Monday, October 15, 2012

Rod Meredith Says He Is Commanded By God To Correct You

Once more the world has been treated to Rod Meredith's mighty pen. Rod believes he alone is God's mighty voice in the the entire world.  God is only using him to let the world know what disgusting grievous sinners they all are.  His voice carries the authority of God backing it up.

Rod says:

Even though it may not be the “popular” or the “politically correct” thing to do, I am commanded by the Creator God to correct when necessary and to exhort you to do better. For God Almighty commands His faithful ministers:  “Cry aloud, spare not; lift up your voice like a trumpet; tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins” (Isaiah 58:1).

Rod is ready to SPANK the world, particularly the United States for their backsliding, multicultural ways.  Of course this is done out of "love."

So how can I genuinely help you the most? Going beyond what we normally do in these letters in telling you about the ongoing fulfillment of Bible prophecy and the growth of this powerful Work of faith, I now want to warn every one of you dear co-workers, in love, about one of the most dangerous and pernicious attitudes now permeating our entire society. This attitude will undermine and simply destroy your relationship with God if you get into it. Please think deeply about this quotation I have used in the past in articles and letters. As U.S. News & World Report pointed out a few years ago: “More than three-fourths of Americans call the nation’s religious diversity a source of strength…. Meanwhile, more than 3 in 4 Americans believe all religions have at least some elements of truth—even though few say they know much about religions other than their own. And nearly 70 percent think spiritual experiences are the most important part of religion. ‘If one’s religion is more about individual identity than doctrine or creed, it’s a lot easier to be tolerant,’ says Egon Mayer, a sociologist at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Gallup says that the high degree of religious tolerance reflects, in part, ‘not only a lack of knowledge of other religions but an ignorance of one’s own faith.’ In some polls, he says, ‘you have Christians saying, “Yes, Jesus is the only way” and also, “Yes, there are many paths to God.” It’s not that Americans don’t believe anything; they believe everything.’”

Is this the same "love" that conspired behind WCG's back as they were defending Rod in court for his big flapping mouth?  Is this the same "love" that led Rod to start Global Church of God and move into it with full salary after being fired by WCG?  Is this the same "love" that stabbed Raymond McNair in the back as he took all the money and most of Global's members and formed Living Church of God?  If it is, forgive me for not wanting to have any part of Rod's "love."

I also have to wonder why since Armstrongism considers all Christians to be fake and their churches fraudulent, why is he so concerned about what they believe?

 My dear brethren and co-workers, this attitude is certainly pervasive in the approach of millions of Americans. For they increasingly believe different “bits and pieces” of various religions and philosophies. Also, because of the almost total confusion in religion today, other millions are completely “giving up” and turning to atheism—completely denying the existence of God Himself! People are really confused as they “cobble” together, “their own” form of religion. However, extremely few people in the United States, Canada, the UK or Australia take with total seriousness the real God of the Bible. Somehow, they are not willing to surrender their will to the genuine Higher Power who created them and gave them life and breath. They are often quick to say, “Here is the way I look at it!”
Rod writes, "...because of the almost total confusion in religion today, other millions are completely “giving up” and turning to atheism..."  I think Rod's need to look at his own confused group and the 700 some confused Churches of God, before he stats casting stones at Christianity and other religions.  The Church of God is just as screwed up as the groups he disses.  Look at the countless people from the Church of God that have turned to atheism because of the blatant hypocrisy and weird teachings of its leaders, including Rod Meredith! 

Ron continues:

 In all respect, do you really think that the great God—the Creator of heaven and earth, the God who gives you life and breath—is very concerned about the millions of differing “opinions” that we puny, mixed-up human beings have about the ultimate purpose of life?

If you are a follower of Jesus, then there is only one answer to the question Rod apparently does not know the answer to.  God cared enough about all the different opinions to send Jesus.  But you cant expect many in Armstongism to ever grasp that concept because they can't even talk about the guy.

Yet, in our supposedly sophisticated society, we now increasingly “water down” and virtually do away with almost everything the real Jesus Christ of the Bible taught, stood for and lived for as He set us an example that we should “follow His steps” (1 Peter 2:21). Although we often have clever arguments to justify our conduct, we manage to regularly break nearly all of God’s Ten Commandments! This attitude reached an all-time high recently when the very President of the United States publically stated that he now approves of the idea of “men marrying men”!

Ah, sex.  I knew I would not have to wait long for Rod to start talking about sex.  Even better, Rod gets into gay sex, his FAAAAAAVORITE subject. 

Again I say, before Rod starts casting his stones and going into orgasmic ecstasy at the the mere thought of his god beating the shit out of this world.  The Church of God leaders want to see the world around them punished.  When they start shouting about it their voices start rising and bodies start shaking.  They need this to happen in order to legitimize all their beliefs.

