Monday, November 12, 2012

Malm: Thanksgiving is a Sin and a Pagan Blot on TRUE Christianity

Apostle Malm is hard at work this morning on stripping one more thing away from Armstrongites that they can have fun at.  Only Church approved holidays listed in the Hebrew Scriptures are for the enjoyment of the TRUE Church of God members.

We must remove every sin and every pagan blot on our garments to prepare for the marriage of the Lamb.

The traditions of the Protestants including Puritans and Anglicans came mainly from Roman

Catholicism, the Roman Catholic church is the ancient Babylonian Mysteries traditions were adopted from paganism.

Sunday, Easter and even Thanksgiving are very ancient pagan holy days.
The web site article link above in his quote has this to say:

The Primitive Fertility Religions have been portrayed through “cute” stories which effectively HID the VILE, HIDEOUS MEANING behind them. This WORSHIP during the day of “Thanksgiving” is emphatically the Ancient Fertility Rites merely veneered with the so called “respectability” of Christianity! The fact remains, that it is still the Ancient Fertility Worship.

“But,” you say, “Weren’t our Pilgrim Father’s righteous?” The Pilgrims only served YHVH as far as they would. Definitely, the Pilgrims worshipped on Sunday and they definitely did not keep the Holy Feast Days as ordained in Leviticus 23. They did not keep the clean and unclean food laws as listed in Leviticus 11 and Deut. 14. As the Pilgrims studied the Bibles they had, they would have read of the Sabbath, Holy Feast Days and about the clean and unclean food laws for themselves. I ask you now, “Why did they not obey God by doing what he commanded in Ex 20, Lev. 11 & 23 and Deut. 14?”

Like so many Christian churches and denominations today, the Pilgrims wanted to do it their way and not YHVH’s way. Is it any wonder then, that the Pilgrims would be just as deceived as the churches and assemblies of today--chasing after Baptized Paganism? However, there has always been an advocate for the TRUTH through out all ages, not all our early fathers were deceived. As for me and my house we shall serve YHVH, says Joshua the successor of Moses. Can we say that with conviction?

May our Father in Heaven have great mercy on us as we continue to study the origins of these holidays which have sought to usurp the authority, praise and worship of our Heavenly Father, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Revelation 14:7.

I don't know anyone that worships a fertility god when they celebrate Thanksgiving.  One gets the impression from these mentally disturbed people that everyone is dancing around a maypole with garlands of corn, wheat and stuffing in our hair, dressed in our Puritan costumes. Many people, inside and outside of Armstrongism, regard the Church of God as a "joyless" belief system.  How true that is!

Apostle Malm then goes on to equate Thanksgiving with sacrificing virgins:

Actually the harvest feast was well known by these Indians and was a tradition practiced throughout the new world, as well as the old by the pagans.  Thanksgiving is a universal pagan tradition descended and spread from Babel worldwide.  Some of whom paid homage for the harvest by sacrificing young virgins.

I find it disgusting that Apostle Malm is also trying to stop us from sacrificing virgins on Thanksgiving day!  How perverse is that!!!!!!!!!  Whats wrong with a young nubile virgin covered in fruit, berries and some whipped cream on the dining room table?????   Sure the kiddies might need to leave the room when she is sacrificed, but come on!  Allow us to have some fun!  We can't do Christmas, Easter or Halloween, so at least let us have ONE day for some merriment!

Of course all of this has to be blamed on those damn pagans from England.  The Druids and Celts had an influence upon the Puritans who naturally brought over those beliefs to the new country.

“In England the ‘Harvest Home’ has been observed continuously for centuries. The custom was to select a harvest queen for this holiday. She was decorated with the grain of their fields and the fruit of their trees. On Thanksgiving Day she was paraded through the streets in a carriage drawn by white horses. This was a remnant of the Roman ceremonies in honor of Ceres…the Pilgrims brought the “Harvest in” to Massachusetts.’ (Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 1953. Pps. 159- 160).” [The harvest queen represented the Queen of Heaven, mentioned in the Bible as idolatrous and Semiramis.]

