Monday, October 29, 2012

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Guarded During Hurricane

As most of us are ready for Sandy to make landfall, just remember 'The Old Guard' is out there today, still guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  
This is what dedication to service is all about and their mission which they uphold with such honor.
Naval Air Facility, Washington DC Facebook posting

Can you imagine any Church of God leader or diehard follower ever doing such a thing?  
All they can do is shout doom and death to the British Israelite Nations with glee.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine any Church of God leader or diehard follower ever doing such a thing?

Yes, I can. Just point out to them that HWA's grave is now unguarded, while this monument to Manasseh's wars is so well-guarded. Then watch to see which of the many unstable COGlet leaders will hurry up and have his men be the first to set up an honor guard at HWA's grave.

Head Usher said...

OMG! The last thing we need is some COGlet tooting it's horn over how it has instituted an eternal flame and 24-7 guard stationed to watch over HWA's grave. (They'll have to "ordain" the guards first, so they'll be "levites" like the ministurds claim to be, and thereby cleared to "work" on the sabbath.)

After that, I guess they could build a temple to house a colossal cultic statue of HWA covered in gold leaf. I'm sure they would still deny being a cult though.

Sharon said...

Come on guys! There is no way in hell any COGlet leader would stand out in the rain in honor of Herbie. They are all too effeminate and weak to ever do such a manly thing.

Six Pack Flurry might come close, but he would just install an eternal flame in the ground and then have some dumb student stand watch. However, he needs no flame to burn since his entire complex is a Armstrongist's wet dream.

Byker Bob said...

Well, they'd have to send a hazmat team up there to Altadena to do a toxic waste cleanup of HWA's grave.

Years of urine, feces, and rotting pork would need to be neutralized before you could even have an open flame near it! They'd probably have to do some serious soil removal and replacement before visitors could even stand to be near it.


Anonymous said...

Bob, there's enough pork grease in the ground around that tombstone that it could burn for eternity!

Anonymous said...

This picture is awesome, but it has nothing to do with COGs...

Mish-Mash said...

That picture says it all ! Honor, and duty. Something the COG's don't know anything about. Ya know in the Catholic church, they have an honor guard for their "tomb of Jesus" during the Easter weekend. People volunteer to stand guard overnight. Since when did a COGer ever stay up all night in the cause of honoring something. I worked 3rd shift quite a few times in my call center. It ain't easy and I can't imagine being out in the cold and rain.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, may God protect these honorable soldiers from the elements of the storm Sandy.

Anonymous said...

Awww, c'mon there, Anon #1!

They know that HWA's "pooped-on and porked-on" grave is unguarded.

They know that, while they lay the guilt-trips on the sheeps for some cabbage/money.

No one gives a shit about the golden goose's grave, as long as it keeps on giving.