Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EW King: When You Get Tired You Are More Prone To Satanic Attacks

More wit and wisdom from the Church of God and EeeeW King:

Also, please be aware that when you get physically tired, such as from sleep deprivation, you are more prone to satanic attacks. We must manage our time and eat and rest well. We are soldiers for Christ.

It must be mind numbing to be a Church of God leader, apostle, prophet, etc., and have to be able to come up with all these pithy sayings all the time.


Douglas Becker said...

You know, it's funny -- as I moved away from the Armstrongist churches of God, my sleep deprivation diminished significantly. I'm not at all sure about Satanic attacks, but I've met fewer crazies (almost down to none at all), now that I don't frequent congregations like UCG, CoGWA etc.

Very strange.

Anonymous said...

I caught Satan sleepy once and caught him off guard. I grabbed him by the throat and put my face in his face and said..."You so much as look my way again and I will rip your %#@#% horns out.."

Been pretty free of the whole thing since.


Anonymous said...

actually, that's when Jesus was the strongest spiritually, when He was physically exhausted.

Byker Bob said...

Strange group of cats! They believe you can have a double portion of a person, but that God's protection somehow lapses in any state of drowsiness, (fatigue, being stoned, or under hypnosis).

Why even have a religion or beliefs if they're going to limit God?

Douglas Becker said...

They believe you can have a double portion of a person

Yes, and they very seriously need to go on a diet.