Marian Schibsly and Hanny Cohrsen in their book, Foreign Festival Customs and Dishes, states:

“Long before the Christian era, harvest gods were worshiped with curious and varied rites. Customs now in use at harvest festivals have their counterparts in pagan countries; in many cases their origin and their significance is shrouded in mists of antiquity. The American Thanksgiving Day is usually ascribed to the Massachusetts colony of pilgrims, who, in gratitude for their first harvest on American soil, devoted the day of December 13, 1621 to praise and rejoicing. [Actually ran 3 days]

Even you lost Israelites in Canada don't get off easy with Apostle Malm.  You are celebrating nothing more than Catholic filth when you keep Canadian Thanksgiving Day.

The history of Thanksgiving in Canada can be traced back to the 1578 voyage of Martin Frobisher from England in search of the Northwest Passage. In this, his third, voyage to the Frobisher Bay area of Baffin Island in the present Canadian Territory of Nunavut, it was also the intention to start a small settlement and his fleet of 15 ships were so fitted out with men, materials and provisions for this purpose. However, the loss of one of his ships through contact with ice along with much of the building material was to prevent him from doing so.

The expedition was plagued by ice and freak storms which at times had scattered the fleet and on finding each other again at their anchorage in Frobisher Bay, “..Mayster Wolfall, [ Robert Wolfall ] a learned man, appointed by her Majesties Councell to be their minister and preacher, made unto them a godly sermon, exhorting them especially to be thankefull to God for their strange and miraculous deliverance in those so dangerous places,…” . They celebrated  Communio,n the Anglican service comparable to the Catholic Eucharist, and “The celebration of divine mystery was the first sign, scale, and confirmation of Christ’s name, death and passion ever known in all these quarters.

The first two Thanksgivings in the present day United States  [Another was an Anglican service in Canada]were actually Catholic. The Pilgrims can only claim a third one, a correction I suggest should be made in school history books.
Apostle Malm also wants Americans to know that the original Thanksgiving was NOT celebrated by the Puritans in New England, but was done first by the Spanish explorers.  Leave it to the illegal aliens to cause us more misery!

The first Thanksgivings  in the US were celebrated by Spanish explorers, not pilgrims. It is Florida that today proudly claims the first Thanksgiving, with a feast and celebration between the Spanish and Timucuan Indians on September 8, 1565, 56 years before the Mayflower landed at Plymouth in 1621. Therefore, St. Augustine – and not Jamestown – is the first permanent European settlement and oldest city in North America. Another correction for many  history books.

The second Thanksgiving in the US, the subject of this article, was in Texas. On January 26, 1598, a Spanish expedition set out from Mexico with the aim of founding a new kingdom. Three months later, after a long, dangerous trek forging a new trail northward, the now famous El Camino Real [The Royal Road], it crossed the Rio  Grande and set up camp south of present day El Paso, Texas. On April 30, a Mass of thanksgiving was said, and the valiant leader of the expedition. Don Juan de Oñate, took formal possession of the new land, called New Mexico, in the name of the Heavenly Lord, God Almighty, and the earthly lord King Philip II.

Then, after the Mass, the Franciscan priests blessed the food on tables abundant with fish, ducks and geese, and the 600-strong expedition of soldiers and colonists feasted. The celebration ended with a play enacting scenes of the native Indians hearing the first words of the Catholic Faith and receiving the Sacrament of Baptism.

Thanksgiving is a truly Catholic celebration because even before the Pilgrim Thanksgiving celebration on U.S. soil in 1621, on April 30, 1598, in Texas, Don Juan de Oñate had already declared officially a “Day of Thanksgiving,” commemorated with the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

 In regards to all this silliness the apostle writes:

"...I have a moral obligation to Cry Aloud and help the faithful virgin to remove ALL blemishes."

""   Apostle Malm gets to play with the virgins and we can't????"  No wonder his wife left him.

 I guess stamping out idiotic religiosity is not a priority.


DennisCDiehl said...

This was sent to me to forward to God's Apostle Malm.

Dear Apostle Malm

Thank you so much speaking up for us at such a time as this. I hate Thanksgiving and you are absolutely right about sacrifices and blood letting rituals. I have seen it and my ancestors have experienced it thousands of times.