Rod ends with:

Indeed, the watered-down “form” of godliness now permeating our nation always leads to “denying” the real power or the authority of the living God. The Word of God reveals that—in this final age or “era” of His Church and of this earth’s civilization—the spirit of “Laodicea” will prevail. Here is how God Himself describes the Laodicean attitude:  “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth” (Revelation 3:15-16). Even most supposedly religious people very seldom get truly inspired or “on fire” for God and His Word.

Why would anyone want to follow Rod and his god?  It offers no hope.  How can a person have hope when all they hear about is an angry vengeful god that is so incredibly eager for blood lust that he is going to destroy most of humanity so a tiny remnant parked on their self righteous asses in Petra can become Kings and Priests.  Why would anyone want to follow that?


DennisCDiehl said...

Fear of punishment, as a child would fear it, seems to be one of the few "join our happy throng," cards available to many fundamentalist churches.

The other one is that we have a new state of the art gym, media, support groups, fun praise and worship and such that few if any COG members want anything to do with. CGI is not miniscule because it has so much to offer. Getting people to think they had to wave and shout at church was the first bullet Joe Tkach put into the head of WCG

The Bible has enough threats and warnings in it, supported by the Book of Revelation which is the book of choice, to justify some thinking they are sent to do the warning.

Religion is nuts

Anonymous said...

Rod says:

Even though it may not be the “popular” or the “politically correct” thing to do, I am commanded by the Creator God to correct when necessary and to exhort you to do better. For God Almighty commands His faithful ministers: “Cry aloud, spare not; lift up your voice like a trumpet; tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins” (Isaiah 58:1).
And yes, Rod, Isaiah did what he was commanded to do there in Isaiah 58:1. He did the job!

And Rod, in case you don't believe that, might it be that when Isaiah is resurrected in the second resurrection that the "house of Jacob," then, will also admit that Isaiah did what God asked him to do?

"Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead." Isaiah 26:19

Notice, Rod, that verse in Isaiah was not talking about you or anybody you consider to be "ministers of God." Those Isaiah spoke to will awake and sing! Will anyone do that after hearing your words?

Rod, stop misapplying scriptures! You are not as "great" as you think you are!

Besides God sent His Son, NOT TO CONDEMN THIS WORLD, but to save it, and by His sacrifice that was accomplished. God accomplished that by His Son, so what are you going to do?

Also, Rod, why don't you and your "ministers" believe and preach the following verse?

"To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, NOT imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation." 2 Corinthians 5:19

Rod, since you are into "spanking," some want to know why you are imputing trespasses when God will do no such thing?

Perhaps God's true Plan of Salvation is different from what you think it is! Rod, what do you think? Why aren't you preaching that verse? Your words do NOT "square" with the words of that verse!

Perhaps, Rod, when you yourself are corrected, then your words may change and then people may listen to you, but who is going to hold their breath while waiting for that to happen?

Besides, God gave the precious gift of His law, to ancient physical Israel, and yes, it applies today, to the House of Israel, God's spiritual Church of scattered sealed Firstfruits wherever they are, not your physical organization. God did not give that law to the Egyptians, the Philistines...the Russians, or Americans for that matter..........

Lastly, Rod, if you think you are sinless, think again.........perhaps you need to think about Isaiah 58:1 and sins, transgressions..........and trespasses (2 Cor 5:19)!

If God wanted you to be a leader of anything relative to WCG/HWA, then why weren't you "chosen" in lieu of Joe Tkach Senior?. Do you think God made a mistake? Time will tell.......


DennisCDiehl said...

Not to be confused with a genuine from the inside out spirituality in one's life...

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

John said, "If God wanted you to be a leader of anything relative to WCG/HWA, then why weren't you "chosen" in lieu of Joe Tkach Senior?. Do you think God made a mistake? Time will tell......."

MY COMMENT - Time has already spoken. I doubt God had anything to do with the implosion of the WCG. It was HWA who made a mistake. Success without a successor created failure!

The good news for all is that little Joey Tkach is a multi multi millionaire - all financed by the dumb sheep many of whom were good and decent people. They contributed every spare dollar they had through the many years for the Work of God sacrificeing their own family and their future retirement all so little Joey Tkach could someday be a multi multi millionaire.

"It was like stealing candy from a baby" said little Joey Tkach as he blew smoke from a cigar into a portrait of Founder Herbert W. Armstrong.

"Oh, and God truly does call the weak of the world - the base things - because no one put up a fight for the Church's multi multi million dollars in assets", added Tkach with a smug smirk on his face.


DennisCDiehl said...

The cost of my youthful (as others) being drawn to WCG as seeming more Biblical and "true" than my Presbyterian experience has gotten pretty high.

Part of me endeavors to hold the high ground of personal spirituality and lessons learned and another part is starting to feel the "what does one do when having been associated with such a group when older," hits.

