Saturday, June 15, 2024

Dave Pack: "It has become clear that there will be a delay beyond the day we expect."


Delays Ahead

The prophetic date-setting industry is a tricky business. One day, you are at the top of the hill waving the biblical flag of certainty in one hand and a long, powerful list of proofs in the other while leading devout lemmings towards the ledge of eternal salvation. Then, that leader evaporates, leaving an unnamed proxy apologist to break the bad news: go home because we have more time.

Jesus Christ will NOT return on Pentecost 2024!

The brethren of The Restored Church of God did not have to wait until sunrise Sunday morning to be disappointed by their not-Elijahn human idol, David C. Pack. After business hours last night, this surrender from Headquarters' Church Administration ensured another Sabbath was delight-free.

This delay was not unexpected, but just a tad earlier than usual.


June 14, 2024
Subject: Prophecy Update

Dear brethren,

Warm greetings from Headquarters!

It has become clear that there will be a delay beyond the day we expect.

You can look forward to a message next week regarding this. The case for a slight delay is more than can be contained in a brief announcement!

In the meantime, enjoy the Sabbath and a “normal” Pentecost. Remember that Pentecost marks not just the birth of the New Testament Church, but also a pivotal moment dating back to the Old Testament. 

It serves as a powerful reminder of when God gave people His law and generously poured out His Spirit. Having back-to-back days of services gives us a chance for more fellowship and to reflect on the profound impact of Pentecost and the additional time God has given us before the arrival of His Kingdom.

Warm regards,
Church Administration

According to Church Administration, the final 4 hours and 18 minutes of preaching that ended "The Greatest Untold Story!" and brought the Mystery of God to a close was just not enough time to get the picture straight.

David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God failed for the 82nd time since March 2022. He and the hireling enablers could not get within 24 hours of Pentecost sunrise on June 16, 2024, before caving.

Poor Dave wasted all that desperate effort perverting the Scriptures and warping the Hebrew calendar by conjuring an imaginary New Moon on the tenth of each month just to make Pentecost fit. Sounds like more lists will be transferred to the fireplace.

A stroll down memory lane can be a joyous occasion for most people. But for David C. Pack, being reminded of his own words is an attack by the devil. So much for the truth setting him free. Enjoy this recap of recent events.

Flashback Part 512 – May 11, 2024
@ 07:25 But, I know when the Seven Year Kingdom begins. The very day. Absolutely. I know it… I’ve got 50 proofs of when this happens. I absolutely know and know that I know and know that I know that I know.

Flashback Part 514 – May 25, 2024
@ 58:37 I had prepared an unbelievably powerful list of things, page after page, single-spaced, and eventually, I distilled them that pointed to Pentecost for the start.

Flashback Part 515 – June 1, 2024
@ 19:55 You maybe want me to declare the day, and I cannot do that. I can’t do that.

Flashback Part 516 – June 8, 2024
@ 01:01 …after you hear all that I have to say, the sermon and the Bible study, and Monday, and you will say, “This really is the day.” That’s what you will say. You will not doubt it.

Flashback Part 517 – June 8, 2024
@ 00:49 Has to be Pentecostit has to be this year.

@ 40:12 The evidence becomes overwhelming. It would almost be an act of deception by God to lay out all of this and say, “Sorry. Fooled you. Joke’s on you.”

The joke is on the RCG members who thought David C. Pack had any idea what he was talking about.

Flashback Part 518 – June 11, 2024
@ 1:33:53 What a revelation. What a revelation. The Series is over…This is my last message.

Then, in the final 63 seconds, after 4 hours and 17 wasted minutes.

@ 1:37:37 …but if we went past Pentecost…God has done something inexplicable beyond what we can know or comprehend.

According to the CAD email on Friday night, God has done something inexplicable that was also characterized as an act of deception. Dave’s god is a real jerk. No wonder Dave is his mouthpiece.


On the bright side, David C. Pack has the unintentional tendency to further legitimize the chronicling on

David C. Pack’s List Fetish – Published June 1, 2024

David C. Pack’s fetish list pattern:

6) Begin waffling and walking it back as the date approaches by dropping hints of uncertainty.

12) Just before the date fails, make CAD send a surrender announcement with promises of a more exciting and better future because God has provided Mr. Pack with a new understanding.

Pentecost 2024! Or…  – Published June 13, 2024

None of this is coincidental. It is the perverted expression of a warped mind that cannot come to terms with the reality that God is not using him to preach any of this. David C. Pack is not being moved by the Holy Spirit to declare Pentecost this Sunday or the 81 previous dates since March 2022.

Anyone who has faith in the words of David C. Pack is a fool. Anyone who has faith that David C. Pack has any chance on this green earth of interpreting the Scriptures correctly is a fool. Anyone who has faith that God is guiding David C. Pack to teach them this and declare Pentecost 2024 as the day Jesus Christ returns is beyond foolish and is, of all men, most miserable.

David C. Pack is going to fail, and he knows it. He cannot resist undercutting every point he made across four hours and eroding any perceived strength in his case. The brethren probably hoped he would end the Series without painting an asterisk on the page. But that is what Dave does. Wiggle, wiggle.

Which one of us is the real unordained non-prophet/non-psychic? The brethren at Headquarters will know for sure when this happens today and tomorrow:

There will be some serious disappointment in the Pack household on Sunday by the time Dave skips Services so that his wife can slip their offering into the basket. Imagine the content of the emergency ministerial Bible study when Dave corrals the other hirelings to share what God zapped into his head at 2 AM, confirming all his suspicions.

If the Pastor General lacks the courage to show his face at the front of the Main Hall, he may throw Coffee Kid or Pepper Boy to the wolves as a meat shield to conduct some much-needed stammering damage control. Please do not let it be Andy. He is awful at making feeble excuses and feigned enthusiasm. That is much more Jim’s forte. But nobody can top Edward “Stepford Prime” Winkfield, who gleefully skips to the front of the room to smile wide-eyed and sweat his way through the false narrative that everything is fine.

I used to think Ed was a man of principle. Life is full of disappointments.

Flashback Part 518 – June 11, 2024
@ 00:33 You decide if you think we can, shall we say, wiggle out of Pentecost.

David C. Pack decided he could wiggle out of Pentecost. The brethren of The Restored Church of God need to seriously consider how much of a bonus they want to pay to be lied to.

The capitulation email last night stated, “It has become clear that there will be a delay beyond the day we expect.”

There is no delay. God was not behind the “proofs” of Pentecost 2024 being the day Jesus Christ returned or the existence of a stealth New Moon on the tenth of each month.

The delay ahead is no delay at all. It was never going to happen this weekend. The only place David C. Pack will lead anyone is off a spiritual cliff. That will continue without delay.


Marc Cebrian


Anonymous said...

Yes means no, & no means yes...thanks Dave for reminding me of the game me & my brothers played as kids.

Anonymous said...

Does he ever feel embarrassment while taking introspection?

This man has totally screwed the whole concept of Bible prophecy. Nice shot, Dave!

Anonymous said...

What happened to all the "has to be" guarantees?

Anonymous said...

The spinelessness and inability to think for oneself of those who remain is astounding.

Anonymous said...

The interesting aspect to prophecy is that it deflects attention from areas where that attention could be so much more productive, such as to the huge garbage gyres which are killing the oceans, the collapsing Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica, the rise of right wing fascism around the globe, the use of conspiracy theories to justify and enforce agenda, and the still rising concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Prophecy is portrayed by the religious collectors of people as being so great, so certain, that nobody can do anything to counter it. All one can do is to accept the placebo of becoming part of an elite group which supposedly has advance understanding, and to support that group with all one's resources. These Einsteins forget the areas which humans actually can control. The fact is there is so much which could be done to restore the health and balance of the planet through better stewardship, although it is to the advantage of certain types of people (secular collectors of people) to pretend that they don't know. Once the regional sets of constants which support a vibrant coffee crop no longer exist, perhaps mankind will take good stewardship of the planet more seriously. What will we do when our Starbucks is all gone?

John said...

Dave Pack wrote: "Warm greetings from Headquarters!
It has become clear that there will be a delay beyond the day we expect..."
Oh, oh! That really sounds very lukewarm, if you ask me.

Jeremiah's message for the likes of Dave Pack, Bob Thiel, and former WCG hirelings (not much different than the prophets of Baal and/or Jezebel) doing their own "here a little, there a little" thing with their false theories on prophecies and other subjects has an ancient greeting for y'all:

Y'all "...have seen vain and foolish things..." Lamentations 2:14

We're still waiting for the fulfillment of your prophetic "good news" (another gospel?) of your (another?) Jesus to return to earth very soon to reign on earth 1,000 years.

Bob Thiel and Dave Pack's theory of "very soon" return of another Jesus to reign on earth 1,000 years continues to fluctuate often, sometimes even daily.

Did the real prophet Jeremiah know what he was inspired to talk about when he addressed the false ones of his day and age? Anything new under the sun?

How many still think Pentecost is the beginning, or some birthday, of God's Church? Is that another false theory: vain and foolish to believe?

How about the theory that Jesus Christ will return "very soon" on the Feast of TrumpetS? Which day? Day 1? Day 7? Some think the return will be on a Day of Atonement. What other theories are available? Are there vain and foolish things?

Time will tell...


Anonymous said...

The COGs think the apostles saw Jesus through 40 days after His resurrection except Thomas who saw Jesus after 8 days after the resurrection. But Luke writes the apostles saw Jesus. Would that be true if one apostle did not see Jesus through 40 days??

Anonymous said...

Remember “True Christian” and their defense of Davey?

Peppridge Farm remembers.

Where are you? Your prophet has spoken, again! It’s time to set another date. Hope you have your pen, paper, and green envelope ready!

Anonymous said...

DCP - the greatest Backpedaling Apocalypticist since HWA

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said …

One Feels mentally drained hearing this idiot rant and rage I have to cut it short. It’s almost as bad as that fake and lying and vain claimed apostle Armstrong. Thank you God there is understanding beyond the likes of these fakeries.

Anonymous said...

That's right, el Packo plenty-o'-times said "has to be" &/or similar statements. The man is not trustworthy.

Free Your Mind said...

"@ 40:12 The evidence becomes overwhelming. It would almost be an act of deception by God to lay out all of this and say, “Sorry. Fooled you. Joke’s on you.” "

I think perhaps the god that Pack follows is not the God of the Bible. Instead, he has been deceived by the god of this world (Satan), and Satan has fooled Pack, the joke really is on Pack and his followers.

Free Your Mind said...

"Anonymous said...
The spinelessness and inability to think for oneself of those who remain is astounding."

As some people say, they all drank the Kool-Aid.

Free Your Mind said...

I have to wonder if Pack's 7-year kingdom is actually the 7 years of Daniel 9:27, the final "week" of the 70 weeks, referring most likely to the Antichrist setting up a covenant of peace which is broken half-way through, and then starts the Great Tribulation.
Pack has misunderstood many things, and his 7-year kingdom is not from God, but from the Devil. After 3.5 years the Great Tribulation starts, but will Pack realise it?

Anonymous said...

''...his 7-year kingdom is not from God, but from the Devil. After 3.5 years the Great Tribulation starts, but will Pack realise it''

I suspect you are correct. Ive read such elsewhere and it does seem to be a 72 month tribulation, not seven years. I've got no idea what Pack's 7 year kingdom is I'm as mystified as you are.

Anonymous said...

A delay? Noooo!
Are there still RCG members left that believe Dave the Packster?