Thursday, January 3, 2013

Geoff Neilson: HWA and GTA Soon To Be Resurrected To Be Two Witnesses

Geoff has been predicting this would happen for many years.  He posted again today that HWA and GTA will both be resurrected to serve as the Two Witnesses.  Geoff is not an isolated case that believes this.  There are still many in the COG that believe HWA will be resurrected for a final witness.

Note how Revelation 11:1-3 closely follows 10:11,
which indicates that a prophet in the endtime
who had already prophesied to royalty and many nations

This can't refer to some supposed Elijah who arrives
at the start of the great Tribulation,
never having prophesied before.

If Herbert W. Armstrong was the apostle to the 6 th church,
by definition he is one of the Two Witness prophets.
There aren't 8th and 9th church/lampstands.
Nor an 8th and 9th messenger.

HWA being the 6th, I deduce that GTA must be the 7th.
He brought more people into the Church than anyone except his father,
and probably was responsible for more becoming Laodicean than anyone else.
Besides, Mr Herbert Armstrong's views about Zerubbabel and Joshua
lend credence to that view;
and to be fulfilled both HWA and GTA must return.

The issue of the difference between Philadelphians and Laodiceans
would most visibly be resolved if GTA came back and
acknowledged the God-given authority of his father,
which would influence many Laodiceans to repent during
the Tribulation.

The Two Witnesses are empowered supernaturally.
Being resurrected (back to mortality)
is not far fetched, nor without precedent in Scripture.
Maybe one reason God gets especially HWA to return
is because of this prophecy in Isaiah 22:29-30


Byker Bob said...

That would be fruitless, wouldn't it? Unless they were resurrected to show them they were wrong.

Idolatry, in its extremes, is painful to watch.


Corky said...

Anyone who believes any of that mess is batshit crazy. If any of them live near you - move - faraway - today!

Anonymous said...

OK, I must confess to utter ignorance here: who is Geoff Neilson? Does the loony parade NEVER end!?

Anonymous said...

I believe on of the Two Witnesses went to prison yesterday for a time , times and half a time. Bummer that delays everything!!!

No...the Loon parade never ends. If it ended too soon at least, it would not be much of a parade.

This year, Dr. Robert Thiel was the Grand Marshall of the Rogues Parade. He appeared on his Loonicycle and was a great hit for the month of December and January.

Anonymous said...

If this were the case you would end up with two men who didn't like each other. I assume that God would have to just not resurrect HWA, but to give him the body he had a good twenty five years before he died. And I'm guessing GTA wasn't exactly in tip top shape either. I'm thinking it would be easier if God would just go in another direction...

Anonymous said...

Seriously these people who believe that God's gonna raise HWA or GTA from the dead to be the 2 witnesses are living in a fantasy world!!! I would hedge my bets that if He was going to raise someone from the dead to do this it'd be Enoch, Moses, Elijah or John (the apostle). I mean, there are far better men who would fulfil such positions (alive or dead!) rather than insanely thinking HWA or GTA were ever fit to perform such a role--both of whom by their false prophecies, sexual immorality, theft, etc were proven to be no where near apostle or prophet status!! These Armstrong worshippers need to get their heads out of the s--thole of fantasizing about these men as if they're more than John the Baptist or JC Himself and wake the f--k up!! You seriously don't need any more proof than this that the ACOGs are CULTS seeing how they subconsciously if not consciously worship the Armstrongs!!!

Anonymous said...

But will they be able to control their libido's the next time around??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote: "...these people who believe that God's gonna raise HWA or GTA from the dead to be the 2 witnesses are living in a fantasy world!!!"

Well, Anon, you know the old saying that religion is little more than socially accepted delusion.

Although these people (and most certainly Prophet Thiel) see themselves as the living embodiments of God-revealed wisdom and insight FAR beyond what the rest of us can ever hope to attain. Just look at how publicly and unashamedly they proclaim their many claims, which prove erroneous repeatedly, and yet this reality NEVER stops them. They just ignore such documented facts and start boldly proclaiming their NEXT insight into what's soon to "burst forth on the world scene!"

That's why I, as well as many others who comment here on this site, truly believe that psychosis of a very severe and serious nature is motivating much of their behavior.

Anonymous said...

For those who still think that HWA and GTA where rightious prophets who will be reserected to be the two witnesses be advised.


Anonymous said...

Anon, read your Bible, especially the Old Testament: many folks presumably being worked with by God did much of the same thing, and often far worse. Not justifying such behavior in either HWA or GTA, but it's all spelled out there in black and white for those who have the stomach to take it at face value.

AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO SCREAM - AND USE ENDLESS EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - most people here are well informed about HWA's and GTA's moral shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

I think we have to look at the whole package of what HWA and GTA where a part of as leaders and drivers of an abusive and controling organization not just there "moral shortcomings". If there is a God and if he reserects two people as the "two witnesses" by new testament standards these men would not even qualify to be elders not just because of their "moral shortcomings" but also because they spiritualy abused their followers.

Anonymous said...

Many things are not, in fact, just crazy enough to work.

Anonymous said...

2013 begins with a new book about the furthering fragmentation of the old WCG and it's offshoots, though a bit over-priced in my estimation:

Anonymous said...

Here's a review of the above book out on UCG's website. OK then, it must be favorable toward the UCG then:

Anonymous said...

If we were going to be biblical, (a radical idea, given the site's subject), there is an apparent resurrection in Revelation, i.i.r.c: the anti-Christ, who suffers an apparently fatal wound, but comes back from the dead. Either Armstrong therefore could be revived in fulfillment of prophecy! (if Hitler/Presley are still alive, why not Armstrong/Armstrong, (I'm definitely not grouping Presley with ANY of the other men!) Of course, Flurry, Pack & Fiends could meet this description if they die soon enough!