Monday, December 3, 2012

Malm Asks: Can A Mad Man With A Nuclear Bomb Cause An Earthquake?

The inner workings of a brain entrenched in Armstrongite mythology is an interesting thing.  It is capable of all kinds of wild scenarios whether it be with prophecy or every day life.  Satan and mad men reign supreme.  God's people are in danger of everything.  Jesus Christ is not capable of helping them. It's a cruel wicked world out there and the brethren need mighty men to warn them of the dangers.

Apostle Malm has a post up today about American earthquakes. Its about the New Madrid quake zone and the San Andreas fault zone.  Both are areas that scientists have regularly said will experience  massive earthquakes.  It could be today or decades down the line.

Malm writes:

A major earthquake of 8 – 9 is expected in the relatively near future, and if pressure continues to build could be of even greater power.

The scripture warns us that at the end time earthquakes will increase in number and intensity and Revelation warned of some truly massive events.

When our nations are rejected by Christ and the blessings promised to our forefathers are withdrawn and the final false prophet is set up;  could the opening events of our tribulation include such a major earthquake that would send the US back a century into a third world condition?

Even worse, could such an earthquake be accompanied by the expected massive “Big One” on the west coast? Aand perhaps more hurricanes?

Such events, accompanied by a cyber attack which wipes out the remaining financial, transportation, security, etc, etc systems, would bring the nation crashing back to the dark ages, with a starving population becoming susceptible to disease.

The apostle then ends his fearful article with this comment:

One more question:  Apart from the natural or from God; could a very smart fellow, perhaps with spirit guidance; explode a weapon at the right spot to trigger a massive earthquake?

Malm, Thiel, Flurry, Pack and all the rest of the whack doodle ministers in charge of the splinter cults live in a world of fear.  Fear drives their organizations.  Fear causes members to be afraid. Fear brings the money in.


Anonymous said...

A better question might be-

Can a Mad Malm with a computer make his x-wife sorry for leaving his crazy ass?

(Answer: No. Lately, any 'earthquakes' experienced in her "special no-no place" have had NOTHING to do with her ex-husband Malm.)


Douglas Becker said...

Can a mad man with a PhD cause a stir?

Head Usher said...

Let me get this straight, Jamaes Malm is predicting the most unlikely earthquake event in North America? Not saying it's impossible, but...

His map tells quite a story. Obviously, the New Madrid Quake will make every other quake in the history of the world look like a small fart. When it comes in the imminent future, it will be magnitude 20 on the Richter Scale. It will be so big it will cause hurricanes and cyber attacks. Oh yes, and it will be triggered by a spirit-guided nuclear bomb!

Bravo! Scaremongering at it's finest!

Must make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, feeling so certain that all those non-armstrongites and splinter cult laodiceans are about to get their comeuppance after ignoring his earthshattering message for so long.

This guy makes your standard conspiracy theory whack job seem pretty rational.

Byker Bob said...

We could all sit in a circle and come up with a laundry list of potential disasters. But, would that be healthy? And, in spiritual terms, would contemplating these increase our faith, or in some way enhance our lives?

The Bible tells us that God rains on the just and the wicked. We know the opposite is true as well, because natural disasters affect both good people and evil people. Believers seek God's guidance and protection, and often are spared the worst of the worst. So, what's the point of endless forecast, and endless worry. The net effect on worriers' lives can be like Peter and the wind. We all had a beginning, and we will all have an end. You could either worry, or you could have faith. You'd think an "apostle" would know that.


Bob Thiel said...

Your suggestion that I write to generate money for any organization is false. And you should know that. I also do not live in fear (cf. Luke 12:32).

Anonymous said...

Well, in the theme of it takes one to know one- I would say Malm is indeed mad.

GrandPa Nimrod said...

---could the opening events of our tribulation include such a major earthquake that would send the US back a century into a third world condition?

No but Barack Obama could.

Douglas Becker said...

The History International Cable Channel had a great documentary on the various ways the world could come to an end.

It's entertaining and it's just a race of which one will kill us off first. I like the Yellowstone Supervolcano scenario. It should be spectacular!

I thought that daft mad men with PhDs wrote to generate money for themselves. I would never suggest otherwise, myself. As far as fear goes, I think we've all matured beyond that.

Anonymous said...

"Bob Thiel said...

Your suggestion that I write to generate money for any organization is false. And you should know that. I also do not live in fear (cf. Luke 12:32)."

Of course you don't write to make money for anyone else. You write to make money for yourself. But you split hairs, the point is, the purpose of your writing is money. (Is that a bad thing?)

You quote scripture expecting us to believe it:
"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." - god

Then if we quote back we should expect you to believe it too, right?
"We don't know what happens after we die." - Richard Dawkins

Can you find the intellectually honest quote, little flock?

Anonymous said...

Funny, isn't it? There is always one member of a crowd that has been sprayed by a skunk who insists that he doesn't stink like the rest of them.

Sharon said...

Thiel has got a lot of nerve popping on here claiming innocence that he does not promote FEAR.

Just take a look at his blog entry today on "Real Threats To US and

Just more fear mongering.

By the way Bob, isn't it great that this blog allows people to comment, like yourself? Why do you prohibit people from responding to your postings? Pretty hypocritical I would say....

Anonymous said...

What Sharon said ^.

Byker Bob said...

Speaking of skunks, and truth in advertising, I think HWA should have been compelled to dye his hair black on the sides, leaving the center portion white. At least people might have then had some advance warning of his toxicity!


Byker Bob said...

Hey! That's actually a good suggestion for some impactful graphics! Gary? James? Gavin? Click on to your photoshopping tools!