Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Movie To Be Filmed On The Pasadena Campus: "The Inappropriator: Blood On The Egrets"

There is another movie soon to be filmed that will incorporate the Pasadena campus.  This should be like homecoming week for Arnie since he spoke in the college gym decades ago.

Katie Couric interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Katie: " Arnold, I hear you are going to star in a big come-back movie."
Arnold: "Ya, dat is true."

Katie: "What is the movie about?"
Arnold: "It's about Bob Thiel shooting males who want to be in his church but are not appropriate enough."

Katie: "So, it's another action movie?"
Arnold: "Ya, it will be action-packed!"

Katie: "What made you choose this for your big come-back movie?"
Arnold: "Since it's about Bob Thiel, billions and billions of people will watch it. Just like the billions and billions of people who watch his sermons."

Katie: "Wow! Billions and billions! That sounds like a no-brainer!"
Arnold: "Ya. And Bob Thiel is a no-brainer, too."

Katie: "How are you preparing for this role?"
Arnold: "I'm getting properly un-pumped up, and getting in touch with my inner 'girly-man' "

Katie: "Anything else?"
Arnold: "Ya. I punch my book cases to make them crooked, then I put a picture of The Baron on a fluffy heart-shaped pillow and kiss it before I go to sleep."

Katie: "Where will this movie be filmed?"
Arnold: "At a fantastic location in Pasadena, Colleyfornia."

Katie: "Is there a name for the movie?"
Arnold: "Ya. It's The Inappropriator: Blood on the Egrets

Katie: "Wow! Sounds like it will be a cult classic!"
Arnold: "Ya, you don't know the half of it!"

Katie: "Anything else you can tell us?"
Arnold: "Ya. It will be my most fantastic line ever. Even bigger than, 'I'LL BE BACK!', or, 'My nipples are very sensitive' "

Katie: "What line is that?"
Arnold: "After I shoot them and blood splatters on the egrets, I say, "You've just been inappropriated!" "

Katie: "That sounds ... interesting!"
Arnold: "Ya. It will be fantastic and seen by billions."

ht: Norm


xhrc said...

Love it! The blood dripping down the egrets will look pretty cool especially since the Harvest Crock cult painted them white.

DennisCDiehl said...

Besta La Feasta Baby!!!!

Bill Lussenheide said...
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Joe Moeller said...

Arnold is so appropriately BAD ASS ASSYRIAN too! A fulfillment of prophecy!

Perfect Casting!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY