Friday, June 21, 2024

Apostate Sisters Interview Deni Azeredo


Join us for a revealing interview with Deni Azeredo, a Brazilian American who now resides in Brazil. Deni's unique perspective as someone who grew up in the Worldwide Church of God offers an inside look at the intricate and often perilous dynamics of this high-control group. 

Deni's father worked at the church headquarters in Pasadena as a groundskeeper and Portuguese translator, placing their family in close proximity to the church's leadership. Deni attended the prestigious Imperial Schools and was one of the 'Little Ambassadors,' performing with children from around the globe to bolster the church’s image. 

In this episode, Deni shares his firsthand experiences navigating the upper echelons of the cult, detailing the backbiting and dangerous political games among the leaders. He provides an intimate look at the controlling world of Herbert W. Armstrong, shedding light on the complex power dynamics and the constant maneuvering for favor and position within the church's hierarchy. 

Beyond his childhood and adolescent years, Deni also recounts his time in the military, including his service in Iraq, offering a comprehensive view of his journey from a child within a powerful cult to a seasoned veteran. 

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Anonymous said...

So his father expected HWA to be resurrected from his grave as he looked on, believed that he was one of the two witnesses, plus rotated the Sabbath day.
To me, his dad was not a successful Christian.

He said he went to Imperial school but hasn't embraced Christianity. I'm always disappointed by such people. Despite the legitimate short comings of the church of Herb that he mentions, a basic introduction to Christianity was offered. There was nothing to stop him studying his bible, praying to God, and attempting to live by the ten commandments. God would have responded and made His existence obvious to him.