Friday, June 24, 2022

Gerald Weston: If we have time for social media and video games, we have time to tune in to where "Christ" is leading His Church

It is constantly a battle for the soul in the Living Church of God. Cannot members ever have a "sabbath rest" from all the nit-picking and guilt shaming that the church so easily dishes out? Satan is constantly on the warpath against the church. And, like clockwork, those gays, are always the cause of LCG's problems.

Greetings from Charlotte,
We had very profitable Council of Elders meetings this week. All except a few men were able to attend in person with the others connected by livestream. A range of topics was covered—some listed in the weekly video update. One item was the lessons we can draw from the last two-plus years of the coronavirus. It is evident our world has changed dramatically, and one change is how we as members of the Body of Christ handle all that has occurred. If we evaluate our thinking, we may very well discover that the world has rubbed off on us to a greater or lesser degree. This calls for us to be discerning of our thoughts, attitudes, and emotions. Satan is stirring up hatred and division. We must recognize his devices, resist, and overcome his broadcasting. The second item is one that most of the Western world is facing— what we refer to as the “woke” agenda—LGBTQA+, cancel culture, the destruction of values regarding what it means to be male or female, the rejection of God-given roles in marriage, critical race theory, and so much more. As God’s people, we must strive to get back to the basics of biblical values. These subjects and more will be addressed in the Living Church News and in sermons. Please make time to read the Bible and our publications as well. If we have time for social media and video games, we have time to tune in to where Christ is leading His Church. Please pray for one another, and thank you for your dedication and love.—Gerald Weston

It is always everyone else's fault except their own. Everyone is out to oppress them.



Anonymous said...

I really must confess to being mystified by Gerald's entire approach to the so-called "woke" agenda. His attitudes demonstrate a propensity for binary thinking. He should be able to pick out good aspects of the agenda, and to laud them as excellent examples which would be good to emulate. How can a religious system that believes in disfellowshipping, marking and disassociating itself from troublemakers in their church criticize cancel culture? Clearly, there are some people who deserve to be cancelled! How can a church which has constantly lambasted their own country, and looking forward to the Germans punishing all non COG members, not recognize that there is institutionalized racism in our nation's history, and strongly desire to root it out? You would think they would be in alignment with the core ideas behind CRT. I mean, they trash this country for everything else, don't they? Some of their own members have been persecuted for driving while black! CRT has some very praiseworthy goals and activities!

Bimary thinking causes Gerald to shoot all the ducks to get rid of the one or two bad ones. Everything we humans process is composed of a mixture of good and bad. We deal in percentages, nothing is 100% good or 100% bad. If he wanted to be truly honest, he would find good, praise it, and get people imitating good examples.

Anonymous said...

There goes Gerald once again. His unhinged rants based on the more fringe elements of media he consumes made it easy for me to leave LCG as God isn’t anywhere near that miserable man’s thought process.

Anonymous said...

I think Gerald was pretty much spot on with his comments. The world around us is changing and not for the good. It does affect us. The world wants us all to conform to its perverse standards. As Christian’s we must resist these ungodly ways. Yes we must not let these perversions influence us. I agree Gerald and I am not a member of LCG.

Ronco said...

And he can't even get his acronyms right.
It's not LGBTQA+, it's LGBT-QWERTY...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48:00 PM PDT

Quite agree.
Sadly the reality within LCG and Armstrongism in general is remarkably different from the message they preach.
The abuse is legendary, with a heavy focus on ‘the works of the law’.
Very different from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
And let’s not even start on their bizarre obsession with BI which underpins their movement.
While the conditions we see around us point to the continuing downward spiral of humanity, Armstrongism has very little to offer, as in contrast to Christ their burden is heavy and yoke is hard.

Anonymous said...

One would have thought that the ACOG "leaders" might have had something positive to say about the Supreme Court's decision re Row v Wade, but, one would be wrong. Their message must continue to be gloomy at all costs.

RSK said...

At this point, "woke" is going the way of "political correctness", "Marxism" and "martial law" - the only people using the term seem to be the detractors, and they rarely use it correctly

Anonymous said...

Yea the Leadership of LCG is sad. No wonder why there are some many splinter groups of armstrongism. Weston will complain about technology and using electronic bibles. But he needs that technology to do their TW programs, he uses that technology and electronic media to read of world news from international newspapers that he gets on his pad. He needs it to message other members or pastors.

By the way gerald, Christ does not lead a church that puts BI at the front of their ministry. They can't understand what Paul wrote:

Romans 9:8 In other words, it is not the children by physical descent who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s offspring. (NIV)

Paul wrote things that are hard for them to understand!

Anonymous said...

That's probably coming. Church groups do their videos several days in advance. But that means they're not as immediate as some mainstream ministries are.

Anonymous said...

"His unhinged rants..made it easy for me to leave LCG"

The exodus from the Acogs continues apace; LGG & RCG slipping below deadpool 1k membership.

Anonymous said...

“Gerald Weston: If we have time for social media and video games, we have time to tune in to where 'Christ' is leading His Church”

Where Christ is leading His Church and where Roderick C. Meredith has led his own little personality cult are two completely different places.