Friday, June 24, 2022

ExRCG Web Site Premiers Friday, June 24, 2022


Exciting news from Wadsworth, Ohio as Marc Cebrian has put his excellent production skills to use and has developed a website to keep track of the craziness happening on the Wadsworth campus of the Restored Church of God and to specifically monitor the absolutely insane teachings of David C Pack Has Launched! 


A website focusing on The Restored Church of God and David C. Pack has been launched to consolidate information for those inside and out.


The site will continue to develop as more former (and current) members contribute information and materials.

Some of Marc's comments on starting the website: 

Why this website?

I was baptized in September of 2009 while attending the United Church of God. I left that organization to attend The Restored Church of God in July of 2012.

Due to my extensive video production experience, I was invited to move to the RCG Headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio to become a member of MPS (Media Production Services). I short-sold my house in Oakland, California and moved to Ohio in November of 2012.

I was an employee of The Restored Church of God until March of 2021.

Being a huge supporter of this organization still headed by Pastor General David C. Pack, I gave “my all” financially, emotionally, and physically. The literature was amazing. The World to Come program on YouTube was interesting and delivered with clarity. The Headquarters Campus was beautiful and expanding. The people were talented, friendly, happy, and striving to live God’s way.

On the Sabbath of January 24, 2015 that all changed.

David C. Pack delivered a 6-hour / 3-part message titled, “First a MOSES, Now ELIJAH—130 Proofs!” In this message, he declared himself to be Elijah the Prophet of Malachi 4:5-6, as well as “That Prophet” from Deuteronomy 18:15-20. By doing so, he removed a title for Jesus Christ but “promoted” Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to that of a “like Moses” as to not upset all those with a Worldwide Church of God background.

The content of these messages were so disturbing, I lost sleep three nights in a row. This was my first “spiritually traumatizing” experience in RCG. I counseled for over 90 minutes with two ministers regarding my deep concerns. I came with my Bible and David C. Pack’s own literature to press my case. I left that meeting feeling relieved and hugged both men as I walked out the door. They got me to see it their way.

However, before I reached my truck in the parking lot, I was already back to my original position. I spent the next several months studying the matter in my Bible. This was counter to the advice of the Headquarters Pastor who advised me to “let it go” and to “not study” this topic. The more I looked into my Bible and the RCG literature that had been “retired,” but also started paying more careful attention to the message given by DCP, I was convinced this teaching was fraudulent. A grave and serious error for the entire organization.

Flash forward to six years later. RCG has gone off the rails. DCP has a documented history of prophetic failures and back-and-forth teachings. For my own edification, I began to note his wild assertions, odd teachings, and the failed dates of Jesus Christ’s return. As the series grew longer and more incomprehensible, my notes of his quotes grew page after page after page. 

While Armstrongism has long had "dissident sites" that have been chronicling the abuses in the church, i.e., The Painful Truth, Banned by HWA, Exit and Support NetworkThe PLAIN TRUTH About Malachi’s Message And THAT PROPHET,  Living Armstrongism, and Gavin Rumney's Ambassador Watch & Otagosh sites, we are seeing an even more potentially damaging avenue with TV shows and podcasts that feature the human face of the abuses members have suffered. 

We have been watching over the last few months exposés by WCTV Wadsworth and recently a new podcast Worldwide: The Unchosen Church as the personal faces of ex-members are presented rather than just words on a website or a blog.  More and more people across the Church of God spectrum are stepping forward with tales of abuse and false teachings, and the feet of these deceptive and often abusive leaders are being held to the fire as never before. 

With the continuing exposure of the lies of Bob Thiel, Gerald Flurry, Ron Weinland and David C Pack, we are watching the decline of the corporate church as never seen before. The Internet has destroyed the sacredness that the church held for so long and now we see the filthy undergarments of the current organizations.

Banned by HWA will continue to highlight exposés by Marc as we all seek to free the minds of people trapped in these personality cults of the current Church of God structure. We wish him great success!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this Marc! Over time, this will help a lot of people.

Marc Cebrian said...

Thank you for the wonderful support!

I plan on expanding the sections of this website based on community feedback. I already have a "Resignation" page in the works that will feature exit letters (given with permission). I will also attempt to transfer the MASSIVE Wadsworth Neighbors Q&A from Facebook so folks can see what kinds of questions the Wadsworth folks had.

Anyone who wants to give a testimonial or tell their story, please contact me through the website at If I receive enough, I may do a "Stories" section much like ExitSupportNetwork does.

Anonymous said...

Banned by HWA will continue to highlight exposés by Marc ... We wish him great success!

Now, that's the kind of cooperative spirit we need. Bravo.

Nomorewackypack said...

Great job, Marc! I hope a lot more people share the experiences they've had at the hands of little davie and his hired pack of jackals.

When life hands you lemons...

Tonto said...

Sign in the picture on the post appears to say "WORRIED HEADQUARTERS" !

