Sunday, November 13, 2011

Comments Being Moderated

For now I have set the setting for COMMENTS to "moderated"  that will still allow anyone to post, though I have to let them though now.  It however will stop the high school dropout and bedwetter from posting his childish nonsense.   I will give it a while and then will change the setting back.

Sorry for anyone offended by this fools language.  It is just a sign of a lack of education.  That is what happens when the Church of God discourages it's youth from educating their minds.

I will only be stopping the bedwetter and his lower class language from getting through. Those that disagree with blog posts, or with commentators will still be let through as long as it is a civil discussion.

So comment away!


NO2HWA said...

Interesting development on a couple of the hated filled commentators.

After some detective work and information sent to me by several people I know who one of them is.

I even have the full name and email address!

This is too fun!


Anonymous said...

I have been wondering whether this person is a member of one of the big splinter groups or a stay at home Armstrongist.

Paul Ray

Black Ops Mikey said...

Cute picture.

Mikey is jealous.

Anonymous said...

When reading some of the comments by the 'Zeus' person, I really wondered if they were the person's genuine thoughts or not.
Maybe they're a cry for help. If we were standing together and talking in person, it would be more clear.

Sadly, there are many people who's heads aren't quite screwed on right, and Armstrongism both attracts and amplifies the kooky factor in humans.

I tell you true, the fruits of HWA's "church" are a veritable 'Believe It Or Not' crazy-time circus.


NO2HWA said...

Momma's girlie boy is back spiting more silliness. The best part of all this is that he thinks he is bothering me and has ticked me off. I think it is hilarious! Some of the people who have supplied me information have been joking about this all day!

Anonymous said...

And along I thought we had a moderator dog instead of a moderator kitten....

Here is a story that was shared with us some time ago about "A Dog Wants an Office Job"
A local business was looking for office help. They put a sign in the window, stating the following: “HELP WANTED. Must be able to type, must be good with a computer and must be bilingual. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.”

A short time afterwards, a dog trotted up to the window, saw the sign and went inside. He looked at the receptionist and wagged his tail, then walked over to the sign, looked at it and whined.

Getting the idea, the receptionist got the office manager. The office manager looked at the dog and was surprised, to say the least.

However, the dog looked determined, so he lead him into the office. Inside, the dog jumped up on the chair and stared at the manager.

The manager said, “I can’t hire you. The sign says you have to be able to type.”

The dog jumped down, went to the typewriter and proceeded to type out a perfect letter. He took out the page and trotted over to the manager and gave it to him, then jumped back on the chair.

The manager was stunned, but then told the dog, “The sign says you have to be good with a computer.”

The dog jumped down again and went to the computer. The dog proceeded to enter and execute a perfect program, that worked flawlessly the first time.

By this time the manager was totally dumb-founded! He looked at the dog and said, “I realize that you are a very intelligent dog and have some interesting abilities. However, I *still* can’t give you the job.”

The dog jumped down and went to a copy of the sign and put his paw on the sentences that told about being an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The manager said, “Yes, but the sign *also* says that you have to be bilingual”.

The dog looked at the manager calmly and said “Meow!”


Byker Bob said...

Yeah. This dude is one of the more messed up ones we've encountered for sure. He's done a very bad job even if his purpose was to play devil's advocate.

He comes off as just another manure stirrer, with nothing beneficial to really contribute to the discussion here. He may realize this, and that may be what gets him off, or he could be totally oblivious. I enjoyed the blog more before he showed up, though.


NO2HWA said...


Momma's Boy is gone. His posts will not get through.

I hate to moderate because it does not allow instant comments. I will see how this works for a while and then jump to OpenID and Google and see how that works.