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Dennis On Ron Weinland's Sermon 6/23/12: " Today's Sermon Stand Fast ....Even if..."

Today's Sermon

Stand Fast ....Even if...

One of the jurors remarked,
Out of the 90% of $4.5 million, the Weinlands alone, spent at least 80% of that money. We are talking Lasik eye surgery, Insight cable bills, utility bills, car insurance, global & domestic shopping sprees for clothing, art, & jewelry, homes, on and on….basically everything and then some. In a nutshell these scumbags paid any and all exspenses down to groceries and morning coffee out of these church donations! The so called “church money” equals Ron and families money.
What a brazen piece of garbage. These people are sociopaths. I feel for those of you who were ever entangled with this freak! There is nothing at all Godly about this man. That is putting it lightly.
Apparently, Weinland wasn’t completely convinced that he was going to heaven. In 2002, he announced that he would begin preparing for the second coming of Christ. And by preparing, he meant redirecting church funds to a Swiss bank account and carrying jewels and precious metals with him, since he would need liquid assets for bartering when the financial system crashed (I guess that was the back-up plan if the Swiss didn’t come through).

And all the time that he’s been preparing, the IRS and the Departmnet of Justice were watching with interest. On November 10, 2011, Weiland was indicted by a federal grand jury on five charges of tax evasion. The allegations included that he had understated his income on federal tax returns, used church funds for personal use and failed to report that Swiss bank account.

Despite the fact that he believed the world would end, Weinland set himself up pretty well. He lived in a nearly $400,000 home, where he used church money to pay for security. He wore expensive suits and went shopping at Nordstrom, allegedly on the church’s tab. On his taxes, he deducted stays at Las Vegas casinos and other tony venues, defending them as meetings with his followers.

Juror#215 says: 
ronaldweinerhead- Mr Weinland reported a $35,000 gross income each of the years 04 – 07. This figure was supposed to include an additional $35,000 “parsonage allowance” for his home. So essentially, he was claiming that his salary was $70,000, but that half of that was parsonage allowance on his mansion, so his gross income was $35,000.

He claimed that he gave himself a “raise” in 2008, and listed a much higher gross income that year, somewhere in the $200,000 range. This was the year that he had a CPA prepare his return more than a year past his extension deadline. However, even this increased number was short of the real total if his income by about $150,000.

J- the let [list] of inappropriate expenses were extensive; literally thousands of pages of receipts, cancelled checks and credit card statements, but I’ll try to summarize and categorize it as best I can remember.

- BMWs for Jeremy and Audra
- Jewelry for Laura (lots of jewelry)
- Family vacations around the world, not on church business
- Cruises, including spa and massage services while on the boat
- Trips to Las Vegas, not on church business
- Trips to visit other family members out of town
- Dining out around Cincinnati and northern Kentucky, while not doing church business
- Audra’s condo mortgage, and monthly homeowners association fees
- All of Audra’s utility, cable and phone bills
- All of Ron and Laura’s utility, cable and phone bills
- Security systems for both their home and Audra’s condo
- Medical and dental services, including LASIK surgery for Audra
- Miscellaneous expenses for Jeremy, including ski trips
- Personal grocery shopping trips on a regular basis
- Many trips shopping for expensive clothing, including places like the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, Nordstrom’s, and Tommy Bahama
- College tuition paid for Jeremy
- Wedding ring set for Jeremy’s wife
- Wedding ring set for Audra
- Expensive artwork presumably housed in Ron and Laura’s home
- Miscellaneous entertainment, including shows on the Las Vegas Strip
- AND all of Laura’s airfare and meal expenses when she accompanied Ron on his church related travels around the world

You can pretty much count on the fact that wherever they traveled to visit members, they ate well, entertained themselves, and went shopping.

This list is by no means complete, it’s just some of the big memorable pieces. I’m sure that Bags can add to the list from his memory as well.

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorI have to say I am stunned that he can be in such denial and that his followers do not confront him.  This is not about persecution in light of God's truth.  It is about stealing and materialism, lying and mental illness.

