Saturday, February 4, 2023

Dave Pack: "Evil Men Will Post This Online"


Evil Men


The Headquarters of The Restored Church of God announced Monday, “If we are here on Wednesday, Mr. Pack plans…”


That did not happen, you believing dopes.


Since we were still here on Thursday, David C. Pack delivered “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 417)” to a paid audience. In case late-comers did not know, the RCG staff are required to listen to Dave while on the clock during the week. Trust me, that is little compensation.


If we are here on Saturday, here is a summary of Part 417 from February 2, 2023:


The 1335 of Daniel began imperceptibly last Thursday.

The Kingdom of God arrives Tuesday, February 7.

The Great Tribulation starts on March 12.

The Day of the Lord is still March 22.

A mistranslation opened a can of worms.

Three Shepherds of Zechariah 11 are identified. Kinda.

The Series is over.

Evil men will post this online.



The most inflammatory comments were at the end of the Bible study.

@ 1:55:18 So, I'm expecting next Tuesday, and I know there are enemies among us who are dead men walking. Maybe you only need one. And they’ll post it to evil men. Don’t worry about it. It may shake some people. Don’t worry about it…it’s gonna go online. There are people, the wicked don’t understand and they’ll commit suicide in two seconds.


This intrigues and confuses me.


How is accurately posting a message of the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God that Jesus Christ commissioned to be spread to the entire world before He ascended to heaven be perceived as being done by enemies?


What actions or character qualities gain anyone the designation of being evil?


The information seeping past the front gate of RCG is accurate. Not rumors. Not distortions. So, how are David C. Pack’s own words an attack on David C. Pack? How can what the Pester General said to his church be an attack on his church?


Further confusion comes because Dave recently stated he WANTED this information to go public.


Part 414 – January 14, 2023

@ 1:25:10 Why would God show us Abib 1 in a definitive way? Absolutely inarguable. I don’t care what any enemy knows. I hope the whole world hears it.


And yet, when it does, he bitches and complains about it.


Perhaps the statement in Part 414 was uttered in the heat of the moment. He was either insincere or just lying. I do not know the man's heart, but based on his patterns, trusting him is a fool's errand.


David C. Pack is not a man of his word. And he is also prone to uncomfortable misspeaks.


Part 417 – February 2, 2023

@ 1:55:39 And just know that you’re we’re all the ones committing suicide. So, don’t worry about that. Once this is out, it’s gonna be interesting. Maybe it’ll be quiet. Or maybe we’ll find out there’s some reason the devil’s at my right hand when it all starts. I don’t know.


Leaving The Restored Church of God is viewed as suicide. The stubborn people who leave with their bad attitudes are perceived as having a death wish and lacking patience.


After listening to this statement about ten times, I finally think I get what Dave was trying to say. He meant to say, “The people who leave commit suicide while thinking WE in RCG are the ones committing suicide.”


His piss-poor verbal skills make nothing he says “plain” anymore. The Spirit of Error has infected his tongue along with his brain.



The 1335 days of Daniel 12:12 began last Thursday for the members of The Restored Church of God. The invisible, silent, intangible event signals they are blessed and “made it” if they have the right attitude.


@ 19:37 What you’re gonna hear absolutely confirms in every way that the 1335, now over a week behind us, is in play.


David C. Pack is not a goodman.


@ 1:20:34 “Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.” If you made it here over a week ago, that’s your status.


An enemy and evil man would want the members of RCG to believe this. Especially after everyone has already seen this cheap hat trick before.


Part 394 – September 24, 2022

@ 39:15 So, you’re blessed when you get to a day. At 11:33 tomorrow, you’ve made it. That doesn’t mean you receive eternal life. But you're not gonna wait 15 days to find out, "Oh, I guess we were blessed back there a couple weeks ago." That was always ridiculous.


Part 398 – October 10, 2022

@ 24:24 So, once you know the 1335, you could never know in any future year once you hit it if it were true. If it doesn't happen this year. It has to apply this year, or it's not a metric.


@ 25:31 If you’re at the Feast of Tabernacles, you made it!


Part 402 – October 25, 2022

@ 1:27:01 God’s will has been done. You made it to the 1335. The pledge is made on the (dare I say?) the correct 1335.


Part 403 – November 11, 2022

@ 1:17:18 We have not hit the 1335. It does not apply to us.


Part 406 – November 26, 2022

@ 43:15 Not when those sorta be blessed because, you know, they passed some mile marker they didn’t know they passed or hoped they passed. Or maybe their, “I’m blessed. Do you feel blessed?”