Anonymous said...

“With the continuing exposure of the lies of Bob Thiel, Gerald Flurry, Ron Weinland and David C Pack, we are watching the decline of the corporate church as never seen before.”

Gerald Flurry, David Pack, Ronald Weinland, and Robert Thiel are all false prophets. The satanic imposter cults like PCG, RCG, COG-PKG, and CCG that they started were never a part of the true church of God. Each of these cults was started to deceive people into financially supporting and worshipping its leader.

These fake followers of Herbert W. Armstrong each pretended to be the true successor to HWA even while they actually led people away from HWA's major teachings and into some of the most outrageous new nonsense around. With the death of HWA in 1986, and with the apostate Tkaches' Great Apostasy of 1995 in the Worldwide Church of God, the massive confusion allowed all sorts of truly amazing tricks and great deceptions to be played by the false prophets and others.

For example, Gerald Flurry in his own little PCG cult immediately tried to suppress the Great Commission to preach the true gospel of the kingdom of God and replace it with a new commission to rage away against any Worldwide Church of God people who would not join him in doing so. Shortly afterwards, Gerald Flurry tried to pull off the identity theft of the ages by claiming that he, rather than Jesus, was what he called “That Prophet” of Deuteronomy 18:18-19 that everyone was supposed to listen to. The apostate Joseph Tkach, Jr. sold the copyrights to some of HWA's writings to the false prophet Gerald Flurry to help him with his image of following HWA, but Gerald Flurry then edited the old writings of HWA and changed them so they would not expose Gerald Flurry's doctrinal changes. In further opposing HWA's teachings, Gerald Flurry came up with a “No Contact” policy to try to turn the hearts of the fathers against their children and the hearts of the children against their fathers. Still later, Gerald Flurry found his own throne stone to try to replace the real one in Britain. PCG cult members have to go along with whatever Gerald Flurry makes up or else get kicked out of the PCG cult and cut off from all contact with their family members and so-called “friends” in the PCG cult. In addition to such practical concerns, there are also some theoretical concerns, such as the fake ministers that the false prophet Gerald Flurry set up always trying to consign them to the lake of fire.

Anonymous said...

“I was baptized in September of 2009 while attending the United Church of God. I left that organization to attend The Restored Church of God in July of 2012. ... I was an employee of The Restored Church of God until March of 2021. ” -- MC

The complete, total, utter failure of Dave Pack's August 31, 2013 Big Prophetic Date Guess that was backed up and proven by a total of 56 given and not given “proofs” provided a great opportunity for many people to see through Dave Pack and stop taking him seriously even sooner.

Right after the big flop of the wrong guess, Dave Pack quickly said that he certainly would not make that mistake again. But he did. In fact, his prophetic guesses only got worse. He quickly found where “we” had made “our” mistake by using the wrong calendar, and rescheduled for a spring date, being careful not to give the year this time.

The endless verbal vomiting that Dave Pack has done on his followers since then must surely have made some people sick. Thinking about how they gave away everything they owned to fund this fraud might make them even sicker.

Anonymous said...


With David C. Pack's constantly changing teachings, old literature and sermons have a way of conveniently disappearing. Preserving the major facts from the past is a great way for someone like Marc Cebrian to put all his Restored Church experience to some really good use.

It is wonderful when someone like Marc Cebrian, who has been around for a little while and knows some of the important facts and details and how to make a website, can put some vital information out there openly so new people can be warned about false prophets like David C. Pack instead of having to learn everything on their own the long, hard, expensive way.

NO2HWA said...

Marc Cebrian is doing something right in the fact that has gone and pissed off our favorite little whiner, the Great and Magnificent, the One and Only, the Super-duper Super fantastic, Savior of Africa, Bobby Thiel.

Thiel writes:

"David Pack has long been false. That being said, the new website links to the anti-COG Banned by HWA site which suggests Marc Cebrian is also promoting anti-CG positions."

Well done Marc!

What Bobby fails to understand is that we do NOT go after all Church of God's out there. Some are living the faith they believe in and practice it. We focus on the self-appointed liars and degenerate leaders who are mentally and spiritually abusing their members, AND we focus on the ones who are complete liars, like Bob Thiel, that was no more appointed by God by some super-duper "double blessing" to start another splinter cult than Christ is going to return to Wadsworth, Ohio during some miraculous 3rd coming.

DW said...

The very fact that Marc and others have started websites or support groups for former members tells you all you need to know about Armstrongism and its' offshoots. You just don't see a whole lot of websites for former Baptists or Presbyterians to express their experiences having left those denominations.

I wish you the very best of luck, Marc!

Anonymous said...

The only project which would please Bob Thiel would be a website which trashed Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ron Weinland, etc., and recommended BobThiel as an alternative. Oops! Forgot!!! That's what Cogwrieer does, and everyone ignores it.

DW said...

