Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Apostle Is Preparing For New Reeducation Camp In Petra

The apostle has been preaching a lot lately about the synagogue in the history of the Jews and how it served as a place of learning.  Because Malm and so many COGers are pretend Jews, he is embracing the teaching techniques used in synagogues as God's divinely inspired way of learning.

The apostle goes on to tell how he will be setting up groups in Petra where he will be torturing people with the law big time.

With this weeks posts I am trying to introduce people to a plan for education and preparation for the Kingdom in the wilderness. Giving people time to think on these things to digest them and to get used to some organized education and preparation for the priesthood.

If I am there and I expect I will be; and if people listen to me, I would impliment a plan like this for a more formal study in the refuge not only through Moses but all the scriptures. if for some reason I am not there I have done my best to provide what has been missing in the COG teachings through the five years I have been working on this effort.

Plan B is that if the abominatioon is not set up this year; I want to set up the same organized training program after the Feast, not just through Moses but through all the scriptures, and to set up Feast sites as well. Part of the FB idea is to find out where people may be concentrated in order to find the most suitable locations for Festivals and potential Sabbath meetings.


Anonymous said...

Fear not, sheep. Malm will protect you from the wolves.

Anonymous said...

This man is a complete fool

Byker Bob said...

As with most of his other teachings, theories regarding Petra as a place of safety existed prior to Herbert W. Armstrong.

In the 1920s, W.E.Blackstone developed the theory that Petra would provide sanctuary for Jews fleeing Armageddon in the final battle at the culmination of the ages. This was later picked up by Joseph Hoffman Cohn who wrote about it during the 1940s. Apparently at some point, Blackstone invested $8,000 in Bibles and placed them in some of Petra's buildings so that the Jews would be able to read them during their stay there. You can read a bit about this at

The Petra theory is yet another teaching which was not original with HWA, although Loma's reading of a Natural Geographic has been said to be the inspiration for this so-called "restored truth".

Amongst mainstream Christians, there is a subset of teachers who concentrate on prophecy and the end of human dominion. Some of these actually teach Blackstone's theory, and believe there is Biblical substantiation for it.

This is yet another example of how Herbert W. Armstrong took every fringe theory or teaching he could find, systematized these all into his own toxic religious package, and began utilizing it to influence people's lives to suit his own purposes.

So, if Malm's group happens to go to Petra, as opposed to being caught up in the rapture of Christians, they might not only find themselves sharing space with UCG, RCG, LCG and all of the other CG's, but also with the Jews who will be far more numerous. Let these false ACOG apostles and prophets deal with the Sanhedrin in exile! Should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

"You search the scriptures because you think salvation is to be found there."

Moses did not have the way to salvation - The Prophet Jesus did. Hear Him said Moses.

Anonymous said...

It would have been a catastrophe had the PCG fled to Petra when Gerald Flurry predicted in 1997. Would the Jordanians allow them to enter their land? I read the Jordanians banned the PCG from their charity work in Jordan when they discovered Flurry's plan to bring his PCG members to Petra.

Former PCG Member

Allen C. Dexter said...

Most nations are not as welcoming as we are to immigration. Just try to enter Mexico without jumping through interminable legal hoops.

COGers just assume they are going to be able to do anything they want to do because their fairy tale god will open the way for them through theie esteemed leader who, like HWA, may be the secret dinner time joke to those who were all too happy to take the dummy's money we dupes loaded him down with.

Assistant Deacon said...

"If I am there and I expect I will be; and if people listen to me..."

What people?

Anonymous said...

What people?

Malm has about 40 people who have joined his Facebook group. When you subtract the 10 or so who are spies from one of the ACOG groups whose members are reading Malm's stuff and being distracted from their regular cult leaders, and you subtract the half or so who are just fascinated by the nuttiness of it all, you're left with maybe 10 - 20 sincere but deluded souls who think Christ (not Jesus) wants them to out-Pharisee the Pharisees.

The whole thing will die out after the first time the ragtag bunch all get together.

Anonymous said...

"'re left with maybe 10 - 20 sincere but deluded souls..."

And that's before the "great falling away" prophesized in scriptures, when 5 people split off from the great apostle's end-time work to form their own malm-pharisee splinter group over some trivial point of law.

