shows their ignorance!

From this site:

"After studying for a time in Bonn, he transferred to the University of Berlin to work on a doctoral degree in philosophy. But he was generally a lazy and good-for-nothing student."

A lazy good for nothing student makes for a lazy good for nothing "proletariat", worker that is.

Anonymous said...

Another quote from that site:

"Marx’s only real jobs during his lifetime were as occasional reporters for or editors of newspapers and journals most of which usually closed in a short period of time,"

Marx was a lazy bum who'd never make it in a capitalistic society!

Anonymous said...

By the way Nck, you brought up Soviet communism not I. Again, was one of the people who wrote The Communist Manifesto not a communist? Only according to Nck!

nck said...

"Soviet communism"
So 4:29 you are not 12:15?
Or are you a liar now too?