Thursday, June 13, 2024

Proper Church of God Masculinity



Anonymous said...

Ok, let’s cut to the chase now.
A REAL MAN votes Trump.
A REAL MAN wears a MAGA HAT to church.

A REAL LIBERAL gets a sex change.
And is known as them they maybe perhaps would be……….

On the serious side (the above is in jest) I remember the ‘How to be a MAN’ speeches in spokesman’s club back in the day.
Perhaps spokesman’s club is called spokesperson club today,lol.

Anonymous said...

chair guy looks like Mr. Cocomise's son @ PCG

one of the folks who use Petra nickname in all their socio-media & portfolio projects

Anonymous said...

Who knew that Rod Meredith's ideas regarding preventative antidotes to homosexuality would survive for so many decades?

Anonymous said...

Post written by white collar workers.