Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apostle Malm: Passover 2013: No Foreskins Allowed!

If you are getting ready to take the Passover with apostle Malm's little cult then you had better be prepared to have  it cut off!  He can't have any filthy, pagan, foreskin wearing, unrepentant sinners in his midst.

The apostle is starting to teach his acolytes to prepare for his bastardized Passover this year.  The apostle claims to have started to prepare for this years Passover immediately after the Feast of Tabernacles.  Talk about being self-righteous!

 I began this process of Passover preparation right at the past Feast of Tabernacles, when I began to study the Psalms of David, a man after God’s own heart. Revealing how we also can be men after God’s own heart. psalm 119 in particular sums up how to become like God!

Apostle Malm claims that humans are capable of following all of God's laws so that they can become like Jesus Christ.

Proper preparation for Passover is a thorough self examination and repentance from all compromise and disobedience to the commandments of God.  It involves a re-commitment to our marriage vow of espousal to Christ which we made at our baptism.

Our commitment was to follow Christ wherever he goes and to obey him in all things; to keep all of his commandments with uncompromising zeal; and to follow his teachings to the fullest in our counduct and in our very minds, thinking on them and working to understand and apply them day and night.

Repent and be baptised in a commitment to remain free of sin for an eternal future, and to love and obey our espoused Husband and his Father.

Know this:  No uncircumcised person shall partake of the Passover!

As no physical person could partake of the Passover without circumcision; NO person in the SPIRITUAL sense can partake of the SPIRITUAL Passover without being circumcised of heart.
I guess all of you lazy sinners out there had better get ready to study Leviticus and Deuteronomy 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that you can be prepared to take the Passover this year.

Oh,  by the way, all of you apostates in the various Churches of God are keeping it on the wrong day!  Only the truly enlightened ones in the Church of Malm will be doing it on the right day.

This spring the church organization will be observing Passover on the wrong date, a few days early. In a few more weeks I will be posting a Passover service model to help those brethren who are forced to take Passover at home.

You need not fear being alone with God; he will be very pleased that you are doing your best to please him by keeping your appointment with HIM; while so many others are missing their meeting with God by not being there on the day God has appointed.
Please brethren!  Leave the dark side and come over to the light!  The light of the law!  Where joy and freedom abound and tears are no more.


Anonymous said...

I recall the Apostle Paul saying somewhere. "Are you uncircumcised, seek not to be circumcised. Are you circumcised, seek not to become uncircumcised..."

What? I get the first part but how do you undo it?

I did meet a guy once who circumcised elephants for the circus of all things. He said the pay was lousy but the tips were big! LOL

I guess that would be called "Circuscised' like what you'd have to do to join Malm's Merry Men...

Anonymous said...

How can you be against gay marriage if we are to be like "our espoused husband and his father," if your a guy???

Anonymous said...

I thought Jesus was our elder brother, High Priest and soon coming King? So I am marrying my brother who will be my husband and my father in law never married but impregnated my brother's mom who would be my mom too then and did it by the my Uncle the Holy Spirit?

I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

Why do you mock Mr. Malm? He is doing Gods work that sadly is not being done by ANY of the COG's today. I would not want to be in any of your shoes when you are standing in front of Christ on judgement day!

Anonymous said...

"You need not fear being alone with God; he will be very pleased that you are doing your best to please him..."

Good thing the apostle knows exactly when god is pleased or not. When I was entrenched in Armstrongism, I always used to wonder what god really thought about my performance, but Malm has no doubts about how god feels about everyone, himself and YOU! So then, since god is obviously revealing all of his feelings to Malm, I guess he's the one I should be following.


Anonymous said...

Good thing there isn't any such thing as Je-- sorry, I meant CHRIST, "god's work," or "judgment day." I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when there turns out never to be any such thing as a "resurrection" either. Oh, wait, you'll never know!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go pray to Krishna to bless my nutritious lunch of thin, tender, lightly cooked asparagus spears.

Anonymous said...


Byker Bob said...

Anon 12:24, the problem is that Malm is doing the wrong "god's" work! You need to get past the old "God as HWA on steroids" model.
That was false teaching, should cause some real shakin' in the boots on judgement day, and is best forgotten.


Byker Bob said...

Also, how does Malm intend to enforce this? Honor system? Or do all of the men have to "drop trou" as they enter Passover services to allow Malm to perform an inspection? How will he deal with a situation in which someone who "used to be" gay prior to learning "the truth" accidentally gets excited?

Sounds like this dude really has opened up a can of worms!


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:56 asked: "What? I get the first part but how do you undo it?"

