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Dave Pack: Jesus Christ Returns on Pentecost! June 16, 2024 Or…?


Pentecost 2024! Or…?

Jesus Christ Returns on Pentecost!
June 16, 2024

David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God changed his mind about not being able to declare the day Jesus Christ will return, giving hope to those in the audience who maybe wanted him to.

During “The Greatest Unending Story!” Parts 516 and 517 on June 8, 2024, and Part 518 on June 11, the Pastor General rushed to call out 258 wasted minutes to end the Series once and for all and complete the Mystery of God. Or…?

David C. Pack is a caver who cannot deliver. Once again exposing his most insecure nature, he undermined all 4 hours and 18 minutes proving Pentecost this weekend in the very last 64 seconds.

He almost made it to the finish line but could not cross it without giving himself some wiggle room.


It is always a miserable Sabbath for the members of The Restored Church of God at Headquarters when David C. Pack speaks twice. The hurried meal between them is no relaxing delight, either.

He started out with such confidence that you might assume he really had a handle on things this time around.

Part 516 – June 8, 2024
@ 00:27 You will learn the day we’ve all been waiting for.

What a difference a week makes.

Flashback Part 515 – June 1, 2024
@ 19:55 YOU maybe want me to declare the day, and I cannot do that. I can’t do that.

Only a devil-inspired enemy would dare go back further.

Flashback Part 459 – July 15, 2023
@ 1:25:40 …if YOU nail that day down, it strikes me as particularly arrogant.

Perhaps we should not linger in the past but focus on the future.

Part 516 – June 8, 2024
@ 00:42 But, this time, you'll stand up Monday, and you will say. We’ve had a lot of different aborted dates. If you wanna say. While we’ve learned more and more about God’s plan, we’ve never really pinned down when it would start. But, you will stand up on Monday, and you will say after you hear all that I have to say, the sermon and the Bible study, and Monday, and you will say, “This really is the day.” That’s what you will say. You will not doubt it.

Dave is already projecting his desired outcome upon the audience before he bores them for the next four hours.

He repeats finishing things on Monday. It was my experience while working at Headquarters from December 2012 until March 2021 that David C. Pack does not do anything on Mondays. He may always say the word when he boasts about all he will do, but Mondays must be his slippers and PJs day because the man cancels everything he ever plans on Mondays.

It is humorous to revisit how Part 516 began and to know the way he finished Part 518 on Tuesday. To be more precise, Dave should have said, “You will not doubt it. But I will.”


@ 1:09:30 I did not solve (and I wanna say this) God’s mind and plan. It just came time for Him to let us into His thinking because the Mystery of God has to go away. And I don’t know how that wouldn’t not include the day. And then it has to be (according to Habakkuk) made plain.

There is no fear of God before his eyes. While speaking in God’s name and claiming His authority, David C. Pack places his particularly arrogant presumptions leading to Jesus Christ returning on Sunday, June 16, 2024, at God’s feet. God’s fingerprints are not all over the failure that will occur on Sunday.

David C. Pack must take absolute pleasure in blaming God. This theme repeats later.

@ 1:28:18 And I saw 3,000 people in tremendous power occurred on Pentecost. Have never been any day like it. In fact, that day is described by God there is no day like it. And if you pick up the Bible and you study through the Bible, there is no day that that that that even rivals, never mind, matches the size of Pentecost in the skyline of this book. There’s no day like it.

Using the same rationale each year, it has become an annual event for Dave to fixate on Pentecost. You can practically set your watch by him.

Part 517 – June 8, 2024
@ 00:26 But the way to do this is to lay out all all of the places that God talks about Pentecost and then close on Monday. And I think I can devote most of Monday to the proofs that it has to be Pentecost as opposed to all kinds of things that could be a surrogate for some other day. Has to be Pentecost and on Monday, it has to be this year.

Oh no. Doing it again. Cannot stop. Must go back in time. Must remember history.

Flashback Part 172 – April 27, 2019
@ 1:03:50 I’ll never ever, ever again say the day.

Part 517 – June 8, 2024
@ 01:40 And that'll be great because I see right now it has to be Pentecost. And all I can say is the most powerful material in some ways by far will come Monday.

Dave takes another jab at God. He plants the manipulation seed in the brethren's head that they only have God to blame when disappointment arrives Sunday morning.

@ 40:11 The the wuh–the evidence becomes overwhelming. It would almost be an act of deception by God to lay out all of this and say, “Sorry. Fooled you. Joke’s on you. All of this is a surrogate for some day you’ll never know even though the Series is ending and, you know, Pentecost is close.” Oh, by the way, what a nice coincidence that is. Oh, iddn’t that nice? How lucky are we? It’s not a coincidence, of course.

None of this is coincidental. It is the perverted expression of a warped mind that cannot come to terms with the reality that God is not using him to preach any of this. David C. Pack is not being moved by the Holy Spirit to declare Pentecost this Sunday or the 81 previous dates since March 2022.

I do not hate David C. Pack, and I do not long for his death. I hope the man would repent of his disgraceful blasphemies and arrogant wickedness. He exemplifies the warnings in the Bible about the worst types of people. He is an embodiment of what the New Testament epistles cautioned us about.

About 1,240 people around the world listen to David C. Pack defile God's name and blaspheme weekly, and then they choose to remain seated because they do not want to forsake the fellowship. Anyone still attending The Restored Church of God is in a perilous spiritual situation.

At what point is excusing willful sin a willful sin itself?

@ 58:08 Now, you're me, and you're trying without Gabriel whispering in my or Michael in the other one or an utterance from God in a direct way, you're trying to put together what nobody ever knew about the 7 Years, never mind, that it's gonna be on Pentecost when it sure looked like it’s a New Moon but, oh yeah, we’re gonna find out it actually is but not in a way you can now guess.

Since Dave has established that an utterance from God does not need to be spoken or heard to still be an utterance from God, he will pepper that notion throughout future messages until he is ready to cash it in for some grand announcement. Remember that an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic said it first.

David C. Pack conjured a second New Moon on the tenth of each month to make Pentecost 2024 work for the start of the first Seven-Year Kingdom of God.

The thump on the floor you just heard was Wade Cox having a seizure.


Dave must have caught a prophetic case of the Mondays because he delayed Part 518 until Tuesday. It makes you wonder how many smiles and hugs will be at Headquarters this coming Monday.

Part 518 – June 11, 2024
@ 00:10 Well, let’s see if we can finish this Series. My assignment is Habakkuk 2:2-3. To make plain or maybe we should say to continue making plain the the moed that we’re waiting for. …and you decide, you know, your your your faith is what you live by. Faith is in the word of God. You decide if you think we can, shall we say, wiggle out of of Pentecost.

Anyone who has faith in the words of David C. Pack is a fool. Anyone who has faith that David C. Pack has any chance on this green earth of interpreting the Scriptures correctly is a fool. Anyone who has faith that God is guiding David C. Pack to teach them this and declare Pentecost 2024 as the day Jesus Christ returns is beyond foolish and is, of all men, most miserable. Woe unto them. 

@ 11:31 So, these are critical things to connect. Christ’s Kingdom comes at Pentecost. And then, seven years later, His Kingdom in glory, or we could say, Christ's rule, the 7 Years comes at Pentecost. A dark and cloudy day at dawn. And then, seven years later, another one.

@ 14:47 So, yuh yuh’ve yuh’ve one proof after another after another that Pentecost is the date.

@ 1:33:39 Think. Two great original Pentecosts 1,500 years apart give way to two more that are far greater. Here [7-Year Glass] and here [1000-Year Glass]. What a revelation. What a revelation. The Series is over. If I knew the watch, I’d say. I I think it’s more like dawn. I don’t think we’re waiting for sundown. This is my last message.If I knew the exact moment, I don’t know how long God’s gonna wanna come and talk to us first.

One day, it will be David C. Pack's last message, but it will come in a way he did not expect.

@ 1:34:24 But, I give the final message. It’s number 518. 519, I guess, you count the very original one. And then, there’s a tiny, tiny micron. Looks like what? A hundred hours, maybe.

@ 1:35:02 You know, we needed real patience. We needed real patience.

There will be some hefty need for abundant real patience before folks slip their green envelopes into the passing basket Sunday morning. Hopefully, members will consider their ways and the situation staring them in the face when they sign their checks during Special Music.