He is so bad at this even Simon Magus would be ashamed of his protégé.


I would not believe David C. Pack if he told me he was out of milk.


Part 417 – February 2, 2023

@ 1:04:01 So, I’m gonna make this plain. And is so doing, show you you absolutely were settled a bit over a week ago.


The wishy-washy 1335 never seems to get pinned down correctly, even when we are living inside it. When I left The Restored Church of God in March 2021, we were "in the midst" of the 1335. I told Bradford Schleifer and Dr. Timothy Ranney to their faces that I did not believe that because God does not operate with imperceptible fulfillment. I told them that, eventually, Dave would teach it had not started yet. Guess what?


Time proved me to be a true unordained non-prophet/non-psychic even way back then.


The people of The Restored Church of God are not "settled" no matter how often Dave repeats it. In the coming days, he will be forced to recant that teaching like he has done before. Do not be shocked when it happens. If you are shocked, then I fear for you.



Dave must be concerned about the brethren tithe-payers leaving in a continuous trickle. He makes a false statement, then immediately walks it back and walks it back and walks it back.




Part 417 – February 2, 2023

@ 1:48:22 Now, I should just comment and I'm not aware of people leaving since the 1335. It wouldn't surprise me, though.


This means Edward Winkfield forgot to tell Dave a key Headquarters staff person left last Friday on day 1334 of his imaginary 1335 that will be rescinded later. Or maybe Dave just forgot that insignificant detail.


@ 1:48:29 I’ve heard of some that had terrible attitudes and dropped out, sorta right as it came. One or two, maybe.


At first, he was unaware, and in the next breath, it was one or maybe two. When Dave says "two maybe," there must be more.


I know of two people who left in the last two weeks. A field member. A Headquarters employee. I knew them both personally when I was attending. Ask Edward Winkfield and Brian Jackson for confirmation.


I am sure the "terrible attitudes" had to do with Dave being a false prophet, addressed in Deuteronomy 18 and when retired RCG literature is quoted. The words of David C. Pack eviscerate David C. Pack.


The man is his own worst enemy. His mouth produces his biggest headaches, not other people.


The “terrible attitudes” include bringing up uncomfortable topics like failed dates and empty promises. Teasing the brethren that they made it, but oops, not really. Taking the Lord's name in vain. Doctrinal understanding sways like the breeze day to day. The man contradicts himself week to week. He says he would “never” and then does it. He admits God blinded him, he spoke presumptuously, and he taught the Kingdom of God would arrive every single month since June of 2022.


Bringing any of that up screams “terrible attitude” to the weak and cowardly “ministers” of The Restored Church of God. The days of oil and honey are over for those guys.



Dave rarely passes up a good opportunity for fear-mongering.


@ 1:48:37 But, here’s what it says to the 1335. So, just a caution in case we have people who leave. Who commit suicide in the next few days. Those going first must adhere. They must hold to the 1335.


@ 1:50:52 And you could still have people who drop out who entered the 1335, and they were not adhering to all the standards I'd been teaching in preparing a people for the Lord. So, the fact that somebody was here last Thursday at 10:07 in the morning and they're still here, or they dropped out after it (one or two), duddn't mean anything.


Members of The Restored Church of God: Do not listen to my words. Listen to the words of David C. Pack. He tells you precisely what kind of man he is. What he is. Who he is. If you get in trouble for quoting the Pastor General, take that as a clear warning as to the direction of RCG and the mindset running the show.


While referring to his new understanding of the 1335, Dave admits he has taught the Kingdom would come for six months. He cannot keep a straight face because he knows how absurd it is when he says it out loud.

Why six months of prophetic fraud and biblical negligence is fodder for a humorous moment exposes a sick and ignorant mind.


It is certainly no laughing matter for members eager to see their deceased loved ones, Dave.


@ 1:23:18 I wanted to believe at the end, "Well, the 1335 touch the day. It would be salvation." But I'd heard myself in all the other verses. It's just that, you know, if you think it's Elul, then you think it's Tishrei, then you think it's Cheshvan, then you think it's Kislev, it's surely Tevet. And then you get to, you know, along about the middle of Shevat, you wonder if that's the way it works. Well, yes, it is. Now I would never doubt again.


Oh, yes, he will. He will doubt and teach against the very thing he stands on today. He will be forced to because time always proves him to be wrong.


Watch his tune change before Tuesday morning. There will be something we missed.



David C. Pack is blind with his eyes wide open. His big pie hole will not shut, either.


