Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RIP Charlie Piscatello (Former Moody Blues Drummer) COG Minister

 Charlie Piscatello, drummer in Moody Blues and on left in video and then top of stairs, died yesterday.   He quit Mood Blues to join WCG.  Great guy,  Was with me in NY.  He went on to be pastor when GCI started and replaced WCG in Bath , NY.   Charlie was  blind from birth

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Anonymous said...

Click on 7/31/2012 01:33:00 PM to see Charlie in MB's first cut of Knights in White Satin

DennisCDiehl said...

One of Charlie's favorite tricks that he pulled when he traveled was with his guide dog. He was always boarded early due to his blindness and seeing eye dog. Because he was with the Moody Blues, the pilot often came back to meet him and ask if he could do anything for Charlie. Charlie always asked the pilot to take the dog out one last time which the pilot often did.

Then he would sit back and invision the rest of the passengers boarding as their pilot walked around the plane with a seeing eye dog....lol

Byker Bob said...

Wow, who knew? There were some other WCG rock n roll connections I'd heard over the years, like some teenager allegedly writing the words to Stairway to Heaven about the church, sending the lyrics to Jimmie Page and Robert Plant, and then not only being ripped off by Led Zep, but having to listen to drivel about it all being Satanic.

There were people from Minneapolis I met who shared that the Trashmen who did Surfin Bird had come into the church and sometimes performed at socials and had to be cautioned by the ministers not to get too wild.

And, then there was good ol' Paul Revere, who was a cousin to the Dick family, who were prominent Pasadena church members, AC students, and ministers.

Just last night on an independent station that plays old rock videos and infomercials, I saw the Moodies do "Go Now", which predated Knights. Next time it gets rotated, I'll look for Charlie. His family will be in my prayers.


DennisCDiehl said...

I remember at age 15 sitting in the stands at the Boise State Fair hearing the unknown Paul Revere and the Raiders perform. I loved it. Bell bottom cords and all. My brother in law, who would also become a WCG minister in time, was sitting there when I said, "that's a lot of talent," and then he said, "Yeah, it takes a lot of skill to build a Catholic church too..." Splash!!!!!! Lol. If I only knew what the next seven years would bring....

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea.
I always enjoyed the Moodys from the first time I heard them, and Days of Future Passed with the London Symphony Orchestra, was one of my favorite albums.
The only concert I attended of theirs was at the Garden State Arts Center in NJ, and me and friends had lawn tickets and sat on a blanket on the grass.

I did not know that Charlie(Chuck) was blind.
This makes me think of the deaf Scottish drummer, Dame Evelyn Glennie, featured in the opening ceremony for the London Olympic Games.

Many Moody Blues songs I found to have important meaning. For instance, Ride My Seesaw I have seen as a call to stand in one another's shoes to see another person's perspective, in order to expand one's consciousness.

The Moody Blues had a way of swinging emotion in song, in their own particular way,(such as in Isn't Life Strange which I was new at, at the time I started listening to them.

Along the coast you'll hear them boast
About a light they say that shines so clear.
So raise your glass, we'll drink a toast
To the little man who gives you thrills along the pier.
He'll take you up, he'll bring you down,
He'll plant your feet back firmly on the ground.
He flies so high, he swoops so low,
He knows exactly which way he's gonna go.
MOODY BLUES Live at the Royal Albert Hall


Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, I got caught up in listening to the Moody Blues on youtube, and forgot to paste the following in. (I'll do it in two parts since it's more than 4,096 characters.)-

[PART 1]

