Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apostle Malm: Most of God's Saints Live In North America

Apostle Malm stated today that the two witnesses will start their "witness" here in the North America.  Because -  most of the true saints are North Americans.  Even though apostle Malm is a Canadian, there is strong doubt that the two witnesses will arise from COG members in Canada since there are so few of them any more.  Unless of course the apostle started believing he is one of them. That seems to be the logical progression of Armstrongite prophets.

This has always been one of my pet peeves of Armstrognism, that it believes it's self so significant, set apart, and special that its most important members are Americans.  Most of the ministry in foreign countries were Americans set over train them in the truth.   This is not unique to Armstrongism, as conservative Evangelicals also believe the same malarkey.  Religious Americans view themselves as set apart from the rest of humanity when it comes to following their God. Armstrongites write off most of Europe because it is Catholic.  Any good COGger knows that they are all part of the great whore that will soon help destroy the U.S.

Look at the response of American Christians and COGers towards the Christian being slaughtered in Iraq, Egypt, Central Africa and Indonesia.  They sit in their comfy chairs and click their tongues and do nothing.  They can't be really true believers since they don't live here. Prophet Thiel, the official spokesman for the Living Church of God, makes that abundantly clear when he labels all Christians outside LCG as "so-called" Christians. What self righteous tripe!

Then there are the Hindu's, Muslims, Buddhists, which are considered pagan.  Just look at the spittle that flew from apostle Malm when he went ballistic that Herman Hoeh might have been a closet Buddhist (which he wasn't.)

Thanks to the British Israel malarkey that started being promulgated in the early 1880's by British invaders trying to civilize the world, and then later latched on to by HWA, America became the Chosen Nation.  Set apart with the godliest ministers and believers that humanity has ever seen. The rest of the world be damned!

The two prophets will DIE at Jerusalem! NO where do the scriptures state or even imply that they shall spend their entire ministry in Jerusalem!

They will probably start in North America [because most of the saints are there] and begin warning the faithful and the world; and they will have the power to take the faithful to the prepared place and then continue on to Jerusalem or wherever else; and continue warning the world and preaching the Gospel from wherever they are at.


Anonymous said...

Malm is so ridiculous. He'd get more predictions right if he were writing an astrology blog.

Assistant Deacon said...

Here's the PLAIN TRUTH about today's world map:

Anonymous said...

You may want to differentiate "North American" and "United States" from Malm's statement. Malm is Canadian, after all, and he wasn't about to exclude Canada from the list.

Anonymous said...

He should be more specific.

The TRUTH is that most saints have TV programs on Daystar or Trinity Broadcasting Network, are rednecks from the South, hate gun control, hate the Federal Government, are misogynist, homophobes and islamophobes, love David Barton's "Lies for Jesus", want to kill illegal immigrants, think President Obama is a "closet Muslim", believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs were on the Ark, believe in a conspiracy by "New York Jews", are still mad at President Lincoln, want to use tax dollars to protect monuments to Rush Limbaugh at all costs, adore crazy nutcase liars like Michele Bachmann, Jan Brewer, Bobby Jindal, and (recently transplanted to the South) Sarah Palin.


Douglas Becker said...

We're just not seeing the fruit....

Especially when you consider 700+ subcults at war.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if ya like to shoot n hunt, love Jesus, n speak with a twang in yer voice, then yer from the South, even if yer from Northern Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Actually, most of God's saints live on Tatooine.

Wookie Jesus

But don't tell Malm.