Saturday, December 8, 2012

James Malm: HWA Was An Apostate and NOT An Apostle

Apostle Malm is sure to tick off many of his rabid HWA followers with the following statement.  Malm claims HWA was an apostate and false teacher.  Yet, everything Malm teaches is the stuff he learned from HWA and his ministry.  Malm though, has taken all of HWA's teachings to a depth of depravity that HWA never even imagined!

In the 70s HWA watered down Sabbath, Holy Days and many other doctrines, most importantly he exalted himself above God by saying that he was the later day Peter [the Catholic Primacy of Peter heresy] and could bind and loose God’s word as he chose. He then said that he could do anything HE wanted and God had to back him up; making himself sovereign and God subject to HWA’s will.

HWA was an apostle only in the fact that all elders of the COG7 were ordained as elders and apostles. Later when he returned his credentials to them he gave up those titles and then he claimed that he was a prophet [he had very close to a 100% failure rate in his prophetic proclaimations] and the ONLY apostle since the first century; not a humble bone in that man’s body.

This man was an apostate and NOT an apostle of Jesus Christ. It is my sincere hope and prayer that he found a place of repentance before he died.


Byker Bob said...

Finally James agrees with us on a very key point!

But, this is not unlike someone I once knew who bragged about "leaving the church", and then we later learned that she kept all of the WCG doctrines at home.

Too funny!


Douglas Becker said...

Herbert Armstrong was so wrong that no one who discusses him as even an apostate should receive any credence.

Herbert Armstrong was a nothing who conned people to give him money and had no integrity and no accountability.

It's not clear if he worshipped one god or two: He certainly worshipped himself, but whether he actually worshipped money or not is up to question.

We think so, and if so, he believed in a binary god.

Anonymous said...

"...she kept all the WCG doctrines at home."

This describes my late mother to a tee. How many people could sense that there was something wrong with HWA and his church -- enough wrong to actually quit going to church and supporting it with donations, but couldn't give up his doctrinal scheme?

Steve Kisack said...

We can't even give up his name. We have to continually talk about him. He's engrained in our psyche.We're hooked on herbie!

Anonymous said...

"[(HWA) had very close to a 100% failure rate in his prophetic proclaimations]"

Maybe Herbert W. Armstrong was onto something but just off a bit with his timing by anywhere from 70 to 100 years or more.

William F. Dankenbring wrote an article exposing HWA's wrong prophetic guesses. But, WFD did not seem to learn anything from it all. WFD produced a magazine of his own that he called Prophecy Flash that just turned out to be more Prophecy Trash.

Now, James D. Malm has started to complain about HWA's wrong prophetic guesses. But, do not expect JDM to learn anything from it all. All JDM's own prophetic guesses will be just a bunch of garbage.

Head Usher said...

No, anon 10:27, do not say that HWA was "just off a bit with his timing."

Either GOD ALMIGHTY creator of heaven and earth was "just off a bit with his timing" OR ... HWA was just one more false prophet who spoke only for himself, not for any god.

You should not be allowed to get away with some kind of middle ground between these two, because there isn't any!

There is nothing to be learned from any man who pretends to speak for god, so don't pretend there is.

Byker Bob said...

People let their heroes get off with sloppy prophecy. If Elijah were alive today, he wouldn't just say there are going to be more hurricanes. He'd tell us specifically where God had revealed to him that the very next hurricane was going to be, why, if this were a deviation from normal weather cycles, the hurricane was going to hit, and what people needed to do to prevent it from becoming necessary.

Idiots speculating about the revival of the Roman Empire, and guessing that they'd expand Hitler's activities just don't cut it. Neither do people who make some nebulous statement about problems in the sports world. And, the people making such statements fail to even see that anything might be wrong with themselves.


Nick said...

Hallelujah! Now if only the other people still enmeshed in the COGs would see the light as well! Armstrong wasn't an apostle or a prophet. And to claim his timing was a bit off is to justify his heresies. Besides he cut and paste so many predictions from other Xian groups like the British-Israelites and Adventists it would be an insult to these groups to say he was right when these groups made similar if not the same predictions as he did BEFORE him! He just twisted them to suit his own worldview. And like his endless false prophecies those following in his steps will not be blamed for nothing when they're proven wrong too e.g. Weinland and his prophetic rubbish for starters and Flurry with his bent "north is south" compass thinking Iran(!) is the King of the South instead of an Egyptian coalition, etc.

Anonymous said...

Q: Why does James Malm condemn HWA, but gives his public approval of Paul's apostleship?

A: Because, James Malm is an evil deceiver, like all the rest who who say they are apostles, but are not.

Anonymous said...

"Often he transforms himself into 'an angel of light' by presenting his apostles of falsehood as messengers of truth." -- Saul/Paul would've known it takes one to known one.