I recall watching an Aussie program "Insight" a while back debating circumcision and there was 1 guy who was undergoing some procedure to undo his circumcision which he had as a baby. His self-esteem had been affected during his teen years because of it and so now after having this procedure done he feels better about himself. I've read that during the Greek Empire the Jews who had become Hellenized and wanted to undo their circumcision would attempt to pull the remaining skin for some time until it became elastic enough to cover the head. So anyway I'm just saying there are ways to undo it. Although I don't see the point. We're not meant to live forever in this mortal body.

Head Usher said...

Even if there were a god, and even if that god turned out to be the christian god, and the bible turned out to be his inerrant word -- some pretty big "ifs" -- Malm would still be full of holes because he preaches "zealous" adherence only to the letter of the law, not the intent of the law. The perfection and heavenly righteousness such as he incessantly browbeats everyone to aspire to in this life, is only attainable by a human being if they're thinking only in terms of the letter of the law. If you're thinking about it terms of the spirit of the law, you can just forget all the perfectionistic crap, because you're never gonna get within 100 miles of the ballpark.

If Malm ever stopped for 2 seconds with his outward, ritualistic, ceremonial, symbolic, (essentially selfish but otherwise useless) acts of devotion that he's trying to brown-nose and appease his imaginary "god" with, he might realize that figuring in the spirit of the law, such as "lust = adultery" and "anger = murder," that alone would make his entire OCD theology crumble to dust. But his mind is unable to fathom this. The record-player in Malm's head started skipping a long time ago and his thinking has been stuck in an incessant 2-second loop for many, many years now I suppose. At this point, it seems nothing can jar it loose. Doesn't Malm want to know what's on the rest of the record? I guess not. But then, fundamentalists are not typically known for their curiosity or their ability to deal productively with new ideas or experiences.

Besides, who would even want to believe in a god who would reward sycophantic brown-nosers in the first place? If I were a god, those types would would go to the back of the line, regardless of how "sincere" they thought they were. Malm's whole approach is absolutely nauseating.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Why do you mock Mr. Malm?

"Leeeeave Britney (Spears) alooooone!!!!


Anonymous said...

You're completely right Head Usher! Malm's whole theology centers on the letter of the Law as if it identifies righteousness and perfection. And yet Christ Jesus ignored the ritual aspects of the Law to heal lepers and raise the dead eg He touched the unclean when a word would've sufficed; and He changed or abolished some laws eg vows were nullified for simple honesty, divorce was severely restricted and vengeance against enemies was forbidden.

Malm, and those who think like him, is regretfully stuck in the OT, which can lead to self-righteousness and legalism along with all its inherent dangers like "us vs them" mentality, ethnic and religious conflict and doctrinal divisions--all of which are evident in Armstrongism. And yet what did Isaiah (64:6) say about those who think their obedience to the Law can save them? Their "righteousness" is like used tampons! That's how far below it falls in relation to the intrinsic righteousness of God, which was manifested apart from the Law in Christ Jesus and is imputed to us by our faith in Him and Him alone (Rom 3:21-22). Remember the Law allowed for nationalistic violence eg to kill for what we believe in, but Christ by His own example demonstrated that His followers would be known for the reverse eg they'd lay down their lives for what they believed in (John 18:36).

I seriously wonder if Malm had lived during Christ's time whether he'd have sided with those legalistic religious leaders who ended up killing the Christ seeing how dogmatic and obsessed with the Law he is. Nor does it surprise me that people who differ with his opinions and try to share their views with him or point out his errors are censored by him and not published. And to that I can only say to Malm as a wise man once said, "You have not convinced a man by silencing him!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, your advice to James Malm was/is: "...Nor does it surprise me that people who differ with his opinions and try to share their views with him or point out his errors are censored by him and not published. And to that I can only say to Malm as a wise man once said, "You have not convinced a man by silencing him!"..."

Good advice, but as you said, he would only censor it...so that his readers can't see that there are some, who cite scripture to him, who disagree with him. James does have some "form of righteousness," but it not "of God" and that is obvious to many.

James likes to boast of keeping the law. Where is God and His Spirit in any of that? With James it's all SELF! And SELF-righteousness, but he cannot see it in himSELF! So, he has to censor and turn a blind eye to scriptures that people point out to him.

I have the following advice for James via the Apostle Paul's words, but James' mind can't bear to believe them:

Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

With James Malm, it's all about the SELF and what the SELF must do to strive to impress a God, but no flesh will glory in God's presence.

How will God work it all out? For one thing, without James Malm's actions, thoughts and words, but more importantly, the bottom line witll be this:

"...God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation." 2 Corinthians 5:19

But that shows no dependance upon the SELF! God must somehow do it all. The spirit that drives James Malm (James 4:5) cannot accept the words of that verse, so out would come his blind eye...and his censorship again! Oh, well, life goes on..........


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you hear the one about the Mohel (Jewish rabbi who performs circumcisions), who carried around a wallet made from foreskins? You rub it three times and it turns into a suitcase! (Sorry, I just HAD to! :0 )13 gemposts