Friday, October 26, 2012

Van Robison Asks "Are Splinter Group Heads---Your Mama?"

WCG splinter group heads treat adult church members as if they are the BIG MAMA.   You will get your behind spanked if you do not follow orders from big mama.   The organized church system is really a very childish system, where adult human beings are treated as if they are mere children and they must obey their big mama.   All churches are in that same category, because the head honcho pretends to be big mama and you better watch out.

Spooks might get you if you step out of line and pick up a few sticks on the Sabbath, hand out some Halloween candy to very innocent little children, or forget to tithe your 10%, plus generous offerings (suggested offering is at least another 10% or more).

Your "mama" carries a big switch and will threaten you with a curse if you fail to comply to all the silly rules, customs and traditions of the self-appointed head of your group.   Of course what "big mama" never tells the adult children is that her purse is wide open and she expects $cash, by the bucket loads.   Pay up or go to hell.   Obey or be cursed.   Live by the false rules of big mama or lose your salvation.   Live in fear for the rest of your life or you will be chained to the devil for all eternity.

Silly, silly, silly and that is the stuff of ALL cult church groups of the WCG and all others outside of the WCG splinter groups.   The world is an ocean of false religions and fake churches, who pretend to speak for Jesus Christ, all the while their real motive is $money, $money, $money.

I always say that if you take all the $money away and there is NO $money in the church world, the pastors would ALL disappear into the woodwork and never be seen from or heard of again.   That is proof that in fact $money is the REAL PURPOSE for pastors and churches.

Van Robison


Anonymous said...

Throw BIG MAMA from the train!

She's nothing but a lying slimy sleazy salesman!


Anonymous said...

Must be a slow day in the COG bashing world.