I have heard hundreds of stories about our young virgins being offered up on alters at this pagan and detestable season. They were tortured in concentration camps with barely room to move. Loved ones were separated and finally the youngest and most nubile of our virgins were selected for only the best pagan festivals.

Once a year, as we saw with Jesus and BarAbbas, one of our kind is released and "pardoned" from impending doom, but it is all a ruse. Millions of us die behind that pagan charade.

Smothered in cranberry sauce and actually stuffed with herbs, bread and spices to appease those pagan psychopaths. Their bodies were ripped apart, limb from limb and devoured with potatoes, creamed spinach and yams. Those I am with are awaiting a similar fate and are in counseling.

Thank you so much for speaking up as you have on this vital issue. Damn them! Damn them all.

Though it is too late for us...we all thank you from the bottom of our gizzards.

Gobble on Dude!

Thomas Turkey
Confined Perdue Concentration Camp
Edgerton, Georgia
Soon to go the way of my ancestors...

DennisCDiehl said...

Dear Apostle Malm,

I also want to thank you!!!! I am currently confined and treading water in a pond of brine with millions of others waiting to be used in this pitiful and pagan festival.

I know you can't save me but keep up the good work. Let the word go out and the Gospel be preached so the end can come ...

Cran B Sauce

Anonymous said...

Well you know, English is a pagan language. Maybe the apostle should stop using it. Wouldn't want to lend an aire of legitimacy to anything pagan, would we?

Pagans cook on fire too, so we should toss that out as well.

I guess we can only buy our food from stores owned by Church members. Heaven forbid we trade with a store that sells unclean meats!

The sad thing is, those weak in the faith are easily tripped up by those "apostles".....shoot, anyone using the title apostle shows himself to be lacking in understanding anyway.

(does James use the title? or did you folks here hang it on him?)

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that Malm has much happiness in his life. In fact, for all his "religiousness", I'm fairly certain he miserable beneath it all.

Anonymous said...

I find it disgusting that Apostle Malm is also trying to stop us from sacrificing virgins on Thanksgiving day!

Did Ambassador College actually have any virgins?

Anonymous said...

Hanukkah is not one of God's Festivals.

Jesus celebrated it. This means Jesus kept pagan holidays.

This means Malm is more holy than Jesus. Maybe not more holy than Christ, but definitely more holy than Jesus.

Anonymous said...

"Even you lost Israelites in Canada don't get off easy with Apostle Malm. You are celebrating nothing more than Catholic filth when you keep Canadian Thanksgiving Day."

I still remember one year when the Canadian Thanksgiving Day fell on the biblical Day of Atonement. Should one eat the traditional turkey dinner or should one fast?

This showed that even the supposedly best-intentioned festivals of men have a way of conflicting with and contradicting the festivals of God.

Of course, the right answer was to fast on the Day of Atonement, and then to enjoy all the steak one wanted at the Feast of Tabernacles.

Head Usher said...

I am pretty sure that the Apostle Malm is the epitome of a "living sacrifice". Every decision is made for him in the pages of the inerrant Holy Scriptures. There are no degrees of freedom and no personal choices allowed, as the perfection of his devotional observances proscribes his every meal, his every action, and his every waking second. Even if he believed that Thanksgiving were okay, he probably would feel that it was too big of a distraction from his preparation for the upcoming sabbath to be worth doing anyway.

Also, I am sure there isn't any time available to be wasted on thinking about such pointless things as if you are happy or not, or if you are experiencing any joy. I am sure he belives the bible promises that if you obey god, then you must be happy and filled with joy, therefore, since he believes he is the most obedient person on earth, I am sure he believes he must be the happiest person on earth (because otherwise the bible wouldn't be inerrant) regardless of his actual experience. Mind over matter, I guess. Either that or hope springs eternal in the land of Denial.

And why does he sacrifice his every second? Because he is ambitious! He wants to be a top dog in the next life, and finally get some respect, power, and be able to call the shots for the rest of eternity. Unfortunately, probably once we're dead, we'll never wake up again, so none of his dreams of ruling with a rod of iron will ever come true, and he'll have merely wasted the one chance at life he did have for nothing.

Game Over. Thanks For Playing. Insert Coin.

Anonymous said...

