Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feast Stickers Are Back!

Just in time for the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles celebrations this fall, there is an opportunity to get free Feast car stickers. The Sabbath Day Church of God is offering these stickers through Feastgoer.  Feastgoer lists sites for all the COG splinter groups and Messianic groups.

I remember the green stickers plastered on cars as we drove thousands of miles to feast sites in Georgia, Pocono's or Lake of the Ozarks.  It was fun looking for them and it also created an instant "family."  Now you can get your own sticker to put on your car as you travel.  Or maybe put one on your car for the hell of it.

Of course green stickers were for the lower masses.  Orange stickers were for the elite and ordained. Traffic moved aside as these important vehicles drove by.   Green stickers got you a parking space a half mile or more away, while the orange ones got you a spot close to the tent or tabernacle where a cadre of deacons would be ready to open your car doors, carry your briefcase and baby gear for you, and cater to your every whim.

Green stickers got you a hot chocolate stand in the middle of nowhere and some other goodies.  As you stood in long lines getting drenched in the rain it was a welcome sight after walking a half mile or more. Orange stickers got you into the ministerial dining area where young nubile waitresses were ready to serve you hot food and alcohol.

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Anonymous said...

I always had orange and red stickers on me at the feast and sold them for a pretty premium to those desperate for better parking.

If you had a green (commoner)+ orange(minister)+ Red (handicapped)=You can drive up on the stage.


Assistant Deacon said...

The orange stickers ranked right up there with my armband.

Anonymous said...

Oh armband plus stickers, a bible and color markers and you could rule the world.


Steve Kisack said...

Don't forget a three-piece suit and a brief case.

Assistant Deacon said...

Ironic though; when we were kids we'd get all excited when we passed somebody on the freeway who had a Feast sticker on their bumper. We'd wave, and they'd wave back. Unless it was somebody with an orange sticker, in which case we might get a nod of acknowledgement. I remember I didn't like the orange sticker people, only the green sticker people.

That was pretty much a microcosm of the WCG experience, right there.

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous wrote, I always had orange and red stickers on me at the feast and sold them for a pretty premium to those desperate for better parking.

LOL! I can just imagine someone "fellowshipping" before or after services, and have the conversation turn to a hushed, "If you want a red sticker, meet me at the Mount Airy Lodge's game room at seven O'clock tonight. I'll be wearing a trenchcoat and playing Pong."
"Just bring the tithe money in cash, and your wife needn't know about this."


Anonymous said...

Nice one Norm. And then when the cat clawed its way out of the bag, HQ would crack down by declaring a War on Stickers.

"Just say NO to illegal sticker consumption."


HWA, red face and spittle flecked, would inveigh against orange sticker addiction. "Brethren, a laymember illegally purchasing a sticker intended for the use of God's Own Ministers is a laymember in a SPIRIT OF REBELLION AGAINST THE VERY ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF!" *pounds podium; members quake*

Teen who has just learned to drive is caught by his Minister father with a stolen orange sticker:
"What is this??!?!," says the Minister, throwing a orange sticker on the teen's bed. "What are you doing with this? Where did you learn such unGodly behavior??!!?"
Teen yells back, "YOU! I LEARNED IT FROM YOU!"*

*parody of old anti-drug commercial

Paul R (Who can hook you up with orange sticker...for a know you want it. You know you need it....)

Mickey said...

The (only slightly) evil side of me wants to print up tons of these stickers and distribute them on the street where feast goers will be attending:)

Instead of a sit-in we could organize a park-in. Or better yet a rave party with the bumper stickers as IDs

Anonymous said...

I was nubile?? Gee, thanks guys!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Mt. Airy THAT was where it was AT! That's where all the minister's were kept in style, and waited on by us nubile waitresses! hee hee ho ho ho

Assistant Deacon said...

Mt. Airy Lodge game room. Best use of 2T ever.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Mt. Airy Lodge! Wow, that brings back 1970s WCG memories from the Mount Pocono Feast site. Only the very best for God's ministers, evangelists and the Apostle of God.

For some reason, I always managed to catch a cold while at Mt. Pocono. I can't imagine why - 10,000 people stuffed in a huge warehouse building for 2 long services daily.

We use to stay at the Pocono Crest, which in its day I am sure was once a nice resort, but by the 1970s was a large rundown hotel property with little or no amenities.


Anonymous said...

I spent a lot of time in the Poconos.
From weekends spent clearing trees/brush so the big tent could be planted, to camping on the mink farm property, being all kinds of naughty. IIRC, I won a made-up contest while camping at the mink farm property by piling 35 mink cages on my car and driving down the driveway without them falling off. There were no COG parents there for that contest.

There was of course, the administration building that was built early in the process, and housed the local Pocono congregation. The few times I attended there, even my fellow youths there told me I had a bad attitude toward "The Church"

I also spent some time nearby, at the Andreason(sp?) farm, at youth overnight activities there.


Byker Bob said...

The Andreasson's got a farm? Einar was the biggest, strongest counsellor at Meining Farm summer camp in the mid-'60s, and was the one chosen to administer swats.

BTW, has anyone else commented that these stickers could be considered to be "the mark of the Feast"? They bring back bad memories for me, because I still remember being broken down at the side of the road, just north of the Grapevine, my sticker being clearly visible, and watching dozens of cars with stickers just pass me right by. Finally, a non-church member stopped to help us, and pushed us to a garage where a nice Samaritan helped us get back on the road.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't blame your fellow Feast Goers for not stopping and aiding you; perhaps it was the Sabbath.

Paul R.

Anonymous said...

These stickers were a wonderful way of knowing who was your Family away from the Feast Site. It also kept disruptors from sneaking in! I miss them...But most of all, I miss the God Family Vision so many let go of. A Prince Of My Father

Anonymous said...

Just saw this site. Anyone have an extra green sticker. Memories. Funny though, I never remembered seeing orange or red :(