My lawyers words,when I showed her my severance, "This is a church? You're fucked." stick in my head.

Perhaps someday I'll give Joe Tkach and Ron Kelly, whose words, "we will take care of you," still ring in the memory, a call and have a chat. Ron's "we'd like to help but Jesus worked a miracle and we don't have any money," rings pretty badly with me and most. They never wanted to "help."
The head of CGI "Reconciliation" dept literally told me , 'we'll pray for you." I asked if that came with a "be warmed and be filled?" No comment.

Endeavoring to keep that low level anxiety and depression based in unresolved issues and anger in check.

Why I am telling anyone this on this forum is probably a hint of a bit of understanding, but as we know, there are those who love to take the "you got what you deserved you bastard WCG minister."

I'm really not up for that kind of review.

I'm glad those like BB can rebound from on to off to on again. I have not found that to work for me. I love learning about what I was never taught about the Bible but one has to find the truly educated and professionals in theology to do so.

As I have often said, the COG types are mere Bible readers. The ministers are not undereducated, they are uneducated. They read or certainly if they do, never share what they learn outside the box of their employment. The one surviving family member who still attends the Feast notes these guys have not changed their sermons in 40 years and it's all rather boring. Could not agree more.

Anyway, cloudy day, too much time, think too much and losses seem to mount at times so nuff said.

Perhaps I'll go look at some Hubbel Pictures, which speak to me that any God is not Hebrew, and pray about it...aaaaameeeeen :)

Allen C. Dexter said...

" Look at the countless people from the Church of God that have turned to atheism because of the blatant hypocrisy and weird teachings of its leaders, including Rod Meredith!"

That's not the reason I am an atheist. My atheism is the result of years and years of careful study, thought and research. That process led me to the conviction that all religions are a farce, their holy books a concocted sham, and their gods a delusion.

Anonymous said...

Never explain as malice what can be explained by stupidity alone...

Great quote!


Douglas Becker said...

It just sort of looks like God has commanded us to correct Roddy Meredith and the rest of the troup of false prophets.

Meredith, listen up!

God, through us, has been warning you! You need to repent! You need to stop being a false prophet!

If you do not, God will spare you as one of the many tares until the end.

And then you will be burned in the Lake of Fire.

And who knows?

Maybe you will burn for all eternity, instead of just going black and being put away for good, to rid this universe of evil and wickedness that you promote in this earth.

Your time is short.

Make the most of it before it is too late.

Anonymous said...


While I would take the "you got what you deserved you bastard WCG minister" approach with those who would continue to stick to their hypocritical guns, refuse to admit that what they've been telling us is white is actually black, refuse to consider any other interpretation except for the official "party line" "ministerial" interpretation, deny, deny, deny, anyone like you, who is willing to stop, turn around, and acknowledge facts is a breath of fresh air! So take heart, a bit of honesty makes all the difference as far as I'm concerned. We all make mistakes, but not everyone spends the rest of their life trying to cover them all up, pretending like they were somebody who never made any. You know, somebody like Rod Meredith.

Anonymous said...

I guess the reason why I've turned to agnosticism is because the promises made by Armstrongism didn't come true, the promises made by the bible didn't come true, and the whole way of life wasn't working for me, and was instead actively preventing me from attaining my potential in life. When I began to investigate why, the whole edifice of christian theology began to fall apart.

It hardly seems worth it to go searching for a another "personal god" to replace the first one who didn't deliver. Chances are, that one won't deliver either. So, I'm just going to sit tight in my ignorance, and if the real God wants to, He can come to me, just like the way the story goes with the patriarchs. Well, that is, if He even exists.

I've made peace with the worst case scenario, which is, all we have is each other, poor company that we too often are to each other, and when we die, that's it! Doesn't really seem too bad. If that turns out to be the scenario we're all in, then it doesn't really matter what we believe about god, does it? As for me, I'd rather throw away the crutches. I don't need an imaginary supernatural friend in order to be alright. And I certainly don't need any subnatural friends such as Rod Meredith to "spank" me once a week for their own egotistical and financial purposes.

Anonymous said...

This is of topic but what I appreciate about this blog is that comments are allowed. Thiel and all the other great ministers of COGland don't allow comments. Here you can agree or disagree. So I say thanks!

DennisCDiehl said...

I still consider my views to be ag-nostic rather than a-theist. I just don't know and faith always seems to crumble before the facts over time.

I can't imagine ever finding comfort in the old old story as , to me, I know too much about the origins and intent of the old old story.

I was a very religious, god haunted and guilt driven teen due to my Dutch Reformed, Calvinistic, Church coming out the ears youth. It was my inquisitiveness that sent me in the direction of another religion. At 13 I used to listen with my tiny amazing transistor radio to Dr. Dehaan's Back to the Bible hour! I was one weird kid.