I no longer have any feeling for those who follow Ron.  They are brain dead and can't separate 2000 year old scriptures from crime.  I had once felt Ron, while mentally troubled, may be sincere, but now feel he is just mentally deluded.  The man cannot say the words, "I am sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me."  
Those who still believe in this man's views get what they deserve.  You will soon be totally dis-illusioned, which is not bad as delusions hurt you.
Ron is being persecuted because he is a criminal.  He has taken your money and enjoyed the materialism of this world.  He is not a humble man nor is he Christ like.  He is deluded and going to prison.  The Apostle Paul did not go to prison because he stole an bought stuff for himself.  Actually we have no clue why the Romans executed Paul.

Perhaps it was an embarrassment to the Church so they did not give the real reason. 
Ron is going to prison because he is a criminal. He is a fool and those who follow him perhaps more fools than that. 
He is bullshiting you folks!  If his wife does not get indicted, he will leave her in charge while he cooks in prison.
It is time for you that follow Ron Weinland to wake up and be at least as smart as the children of darkness.  They aren't mocking you for your faith.  They are mocking you for your stupidity, naive perspectives and delusions about Ron Weinland.  Please wake up.

Dennis C. Diehl


Douglas Becker said...

Yes, at some point the PKG members need to stop being infantile and take responsibility for following a lying false prophet.

No more excuses.

This is it.

This is all you are going to get: Ronald Weinland is a kook and con man.

Time to leave.

And by the way, Dennis, having the DSM IV in hand, I do have a mental illness to cover Weinland, but you won't like it, since it is an obscure form of schizophrenia.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I can believe schizophrenia. I knew someone who suffered from the condition. He was once my uncle by marriage. He died holed up in a dark apartment with aluminum foil covering the walls and windows to block out the signals he was convinced some nameless individuals were directing his way. He lived in constant fear of shadowy figures he was convinced were after him. It was sad.

Weinland is totally out of touch with reality and it has schizophrenic overtones as far as I can see, but I'm no psychiatric expert. I'd certainly like to see an analysis from a qualified professional.

Anonymous said...

Allen's Uncle's described symptoms seem to center around paranoia that cause him to shut himself off from reality. Ron on the other hand is very much in touch with most if not all realities, playing hundreds or thousands of people like finely tuned instruments, and living a high on the hog and jet-setting lifestyle which is competely financed by his musical skills. This man is the total opposite of someone cowering in fear in a darkened apartment from people who are out to get him, even when people are...the IRS!

John said...

If you suffer, it should not be as a murderer or thief or any other kind of criminal, or even as a meddler (1 Peter 4:15)

So wrote the apostle Peter.

I can only hope Ronald Weinland's followers will take note. It's appalling that they've naively handed their hard-earned money over to such a low-life to fund his own avaricious appetite! If they don't wise up now they'll only add insult to injury by their obscene support of a convicted felon! On their own heads be it!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

I listened to Ron Weinland’s sermon yesterday. With a beer and a tray of snack chips on a table in front of me, I turned on the COG-PKG internet feed and sat myself down on my reclining chair to listen to the words of the entertaining words of the HWA Apostle of God wannabe.

The apostle started the service by jumping right into his sermon stating that there were no announcements after which he made a nervous laugh. Again, like last week’s split sermon by Johnny and Wayne, THE BIG HUGE PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM –Ron Weinland’s tax evasion conviction – was not ever mentioned.

The false apostle Weinland did drop a few hints that membership is dropping. He made an offhand comment near the very beginning that there “were less people in the room”. Later, mentioned about some who didn’t want to “go the extra year”, and mentioned he received an e-mail from someone in Europe who was dropping out.

Why anyone listens to this guy let alone gives him money – to the tune of $4.5 million – is beyond me. One thing that is worthy to note is that Johnny and Wayne’s sermons from last week, which were posted on the audio section of the COG-PKG website yesterday, are now gone. Perhaps either Johnny or Wayne, or perhaps both, have come to see the plain truth about false profit Ron Weinland.


Anonymous said...

Purhaps 60 Minutes should do a follow-up on the WCG and how it has fallen apart into hundreds of mini-cults and the curuption that remains using Weinland as an example.