Supreme Blindness Alert:

Probably…the Synagogue of Satan prepping the world to follow the wrong god who has a 10-day shelf life.


The shelf life of David C. Pack is known only to God. How long this can continue or what the end of these things shall be is unknown.


The people trapped inside The Restored Church of God are living in fear. Fear is the most common element present today. I hear it directly from those who reach out. I hear it from friends of friends.


How long can a church organization survive when that is the glue keeping people stuck to their seats?


People of The Restored Church of God: You are not alone. Leaving that corporate entity is not a death sentence. The Bible does not say this.


While you remain, do you feel a great sense of peace, or are you troubled?


Are you certain what you hear today will be taught tomorrow?


Do you dread the voice of David C. Pack or marvel at God's mind filtered through a trustworthy man's mouth?


What primarily motivates your continued attendance, love or fear?


That should speak volumes.


That should also tell you where the evil men really are.

Mark Cebrian

See: Evil Men



Anonymous said...

"Dead men walking?"
This is projection on Dave's part. He must know that he is the one who has committed spiritual suicide by acting as the Pied Piper of his followers ruin.

The W.A. said...

Why are "evil men" posting good news?

After all, isn't this series the Good News of God's coming Kingdom?

Come to think of it, why aren't GOOD men posting this series jam-packed full of good news? Say, on the RCG website - so that this gospel goes into all the world while we still have... well, maybe only a couple of days?

DW said...

Pure evil.

The kingdom comes BEFORE the tribulation/day of the Lord? That will be news to God.

I just pray that the Feds have moved him up from whatever number he was on their watch list. The verbal misstatements about suicide are alarming and it doesn't have to be Dave who cracks. This has got to stop.

By the way Dave, the devil at your right hand Please get help. Or someone close to him, please get him help. He is very sick.

Anonymous said...

He's spoken (actually squandered) so many words on this topic, excusing and contradicting himself many times along the way, that literally nothing he currently says has any significance or meaning any more.

Ask yourselves, RCG members, "Would a loving and truthful God bury His message to His special people amongst such a litany of falsehoods?" That very notion is preposterous! It would give you horrible nightmares about that "God's" character. Like the legendary Irish leprechaun, or the gnostics' Demiurge, the god Dave worships is an abominable trickmeister!

Anonymous said...

Still more evidence that Dave is not normal. Not even close. He might well be a deep state operative. It has happened before. Woodstock was a deep state run psychological warfare experiment. Where do you think they got SO much LSD from?

Anonymous said...

Hey TrueChristian your Pope has declared a new day what say you?

Anonymous said...

1:55:18 So, I'm expecting next Tuesday, and I know there are enemies among us who are dead men walking. Maybe you only need one. And they’ll post it to evil men. Don’t worry about it. It may shake some people. Don’t worry about it…it’s gonna go online. There are people, the wicked don’t understand and they’ll commit suicide in two seconds.

@ 1:55:39 And just know that you’re we’re all the ones committing suicide. So, don’t worry about that. Once this is out, it’s gonna be interesting. Maybe it’ll be quiet. Or maybe we’ll find out there’s some reason the devil’s at my right hand when it all starts. I don’t know.

@ 1:48:37 But, here’s what it says to the 1335. So, just a caution in case we have people who leave. Who commit suicide in the next few days. Those going first must adhere. They must hold to the 1335.

In any cultish context, as RCG and Dave Pack certainly are, the term "suicide" is a bit of a flashing red light. Dave equates leaving RCG as "sucide" as mentioned. I'm not sure what Dave means by " And just know that you’re we’re all the ones committing suicide. So, don’t worry about that." but any transition from others committing "suicide" to , and "just know, you're, we're all the ones committing suicide" is interesting and potentially troubling.

Dave Pack has proven to be a master of projection in the past. Is this topic of "suicide" a projection of his inner self? Has the thought crossed his mind personally? Perhaps this is overreaching but it is better to be a bit suspicious before something goes terribly wrong than all be shocked and "we should have seen it coming" after any tragic outcomes.

Desperate religious cults and leaders have a history in the US of suicide in one form or another. David Koresh of the prophecy haunted Branch Davidians and Marshall Applewhite of Heaven's Gate. These disasters were years in the making and the mental breakdown of Koresh and Applewhite were not obvious until near their ends.

This may just be me, but Dave is becoming more angry by the week. You hear it in his tone of voice, the admission that others are exposing him in some way and in his gestures when speaking. He also has become more incoherent in his logic and stuttering has increased. He is slowly, yet now more quickly evolving into a man getting backed into a corner he simply can't get out of and has no capacity for simply saying "I have been totally mistaken". That's a bad combo and doesn't end well ever.