Only Bob, our favorite, littlest prophlet of all, would have an issue with a newer and better website than his. He is also raging because Dave Pack is twice his height and has been taking up more space here lately, given his multiple back to back prophetic failures.

While I am certainly no fan of Pack, at least he doesn't couch everything in terms of "maybe, perhaps, possibly" that always accompany our prophlet's predictions...He has even repeated over and over again that others "told" him, God MAY consider you a prophet!! So God wasn't even sure about your doubly blessed prophlet status, Bob? And you wonder why nobody takes you seriously and pays you the homage you think you deserve!

So let Marc do his thing and you do whatever it is you think you do and call it a day. Good grief, Bob. You are a very small man.

Anonymous said...

Bob's reaction is absolutely hilarious. Such a desperate and fragile little man. As has been pointed out here and on Facebook, Grow a pair of balls!

Anonymous said...

Bob is obviously related to the Royal family, where the do not allow little boys to wear long pants as children. His mommy has never let him put on his big pants causing him to always act like an whiny little adolescent.

Anonymous said...

Well done Marc! I hope you never falter in keep the heat on and exposing the heresies of Pack. If you succeed in only waking up one person then you will be a success.

Anonymous said...

Went to the website, excellent material. So glad to be able to keep up with what's going on inside being on the outside.



A very nice, well organized web page. A great way to keep the momentum going forward and a factual archive of a man who believes the WORLD will hear an announcement of "just who I am".

To paraphrase from a couple of Dave Pack quotes to convey a hopeful sendoff of your website, I will say; "from this point forward, there will not be one week where this website doesn't move forward" and "EXRCG members, we need your input now, for this website has big things planned - things so big if they were told to you, you could scarcely believe it".

There you go Marc, that is my smashing of your bow with a bottle of S. Pellegrino sparkling mineral water. I sincerely hope your voyage is a great success.

Marc Cebrian said...

Thank you everyone for the encouragement and support!!!

I plan on keeping the content relevant and will continue to cross-pollinate with this blog that gave me a voice I didn't know I had.

If anyone has an exit letter, resignation or other document (email) that they feel is worth posting, please send to me. There is a section in the works that shows the type of correspondence folks have had with RCG. I can strip any personal information from it, if that makes you more comfortable.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...


Glad you are branching out with a dedicated website focused on the fraud David Pack. This may give Gary some relief to focus more attention on the other Herbert Armstrong wannabes while you focus on Pack.

Pack's Common doctrine is pure evil and flies against the teachings of the Bible including Proverbs 13:22, "A righteous man leaves an inheritance for his children's children." Someone needs to be asking Pack how it is possible for a man (woman) in RCG to be righteous if he/she has given all their assets to Pack? Proverbs 13:22 doesn't say "unless it is the end time". In Matthew 24 we are taught that no one knows the day or hour of Jesus return. These scriptures should put all the Pack nonsense under a spotlight waking people up to the deception. Unfortunately, we have people in RCG who have fallen asleep unaware of a wolf preying upon them.

Dave Pack is a wolf in wolf's clothing! Gerald Waterhouse, a traveling WCG evangelist, use to impute meanings into peoples' names. For example, "Waterhouse" meant "Go water the house of God" (Water = Holy Spirit; House = Church). So, I will take a page out of the Waterhouse play book and impute my own meaning by saying that Dave Pack is appropriately named. What is the most commonly thought of animal that roams in a pack? A Wolf Pack. And wolves roam just as Dave Pack roams every week in his false prophecy sermons.

Anyway, I wish you well and healing from this false Prophet Pack. Just so you know, when I clicked on the link here on Banned, I received this message from Norton. I'm not sure why, but I couldn't navigate over:

Dangerous Webpage BlockedYou attempted to access: is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.


NO2HWA said...

Richard wrote: "Anyway, I wish you well and healing from this false Prophet Pack. Just so you know, when I clicked on the link here on Banned, I received this message from Norton. I'm not sure why, but I couldn't navigate over:

Dangerous Webpage BlockedYou attempted to access: is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page."

I do not get that on my end. I am using an iMac though.

The Sundown Kid said...

So righteous men must horde their assets for themselves their children and their grandchildren. Bible may grow on me if I see more nuggets like that one

Marc Cebrian said...

I've been getting reports of the site being flagged by Norton as dangerous. The site has no custom code on it and it is built and hosted by Squarespace.

Folks with Norton Security on their computer run into this issue. I think it is flagging this because it is a new website.

If this happens to anyone, please click on the option to REPORT the site and say it is being flagged erroneously. The more people that report the issue to Norton, the more likely it will be addressed

Thanks Richard for bringing this up. You aren't the only one.

donjosem said...


I have Norton 360, and no problem or and do not get flagging messages. So far so good. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should spend more of your time and resources developing grace and character and edifying yourself and others vs letting Pack live rent free from inside of your mind and consuming your thoughts….just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I'm lookimg for a 750 or 850 Norton Commando. Anyone out there got one for sale?