"...I have a moral obligation to Cry Aloud and help the faithful virgin to remove ALL blemishes."

Does he? According to who? When was this obligation incurred?

No, he doesn't. He merely has the desire to let everyone know how much holier (better) than you he thinks he is.

Anonymous said...

That's right JC did celebrate Hanukah or the feast of the dedication (John 10:22). So Malm's argument is without merit. There's nothing wrong with celebrating national holidays at all as JC's own example demonstrates from this passage. And I know of some who think even Hanukah is pagan! Malm thinks he is following Isaiah 58:1 but he's only following the demented and illogical arguments that have led to the "witchhunt" mentality popping up thruout history like the inquisition and Salem trials for example as if satan is lurking behind every bush and under every table! It's the fanatical version of our modern boogeyman. All I can say to him is "Grow up Malm!!"

DennisCDiehl said...

Anonymous said...

That's right JC did celebrate Hanukah or the feast of the dedication (John 10:22). So Malm's argument is without merit. There's nothing wrong with celebrating national holidays at all as JC's own example demonstrates from this passage. And I know of some who think even Hanukah is pagan! "

It would be ok even if Jesus didn't celebrate Hanukah or the Feast of Dedication.

Anonymous said...

Even though the book of John reports that he was walking around the Temple during "the Feast of Dedication" (chap 10), it doesn't say he celebrated Hanukkah.

LOL said...

Well, you can say that Thanksgiving is based in pagan holidays, but believe it or not, there's a lot of pagans out there who also believe it's wrong to celebrate Thanksgiving.

For Native Americans, and good pagans and wiccans, the image of happy pilgrims sitting around with their indigenous friends eating corn on the cob is really just a 20th century American myth. For those of Native American ancestry, it's considered a day of mourning for the genocide of their people. For those who are devout worshipers of nature and careful to obey ALL the commandments of their Earth Mother, it represents greed, oppression, and atrocity. Good pagans celebrate Mabon instead.

No matter what religion you belong to, the heathen, the infidels, and the profane are always the ones in control. The righteous always seem to be the losers. I need to start a religion in which the righteous get to be the winners both now and in the hereafter. The untold millions that will begin rolling in will really give me something to be thankful for.

So there you have it folks, Thanksgiving is a horrible celebration for both "true" pagans as well as "true" christians, and therefore should not be celebrated by anyone at all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:08 said " doesn't say he celebrated Hanukah". You're right, but then why does John even mention it unless the Jews were celebrating it at the time that Jesus was in Jerusalem and nothing is said of Him arguing against this national holiday? So if in this example He didn't condemn 1st cent. Israel for observing a national holiday that they made up outside of the Lev. 23 feasts then why do so many Armstrongists condemn 21st cent. Americans for observing a national holiday such as Thanksgiving? And if JC didn't observe Hanukah at that time with the rest of the Jews then does this mean that when the Sabbath or Unleavened Bread or Pentecost or "the Fast" and other Lev 23 holy days are mentioned in Acts that it's simply a time marker (like John 10:22) and it doesn't necessarily mean Paul or the other disciples were observing the days as holy days themselves, but just as an occasion to evangelize? Well then as Denny said, "It would be ok even if Jesus didn't celebrate Hanukah".

Anonymous said...

Malm has no respect for the truth and censors to prevent having to deal with it.

Douglas Becker said...

Did Ambassador College actually have any virgins?

Not after GTA got finished with them.

Thanksgiving is a Day I give thanks for being delivered from Armstrongism.

Byker Bob said...

Frankly, I would challenge Malm to cite a single scriptural example of God calling and working through an asshole. Since there are none, then why do all of these incredible assholes believe that God has called them to do a great work today during the modern era?

Isn't that alone enough to disprove and debunk Armstrongism and invalidate all of the ACOG splinters.


Anonymous said...

Byker Bob wrote:
Frankly, I would challenge Malm to cite a single scriptural example of God calling and working through an asshole. Since there are none

You are mistaken. Gerald Flurry and Rod Meredith and Ron Weinland are mentioned in the Bible as instruments of God. Judges 15:15-16:

And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith. And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.

God worked through the jaw of an ass in Old Testament times, and He continues to do so today.