Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beware of COG Ministers Who Donate To Charitable Institutions!

Apostle Malm is not too happy with Church of God ministers/elders who donate or work for charitable organizations.  According to the apostle these guys are all secret Masons and are out to destroy the faith of real Christians.  Apostle Malm is apparently kicking sand in Vic Kubik's face!

One of apostle Malm's acolytes asked if he knew how many Masons were in COG leadership positions.

I am not ready to deal with this until after the Feast. Just look for people who make a big deal out of their cheritable activities, don’t do what they say, have a double standard about what they do and what they expect from others and who split hairs and twist the truth to deceive. Those are classic indications outside of actual physical documents. Although not everyone who does these things is a mason, they are of the same spirit as their father who is NOT God. Also consider that there are masonic run organizations outside of the lodge itself; for example the Rotary Club. James


Byker Bob said...

What I'm interested in learning is this: When does Malm take introspection? He seems to be totally preoccupied with finding faults, sins, and paganism in nearly everyone else with whom he has even fleeting contact! That's what legalism produces, though. Now, if only he could see people having inherent value as God's children, and look at them from a grace perspective, as God Himself does, maybe he would be more credible. Satan is the accuser of the brethren, after all!


Anonymous said...

I'll give James Malm the benefit of the doubt.

He's having an extra room built on to his house to help him do "the work", using money that confused people are sending him.

When he heard the men laying block for the foundation were "masons", he might have gotten a little confused, himself.


Assistant Deacon said...

C'mon, BB, Malm examines himself every year at Passover. He just does it perfectly, didn't you know that?

Byker Bob said...

Well, AD, one of my Catholic buddies didn't trust the belief system of Jews because "they only go to confession once a year!"

I know your comment was tongue in cheek, but for the benefit of those who feel that once a year is adequate, as opposed to daily activity, we need to look at the percentages. How much time does Malm examine the place where three of his fingers are pointing back to? And how does this time compare with the huge amount of time he spends just in posting his critiques of others' lack of legalism? Didn't he read the parable of the beam and the splinter?


John said...

Now I may have my own doubts about "the Brotherhood," but what is Malm saying exactly? That we shouldn't be donating our money, goods or time to charities that are actually making a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves because one way or another it just might make its way to corrupt individuals associated with sinister fraternities like the Freemasons?! So what, we should be donating our money and resources to people like him then?! Those who in their own eyes make themselves out to be "prophets" and "apostles" who are supposedly "preaching the gospel" even though they can't even agree among themselves what exactly is the "true" gospel or which exactly is the "true" church?! And then they get to spend what they self-righteously asserted belonged to "God," while it was in your hands, for their own selfish pursuits like lavish homes, luxury cars and exotic holidays?! Well I must be missing something because that seems to be no better than the lying and conniving politicians who lay claim to our tax dollars and then blow it all on over-expensive and useless projects, if not on themselves! So thanks Malm, but no thanks! I think Christ would rather have me donate the little that I can give towards alleviating what truly ails society most instead of throwing it away to these religious hucksters who simply act out of a sense of entitlement! BTW I love Chick tracts!