Monday, June 4, 2012

Apostle Malm: Woman Know Thy Place!

The apostle is continuing his beat down on women today.  All of you rebellious brawling women had better know your place!

34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. 35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

This is about standing up before the saints and teaching them in a group. It is about a proper following of God’s lawful chain of authority; for the husband is in authority over his wife.

This forbids a woman to enter the ministry for it is would be unseemly and unlawful for a woman to publicly teach and reprimand her husband, or the husbands of other women; when they is under there own husband’s or father’s authority.

A woman may certainly discuss the Scriptures with her father or husband, with other women, with  her children; and with the elders in the Church with the knowledge and consent of her husband.  Others, even men, may certainly go to a wise woman for advice and judgment concerning difficult things, and husbands should always see their wives as their CHIEF advisors.   The women are not to  exercise authority over their men; rather they are to advise and help when they are sought out.

Then the apostle ends with this warm gushy love note:

Love is demonstrated by seeking to please and desiring the good; of the loved one.  We, being the espoused bride of Christ, demonstrate our love by pleasing him with our attentiveness and obedience to him.  We please our espoused husband by esteeming him above ALL others! Love is an action! It is NOT a passive emotion or feeling.
My question where have we seen love in Malmism?  So far I have never seen it manifested.


Anonymous said...

It's okay to beat your wife, just so long as it hurts you more to have to do it than it hurts her. That's what real love is. (sarcasm)

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

In typical WCG tradition, women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. A cursed nation is a nation where children are the oppressors, and women shall rule over them. We can't have smart articulate brainy women running companies and government organizations showing what idiots and buffoons their male counterparts are in the Church of God. Now can we?


Anonymous said...

I remember reading on Malm's blog that he is divorced. He said his wife joined one of the sacred name movements and he obviously didn't agree. I wonder how much this colors his thinking (He volunteered this because someone accused him of living in sin- It was pretty heated and I have to say, funny).

Byker Bob said...

Well, I guess it's safe to say that Malm would be vehemently against cunnilingus. I pity his poor wife, assuming he has one.


DennisCDiehl said...

BB I once sat through a hilarious "break out session' at a "Refresher" (which was exhausting) where the rightness or wrongness of this was discussed. The Evangelist opened with the oblivious comment, "I find the topic distasteful." Well we fell out and he wasn't sure what he had said.

Then the minister over the French church waved his hands yelling, "Stop, stop!!!! do not make a judgement on this topic, We'll lose all the French brethren!"

we fell out again and changed the topic

Byker Bob said...

I'm sure people have varying opinions on this topic, Dennis, but the practice remains perhaps the deepest expression of love one could possibly give to a woman. If a man happened to find it repugnant or distasteful, then hypothetically it also becomes an act of self-sacrifice in addition to an expression of love.

Knowing the mindset of Armstrongism, the "correct" teaching would be totally predictable and symbolic of the entire attitude towards love. I'm surprised, given the rest of the attitudes towards women, that Armstrongism didn't advocate female "circumcision".


Anonymous said...

Only social dinosaurs think women today are oppressed. It's actually men that are oppressed nowadays and anyone who is half awake knows it. But those facts don't fly here because it doesn't make for easy COG bashing. Some of you fools are still fighting the social wars from two generations ago.

Anonymous said...

Constance needs to get off her butt that is always parked in front of the computer and get back in the kitchen and make the Apostle a sandwich! Know your place! It is not preaching to men.

Anonymous said...

Malm says, "Love is demonstrated by seeking to please and desiring the good; of the loved one."

1). What the hell does "desiring the good; of the loved one." mean?

2).This 'love' must be demonstrated by the wives. Husbands are exempt. There is no looking out for the welfare or good for the woman. They are simply to comply!

According to Malm, the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of wives isn't even a consideration. He and the other tyrannical oppressors are destroying the wives of the men who are following the strict, pharisaic, unloving teachings of these men.

There is no love in 'Malmism'. I don't think he knows what love is. Ergo his broken marriage.

According to the advice and "teachings" of these pharisaic gurus, a woman cannot follow her own own faith and belief. She must follow her husband's beliefs and throw hers out, damaging her own conscience. She must 'obey'! The wife better do what da man done say. Do whut massa say now or ya gonna get a whoopin'! (verbal or otherwise). So, in effect, the wife is not to follow God, she is to follow and do what her husband says no matter what results. Poor wives who's husbands are going off on a tangent or being unloving. Look at what happened to Sarah. She was told to lie/ withhold the truth cause Abraham was skeert! Well look at everybody that got hurt by that. Sarah just dragged along cause she just "gotta obey da man". Oh, and Abraham? He'll pray for everybody (even though he was the one who lied to begin with).

What is a woman supposed to do. Just obey her husband no matter the consequences, and pay hell for it either way? Wrong if we do obey, and wrong if we don't obey. If feels like God will "get us" either way. We obey our husbands in ALL things, it can feel like we're going against God. We "disobey" our husbands and follow our own faith and conscience toward God and it feels like God will "get us" that way too, for disobeying our husband and by association God. Thanks!

I wish these so-called teachers would really discuss and teach just EXACTLY what is a woman supposed to do!? I don't think they really know, or if they do they don't want to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, husbands ought to treat their wives as if they ARE actually human beings with gifts, talents, abilities, thoughts, needs, feelings, wants and hurts, just. like. men.

Malm, wasn't "content to dwell" with his wife's beliefs. Even if she was the one that left I'm sure it had to be his way or the highway. Is that what it is for women? Do what I say always, no matter what...or else! Does that make it permissible for a wife to stomp all over God's word when the husband is barking up the wrong tree or telling her to do something that goes against HER conscience? That's what it often feels like for us. Here wife, here is a broken mind, body and spirit for you but know that I love you.