Now I am one weird adult so consistency is good...

Anonymous said...

One of the problems with Churches that promote negativity, prophecy, doom and gloom, is that eventually they run short or out of other people's money....


Anonymous said...

John: Part of the reason one can see the law/punishment God in the NT, even with Jesus and others just see the grace/forgiveness God in the NT , even with Jesus is because BOTH concepts are in the NT.

The Book of James was a book on law proving faith and was a direct rebuttal of Paul's views in Romans on grace and faith without law.

Paul himself gave mixed messages at time and I am sure you know where those scriptures are too

The NT is not one coherent approach to the topic of what is required for Salvation. There were Jewish Christian issues that banged up against Paul's Gentile Christian values and all in the same book

Douglas Becker said...




I feel better now.

Allen C. Dexter said...

"I was one weird kid."

So was I, Dennis. I was a very isolated and lonely kid out there on that ranch. No social life to speak of. No normal youth interests. No close friends.

I used to sit by the radio and hear Frank and Ernest, The Old Fashioned Revival Hour, etc. No wonder my mind was warped to the point Herb could seize control of it.

Now, we see a fanatic determination on the part of fundamentalist and evangelicals to inject their nonsense into every classroom in the country in total vioation of the constitution. Many of them are working to do away with public education any way they can. That's why I am so set on fighting Republicanism which has become a bastion of theistic facsism.

As I've said before, we're set up from birth on by this insidious de facto brainwashing. I can see it now. When you're young and innocent, you're the classic "sitting duck" with the theistic 12 guage shotgun pointed directly at unaware you.

I went through the agnostic stage too. It's a process.

Byker Bob said...

I do obtain much more depth in spirituality, biblical understanding, and overall fidelity to truth from the teachers I've discovered over the past several years than ever seemed possible through Armstrongite ministers. That's one of the reasons why I tend to be so enthusiastic. Armstrongism was shallow, and left me wanting. You simply could not learn and grow because they controlled and microsupervised every aspect of your life. When I encounter the stuff put out by James Malm, Bob Thiel, and the other Niedermeyer (think Animal Houst) types, it always causes some very bad flashbacks.

Herbert Armstrong did not understand that there were Jewish Christians, and there were Gentile Christians. Like the Judaizers Paul warned about, he was unable to separate cultural factors from conversion. Once we realize that the Gentile Christians were governed by the edict of the Jerusalem Council, were not required to be circumcised, and therefore according to the laws of the Torah were actually not even allowed to keep the Holy Days and other rituals, then the parallel teachings of James and Paul do not need to be harmonized to be understood. They can be taken for what they actually mean, without modifying one another.


Painful Truth said...

I sense that the feast collection basket did not yield Rod a new car this year.ithisang7

DennisCDiehl said...

The NT contains all the evidence needed for the controling battle between Jewish Christians, who were the originals of course, and the Pauline, Gentile quasi Mithraic, Cosmic Hallucinitory Christ version, which won out.

Paul failed to even follow the Acts 15 injunctions blowing them off as "in all men is not that knowledge.." etc.

The Gospel, down to earth Jesus was installed ahead of the Pauline books to give the impression Paul came after the living Jesus, but in fact, this is not so. Paul lived, wrote and died before any Gospel was ever given. The impression that Paul's original Gnostic and Cosmic Christ was real had to be given and it has been done rather successfully, though it is a deception of the canon.

Anonymous said...

Mithraic? You mean the army cult that didn't include women?

Also, Why does Paul mention the resurrection accounts in Corinthians? Seems to be a past event.

DennisCDiehl said...

Mithraic in the sense of the commonly understood dying and risen god/man and solar cycle deities. Mithraism was the religion of choice by the Roman soldier.

Tarsus was big on Mithraism and would have been a religion a young Paul would have been very familiar with.

Byker Bob said...

Going back to the original topic of God commanding Rod to correct members, let's hope he's learned not to rub the fur the wrong way! (HWA's evaluation of Rod's managerial style prior to the "exile" to Hawaii)


Allen C. Dexter said...

That's one time HWA got something right.

Even when I was a gung ho member, I couldn't stand Rod's self-righteous tirades. Seeing him stride up to the lectern was a "groan" moment. You knew you were going to sit there until your rear got sore, flipping from one overused (and usually misapplied) verse to another.

By the time 1974 rolled around and the raw fertilizer first hit the atmospheric circulator, it wasn't much of a struggle to turn and walk away. I'd long seen the prophetic nonsense, the contradictions in D&R, tithing, the "spirit in man" nonsense, etc. I'd even begun to see the first glimmers of the fact that the Bible was a manmade concoction of ignorance and unscientific superstition and the tool of men bent only on their own power and self-agrandizement.