Remaining in The Restored Church of God is not an act of patience but determined stupidity. Yet, the brethren are not dumb. They know what is going on but choose to linger because the frightening realization that they are not in God’s True Church can be paralyzing.

How much more can they be pricked in the heart before they flee transparent hypocrisy? Do any of them worry about how much pressure that hot iron has applied to their conscience? Their presence supports wickedness. Their funds encourage the lies David C. Pack feeds them.

Come Monday, if they choose to stay, they only have themselves to blame when Dave announces his next calendar fixation, waving his powerfully long list in the air.


David C. Pack is going to fail, and he knows it. He cannot resist undercutting every point he made across four hours and eroding any perceived strength in his case. The brethren probably hoped he would end the Series without painting an asterisk on the page. But that is what Dave does. Wiggle, wiggle.

Dave believes blaming God for any perceived deception is always a good fallback position.

@ 1:37:27 Now, a caution. I I I guess I’m just gonna give this ‘cause I’m not gonna speak again. I don’t know if it’s a realistic caution. I didn’t know if I should I should I I should give it, but if we went past Pentecost (I can’t fathom that. I can’t fathom it.) God has done something inexplicable beyond what we can know or comprehend. Just gonna make kind of a summary statement to close. I guess I’d wait through every season. Sabbath or either kind of New Moon while we’re in the midst of the years. That’s that’s what I’d do if you. I I don’t think there’s any chance of this…

Dave should have just thrown his hands in the air and cast his list at the audience. Not only does he think there is a chance of this, but his troubled discomfort is screaming that nothing will happen on Sunday.

A confident man of conviction finishes strong. An insecure weakling inserts an “or…?” at the very end. 

@ 1:38:02 …but I’m telling you now…

The only reason he brought this up now was so he could later share with the brethren how right he was. Dave loves being right about being wrong.

@ 1:38:05 …and I would wait for the new heavens and the new earth to fix everything. That’s what I would wait.

When you are the top dog, you do not hop over the fence. Waiting is easy for David C. Pack. He is being paid to wait and create nothing.

@ 1:38:18 In the meantime, I'd say this, and I’m gonna do it myself, plan your regular Pentecost offering.

Boom. The money angle. Jesus Christ may not be bringing the Kingdom of God this weekend, but you better bring your checkbooks, brethren. Anyone in The Restored Church of God who gives them money on Sunday is just paying David C. Pack to lie to them. He has made a career out of it.

@ 1:38:25 And then, pray Godspeed the First Kingdom in something around a hundred hours away. Good night.

There will be some serious disappointment in the Pack household on Sunday by the time Dave skips Services so that his wife can slip their offering into the basket. Imagine the content of the emergency ministerial Bible study when Dave corrals the other hirelings to share what God zapped into his head at 2 AM, confirming all his suspicions.

The only hope we have for this Sunday is for Dave’s Special Comments during Announcements when he lets everyone know how right on track they still are.

After three messages spanning four hours and eighteen minutes, David C. Pack has proven that the First Kingdom of God, beginning the Seven Years, will start on Pentecost 2024! Or…?

Marc Cebrian

See: Pentecost 2024! Or…?


Anonymous said...

How can people listen to him? I can't even read the articles. This is the only subject he talks about which means his failure is complete! Probably a unique psychological case.

And the subject of all his thoughts and preaching is totally useless. -- No one knows the hour or the day of the return of Jesus.

Flee from this man or you may become like him!

Study the whole Bible, especially the New Testament.. people are missing out on so much.

The W.A. said...

Wait - he actually said, "I'm not gonna speak again"?!?!

How many RCG members are going to hold him to that? (Even if they can't hold him to anything else he's said.)

P.S. Is Ron Weinland still calling for a Pentecost return? After he missed in 2012?

Anonymous said...

"Lucy" Pack will most definitely pull the football once again, and "Charley Brown" (RCG) will fall on his back.

This is cruel and unusual punishment!!!

Anonymous said...

This is gettin' like Jimmie Buffett and Alan Jackson, where it's just gotta be 5 O'clock somewhere! Or, Bill Clinton, and what the definition of "is" is!

Since Jesus has already been everywhere, I guess ol' Dave is right in that every day, Jesus returns to somewhere He's been before! So, yeah! Every day, Jesus returns!