Pastor Charlie Piscitello

Life Dates:
12/4/1942 - 7/30/2012
Pastor Charlie Piscitello, 69 of Batavia, died peacefully at the Gowanda Rehabilitation and Nursing Center July 30, 2012. He was born December 4, 1942 in Buffalo to the late Anthony (Anna Gullo) Piscitello.
Born with cataracts and glaucoma, and having several childhood accidents resulting in the removal of both eyes, Charlie (then known as Chuck) attended the New York State School for the Blind. It was there on a coal pile that he found a guitar. Grounded to his room for being off limits, he taught himself to play the guitar, and later formed a band with several classmates and an instructor at the school. Charlie’s first recordings of his music were made there on heavy vinyl disks. After leaving the school in 1961, Charlie formed his own band, playing various Western New York venues.
Charlie later moved to the Southern Tier and hired a manager, John Parialis, with Pyramid Sound, based in Ithaca, NY. He began touring more widely, eventually being in the “right place at the right time” to fill in for the Eagles, whose transportation failed to get them to their gig as the opening act for Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Charlie’s music and charm impressed members of the band, who offered him a contract to continue the tour. With the stage name “Charlie Starr,” Charlie cut several single 45 rpm recordings as well as two albums, entitled “Just Plain Charlie” and “Tough and Tender.” Charlie’s musical career spanned all fifty states, touring with individuals and groups which included the Moody Blues, James Taylor, Johnny Cash and the Carter family, Tina Turner, and the Carpenters, in addition to a tour of Europe with Yes. James Taylor graciously offered Charlie his song, “One Man Dog” in reference to Charlie’s guide dog, Princess, pictured on Charlie’s “Just Plain Charlie” album cover.
Charlie rarely talked of his musical career in the later decades of his life, as his first love was Jesus. Abandoning fame and fortune to tune pianos and serve the Lord, Charlie left his musical career and dedicated his music and his life to the Lord. In 1991, while living on a dairy farm in Greene, NY, Charlie met his wife, Judi, and not long after their marriage in 1992, Charlie began a small Bible Study group in their home here in Batavia.


Anonymous said...


While completing his associate’s degree in counseling at Genesee Community College (GCC), Charlie worked at the Genesee Region Independent Living Center, and upon completion of his bachelor’s degree from Empire State College in 1994, he was hired by GCC to work for the Center of Academic Progress. In 1997, he was ordained as a pastor by the Worldwide Church of God. Pastor Charlie founded the Batavia Christian Fellowship, which later became one with Faith Community Chapel. In 2002, he was among the first to be awarded the New York State Senate Achievers’ Award by Senator Mary Lou Rath. When his health began to fail, he pastured A Little House Church. During the early years of his ministry, Pastor Charlie was a member of the Batavia Lions Club, volunteer for the Regional Action Phone, and the Salvation Army Disaster Team. More recently, Pastor Charlie was involved in the Monday morning prayer ministry of Care-A-Van Ministries, and occasionally joined the Care-A-Van Band, sharing the wonderful gospel of Jesus at every opportunity. He is preceded in death by a brother Dominic and sister Louise.
Survived By:
He is survived by his beloved wife Judi (Ingram) Piscitello; sons Dominic (Tracy), Joe (Julie), Michael (Terra) and Angelo; five grandchildren JoAnna, Emily, Dominic, Paige and Kathryn Rose (Kate) Piscitello; siblings Anthony (Sandy), John (Diane), Randy (Henny), Robin (Gotowka) Piscitello, sister-in-law Patricia along with numerous nieces and nephews.
Friends may call from 11 AM to 2 PM on Saturday August 4, 2012 at Discovery Chapel 315 West Main Street Batavia, New York 14020.
2:00 PM Funeral Services will take place on Saturday August 4, 2012 at the Church.

Interment will take place at Grand View Cemetery in Batavia.
In lieu of flowers memorials are suggested to the Care-A-Van Ministries 4 Lewis Ave. Batavia, New York 14020.



Dave said...

Just think--he gave up being in a tremendous rock group to be part of a bogus faith and church--what a waste of a life.

Unknown said...

My dad, Charlie, was my best friend. He married me and my wife 5 years ago. He impacted a lot of lives, hearts and souls. I can assure you that him leaving music was not easy but he felt he could help and heal more hearts being a pastor then a musician.. he had a huge, kind, compasionate and understanding heart. He did what he felt was right not always popular. I can also assure you my dad was NEVER the drummer for Moody Blues. My dad opened for them several times but he was never the drummer.. He was a great man who only wanted the best for everyone often at his expense.. He was a friend to a fault at times but only because he saw the good within everyone... no matter how deep it ws buried. He believed in YOU, even when you didn't. I miss you Dad.