Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New COG Accountability Web Site: "Has "the gun lap" Mr. Armstrong talked about been rained out?

There is a new web site up that contains lots of great information for those about to jump from one COG to another, or on their way out. There is a plethora of articles covering everything from the COG's obsession with weather issues, clean and unclean meats, scoffers, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, prophecy, and more.

Armstrongism continues to be held accountable!

The Gun Lap! Refuting the Churches of God and their Prophecies

Thinking of going to a Sabbath-keeping Church of God (COG)? Left one church and not sure where to go next? Lost a family member to a fundamentalist church? If so, this is the place to be, for those who are brave enough, or who have had enough of getting jerked around and manipulated by evil preachers. We cut through the crap and lay out the painful truth straight. We use hard evidence and expose trickery. We created this site because we are saddened to see people escape one deluded COG and then go into another one or back to traditional Christianity.
About our picture: Has "the gun lap" Mr. Armstrong talked about been rained out?


Black Ops Mikey said...

Don't be misled by the Picture of Dennis Diehl and his articles there. I made that mistake. Gun Lap is not Dennis Diehl even though you might think so with all the articles from Dennis on his website.

It does appear that most of the articles are from elsewhere or derivative, but all collected in one handy place.

DennisCDiehl said...

Thanks Douglas, it's an interesting site and I have to say whoever Gun Lap is, we certainly share the same perspectives on cosmology, origins, Paul, errancy etc and just about everything else. It sounds like a site I would have written if I had a site of my own. Even some of the phrases sound familiar

Jace said...

That site uses the most obnoxious font imaginable. My $.02

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's Dennis' long lost twin brother!

Anyhoo, regarding the gun lap cartoon posted here-
It made me remember a cartoon posted on Gavin's now-defunct website, that had a picture of HWA and Herman Hoegh on a broken-down tandem bicycle.. I forgot what the caption was, but it was related to their "gun lap"


Assistant Deacon said...

Posted this link on another thread here, but it's particularly relevant to this one:


The classic excerpt:

"Why does this matter? It matters because fundamentalist prophetic foolishness percolates through the thinking of COG [WCG] members, producing a warped and distorted spirituality, an obsession with trivialities, a squandering of lives on irrelevancies, a burying of talents and potentials because of a myopic focus on a nonexistent 'gun lap.'"

Refreshing stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who goes to the gun lap site and thinks that Gun Lap is Dennis is a retard. Seriously. I guess he's also Thomas Paine since there is more stuff from Tomas Paine than Dennis. Or maybe he's Gun Lap since there's more stuff by Gun Lap than either of them. Seriously, read the friggin site before opening your friggin stupid mouth.

Sally Ann Marie said...

good grief anon! take a chill pill and relax. is it that time of month again?