Anonymous said...

You don't know your hippie history, 4:01! From Owsley "Bear" Stanley", of course. He was giving away thousands of tabs to musicians in the mid to late '60s.

But, you might be on to something. I've recently read a paper on the Laurel Canyon musicians of that era. It is absolutely uncanny how many of them were the offspring of parents in the intelligence community, how many of them who were of draft age were never called up, how many smoked pot practically openly, and were busted and let go.

Get yourself a better education! Go to Click on features, click on Laurel Canyon, and prepare to be educated on the birth of the hippie operation. It's a gas! And, then, somewhere during your reading, you suddenly realize that if the CIA was able to utilize and fund musicians and actors, they were also able to use and fund religious leaders such as HWA! Remember nck's weird ideas? There is a good chance he was correct at least about HWA and the CIA! I believe he felt that they were able to co-opt HWA as a result of the pro-Germany anti-American remarks he made on the radio during WW-II.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Dave? Remember, evil spelled backwards is "live". If you are alive, you are evil by very nature according to God's perfect standards! That's what grace is all about! Ever hear of that whole concept???

Anonymous said...

DP needs an intervention! Is he on drugs? Is he mentally ill? People close to him should stop enabling him. People funding his church and his personal lifestyle should switch off the money tap. His church should be shut down and disbanded for good. His followers should get out now while they can before it's too late. Remember what God tells His followers, "Come out of [Babylon] my people!" Anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear should get out of this cult of confusion now especially with the subliminal cue words this guy repeatedly uses in his Manson-like speeches cause going by history it's definitely not going to end well for DP or those closest to him when the deputies come around.

Anonymous said...

I remember nck (always nearly misspelled his name as nick lol) and his CIA/HWA conspiracy theory connection quite intriguing. And it actually wouldn’t surprise me if true even in parts since with HWAs death and then the collapse of the Soviet Union it was as if those pulling the strings behind the scenes were like it’s time for the WCG to be dissolved as its usefulness is no longer required.

Sweetblood777 said...

I'm sick and tired of hearing about Pack and his crazy pronouncements. I wonder how many others are in the same boat. One can take only so much hearing/reading about this mad man.

Anonymous said...

So glad we left RCG almost 19 years ago. We knew DCP and the RCG had problems, but never expected that it would turn into this. "Let no man take your crown."

DennisCDiehl said...

1:48:29 I’ve heard of some that had terrible attitudes and dropped out, sorta right as it came. One or two, maybe.

Officer: "Sir, the reason I pulled you over is you're weaving all over the road. How much have you had to drink this evening?"

Driver: "Just one or two beers"

Officer: "Sir, please, turn your car off and step out of the car for me"

Anonymous said...

"One can take only so much hearing/reading about this mad man."

So, don't read it. Write your own article.

Anonymous said...

It's a sacrifice most of us are willing to make. This blog has a relatively high readership, so is a very effective way of making a large number of possibly vulnerable people know about some major toxicity. If I have to read (and actually I just skim at this late date) several hundred news reports about DCP, knowing that some fellow humans will be freed up and led to safety, it will have been worth it. We may even be preventing "Packtown" from ever happening. You just never know.

There is plenty of other food for discussion for us here, and even a little cutting edge comedy from time to time. When you consider the total bombardment to which RCG members are exposed by their church on a daily basis, 5 of 10 minutes spent reading a post here does not even begin to balance that out. Try to see it from the victims' perspectives! I liken it to a wealthy individual (us) slipping a couple bucks to a homeless (RCG) person to help them through a cold night.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how people get in here and say they are tired of certain articles or don’t like the subject. Apparently it has never occurred to them to NOT read certain articles. Instead it’s more find to be upset over them.

Tonto said...

Using the word suicide is often a warning sign. Pack has obviously been thinking about the topic, and it matters not if it is about himself or others, it is a potential indicator of some very bad thinking.

Im concerned deeply over the whole "Pack Situation" and a very bizarre outcome for it all.

Anonymous said...

Cue Santana's "Evil Ways"!

True Christian said...

We don't accept false pagan people as one of our own.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dave is a false pagan pretending to be Christian.

Anonymous said...

So, what exactly is a "false pagan"? Someone who pretends to be a pagan?

Anonymous said...

David C Pack is the modern Jim Jones.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the correct term is "Pagan, falsely so-called". One example would be the person who embraces about 95% of paganism, but insists that you must keep the sabbath, tithe, and avoid eating unclean meats.