Thursday, April 18, 2013

Going to Petra

Bumped this one back up from September of 2010

Glynn Washington tells the story of HWA coming to preach at a church service:

Going to Petra

More stories are listed here:  Snap Judgement


Michael said...

OMG, this was absolutely freaking hilarious! That sounds like what I was thinking too, back then....

Douglas Becker said...

Herbert Armstrong: Ruining lives one failed prophecy at a time, time after time.

Anyone still expecting to go to the Place of Safety at Petra to avoid the Great Tribulation, seriously needs to have lowered expectations.

Herbert Armstrong is dead, you know.

Anonymous said...

Let them go to Petra for all I care. Let them die there if it is their wish. These people are mental cases and give them their peace of mind. I would even donate money if they have no funds to pay for their passport and visa. That is as good as saying good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you won't have to donate to make it happen.
Remember, the Egrets of the Fountain will magically turn into Jumbo Jets and fly the faithful to Petra, for free!