Sunday, July 29, 2012

E. W. King: Democracy Sucks

E.W. King has had another discussion with his angel and he has a few choice words for any American that believes in democracy.  Apparently it has been revealed to him that democracy is mob rule instead of strict top down leadership.  Apparently true leadership was like HWA mob rule.

Shocking truth about Democracy
Now what I am about to reveal may shock some who have been involved in the Worldwide Church of God. You may have never been taught this before. Mr. H.W.Armstrong, Pastor General of original WCG, originally did vote. Mr. Armstrong voted for who was to become the next US President. He did pay attention to politics in his early life. What happened? When he saw that America [Manasseh] was turning from a God ordained National Republic to a Democracy he knew something was wrong. He stated in “Mystery of the Ages” that not to long after World War 2 this nation began losing its blessings.
Why? The United States began to take advantage of the blessings that it was given. One thing that it was given was the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. These documents were given to latter-day Manasseh. Had the USA stuck with the original principles of Manasseh Government the church would have continued to vote for Godly men.
The Worldwide Church of God rejects any idea of Democracy. The WCG believes that all government should be ruled from the top down, not from the “mob” up. God’s original intention was for a US Republic which was based on moral law as found in the Bible and outlined for social government in the United States Constitution. This way man did not ultimately answer to man but to God ordained law. We were originally a nation built on Law.
Latter our country started saying that we are a “democracy” and stopped using the word Republic. This was the beginning of latter day Manasseh’s downfall.
The purpose of C.O.G.S.R. is not to create a religious reformation by the detour of a political organization. We simply are Christians who promote the true National Republic. That is all. The Church cannot blame the people for not upholding true nationalism any more than Nationalism can blame the church for its demise. True nationalism should however have a good and strong spiritual vision to survive. Good theology can indeed offer help in this area, as the WCG strives to do. The American Republic proves that good religion can produce a strong nation. Christianity helped make this country strong, there is no doubting this.
Many illegal immigrants have invaded this country. The American culture was infected by “third-world type” country morals and standards. This began in the 60’s. It has escalated to the point that now we have increased violence and demoralization amongst the middle class. As far as the middle class goes, it almost doesn’t even exist anymore in the state of California.
This is one of the main reasons why America [modern day Manasseh] has been going downhill. COGSR is trying to help reeducate those who believe themselves to be Christian. We are bringing back the true Christian message! Today we see children who dress like trash, talk like trash and listen to corrupt music. They have become drugged with false doctrine, false ideas and are mostly high on marijuana…the drug of the sluggards.
The liberals [sluggards] are a cancer to this great nation and must be confronted by God’s true children. Here at COGSR we are teaching thousands to understand proper and “sound doctrine” so that the coming generation will not be thoroughly destroyed! Families must be strengthened again by the true gospel message of the coming Kingdom of God.
If we look at all the idiots in ruling the Middle East countries we find people like the Syrians. Killing their own people. We find freaks who know nothing about true Americans and our Christian history. Sadly, America is turning into a “third world country” because Americans have forgotten the strength of the true Christian message. The liberal freaks who believe in homo-marriages, divorce, killing babies [Americans] and supporting the communists have truly and powerfully began to destroy this great nation. Don’t you get it?
It is truly time for Americans to home school their children. Get your children out of the heathen corrupt schools, especially if you live in California. We must not be afraid anymore. We must now stand up!
Sadly, American troops are fighting for a country which is falling apart. Our fight should begin right here in America! Fight here and now for the TRUTH!  Parents can no longer put their children in the military thinking that this will protect America. Individual Americans must stand up for the true Christian Message here and now! Get up!
True Christians who understand that the United States is the blessed Manasseh will not sit back and let the pagans invade. We must continue to proclaim the true God ordained message and government, both Church and State government, that God originally intended for us to have. This does not mean that we jump into worldy politics. It means that we stay alert to the signs of the times, pay attention to what is going on in the world and in politics.


Douglas Becker said...
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Douglas Becker said...

Armstrongism Sucks: We've proved that the United States and Britain are not lost tribes of Israel.

Just when are these false prophets, liars, nutjobs, swindlers and bottom feeders going to get it that we've already seen the beginning of Armstrongism's downfall.

And as a note: We're not sure what the heck our government is, but it sure isn't a democracy.

Douglas Becker said...

What E. W. King is really saying is that freedom sucks.

If you are going to be a slave, you might as well be E. W. King's slave.

Gerald Flurry basically said the same thing when he was exiled to Quincy, Washington: "You have no rights".

E. W. King is not original.

Christian Identity said...

Look carefully at what he is saying. King is calling for a fascist religious state.

It is by fools like this that people are led astray to further ruin!

Byker Bob said...

I know that it's not a popularly held view here, but some historians and scholars have demonstrated that the American democracy has its roots in the Bible. Few would disagree that those of us alive today have been largely raised in a Judeo-Christian culture. The influences, checks and balances, due processes and overall goodness are all consistent with this.

Our friend Mr. King should read what Paul has to say about secular authority in the epistle to the Romans.

Armstrongism is extremely selective. In recently re-reading Romans, I and II Corinthians, and Galatians, I am struck by how HWA and his disciples have lifted and emphasized certain elements of Paul's writings (which Paul actually understates) that would tend to support draconian authority if taken to extreme, and have totally dismissed the love and grace elements. Armstrongism is a religious philosophy totally and perpetually out of balance. This is why they constantly harp from the pulpit on "bad attitudes", "rebelliousness", "Laodeceanism", etc. Everything that is right and good about humanity rises up internally against such a system.

Also, God's government is from the top down in that God is #1 and in charge. But, He works from the bottom up transforming one Christian heart at a time. That's the only process which can possibly bring reconciliation.


John said...

Let me say I have great admiration for the American Founding Fathers and the Constitutional Republic they established, and more or less agree with the general sentiment expressed by King (e.g. the difference between a republican vs. democratic form of government). Having said that, however, what I take issue with is the mistaken notion that seems to be repeated so often in the vast majority of COGs (and by no less than its leading men) that Christ's gospel is centered on the "government of God," and since they esteem HWA's point of view so highly as if it epitomized "THE" truth, and he established an hierarchical form of church government that was controlled, directed and organized by him (even though he originally dismissed this type of government until he realized he would lose control over "God's" church that is--something that we've seen repeated in schism after schism and splinter after splinter by his ardent devotees) then this means it's sanctioned by God Himself. This has led to a lot of misinformation about American history, some even going so far as to maintain that the American Republic as founded was heretical! What's so hypocritical is these fellows talk a lot about the "government" of God and having the "Holy" Spirit of God, yet their church government seems wracked with all-too-human frailties and their petty squabbles and power struggles less than "holy." No truer words can be applied to HWA, his COGs and the entire COG pastorate than those of James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution," who once observed: "If a man is unfit to govern himself what makes him fit to govern someone else?"

Anonymous said...

Yes this nation was founded as a republic not a democracy, But it is not a theocracy or dictatorship. The consitution states that this is a goverment by the people and for the people. Ben Francklin when asked by a lady what kind of government the for-fathers have given us replyed," a republic if you can keep it". The constitution clear states that all have the right to riligious freedom but also that the government has no right to set-up a state run religion.

Assistant Deacon said...

"Here at COGSR we are teaching thousands...

Come again?