Anonymous said...

(from a post I made earlier this week) Place of safety? The whole concept was a construct of WCG to control people. "If you want to avoid the imminent great tribulation you need to be with us, the one true church. Otherwise you'll have to go through the great tribulation to get into the kingdom of God, if you make it at all." It is still being used that way by Pack, Flurry, Meredith, and now apparently Malm. The fact is that there is a place of safety in Revelation 12, but it is not for the Christian. It is for "the woman who brought forth the man child" v13. If you think that is the church, you're an idiot. Even more so, if you think that is the Philadelphia era of the church, you are a complete idiot. The more likely scenario is that Pack and Malm face off in their own private hate-fest, the Petra jousting festival, where church leaders do their best to destroy one another. Meredith vs Flurry in the other semifinal. By the way, the church is addressed in Revelation 12. Not verse 13, but in verse 17 as the people that do NOT go to the place of safety. -anon 43

John said...

To be honest I doubt there is "a place of safety" as various Christians have proclaimed like WCG. When you read Matthew 24:16 in context you discover Christ advising His followers in the Holy Land and/or Jerusalem to "flee into the mountains." He says nothing about a central location like Petra where Christians from America and Britain will supposedly fly to. So it's more than likely that those few Christians who will be in the territory at the time the "abomination of desolation" breaks out will have to escape to the caves to hide out in (e.g. like the rebels in Afghanistan) while their spiritual brethren will be persecuted and martyred wherever the Beast's hand will reach (Rev 12:17). It seems that based on the report of Eusebius and Epiphanius the view that there is "a place of safety" was supported since it was alleged that Christians fled to Pella a few years prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. But, if that's true and it bears parallels with a future fulfillment then what about those Christians who lived in Greece or Italy or Asia Minor, for instance? They weren't exactly in harms way now were they since they weren't in the vicinity of the Holy City. They would only have come under attack by those around them who executed the imperial orders to persecute, segregate and/or eliminate them (e.g. like the Jews in the Holocaust).

Anonymous said...

Have you studied Jewish marriage customs? A young man goes to a girl and present her with a contract, dowry and a cup of wine. If she drinks it, it is her acceptance of a marriage proposal. Then, he goes off to build a house (mansion) for his bride. Only when his Father tells him that it is adequate can he go and get his bride, usually at night. There they honeyboom, before returning to the community.
The place of safety, might it be with Jesus in heaven during the tribulation period? Might Jesus be preparing a place for us in heaven, not Petra? Go to Zola Levitt Ministries and they have more on Jewish customs and how Jesus meant his promises to be interpreted.

Anonymous said...

I remember back when I lived in Missouri.

There was a lady in our town there, whose idea of the Place of Safety was apparently the house she was living in.
She's had it custom built like a fortress. The walls were concrete all the way up to the roof. The windows were just slits, and she said she'd me shooting at people through those slits during the Tribulation.
She had my wife and me over several times, and she'd start playing religious organ music when we'd enter. She was a big fan of Kenneth Copeland, who is a star of mainstream Christian TV. Her son was a trusted local pastor. She became frustrated with me and my wife when she realized after several visits that she was getting nowhere in converting us.


Byker Bob said...

One of my classmates at Embarrassing College was put out of the church. He had an antitank gun and the ammo to go with it, and was actually planning on using it on the Germans if somehow he didn't make it to Petra. The minister who put him out said that this was the worst case of demon possession he'd ever seen.

I don't know about demons, I suppose these people are always going to express things in their own terms, or according to their own understanding. However, this is yet another example of WCG doctrine causing either extreme paranoia, or outright mental illness.

Anonymous said...


I remember that guy. He was also making a list of "loyal" employees he called "the skeleton crew" who would help HWA carry on the work after GTA was to leave in a predicted rebellion. He also had a master key to every office on the Pasadena campus and spent a lot of time reading files. I remember that he "interviewed" me one sabbath (based on something he read in a file about me) and determined that I would be loyal to HWA instead of to GTA, and therefore qualified as a member of his skeleton crew. He used to say, "They will never get me on a quote." That statement was the trigger that led to his downfall.