Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ron Weinerdude Weinland: Babies Conceived Now Will Be Born After Christ Returns in May 2013

I have to hand it to Mike over at Don't Drink the Flavor Aid Served By False Prophets for his patience in sitting down and listening to the convicted felon Ron Wienland's sermon each week.  Listening to 2 hours of mindless stupidity has to be taxing on the brain.

Mike posted today about Weinerdudes sermon this past Saturday.  The one thing that stood out was his comment about women in his cult delaying having babies.

Many PKG women have continually deferred having children since the end-time has been imminent for several years now.  Ron read an email he composed on the topic.  Basically, it’s between the husband and wife and God, and other members are not to judge them for doing it.  
 Then Weinerdude opens his mouth and makes a totally absurd comment:

Ron suggested that any child conceived now would be born after Christ returns in May.
How can supposedly relatively sane people sit there and listen to this kind of idiotic preaching?


Anonymous said...

If Ron knew anything about childbirth and pregnancy, he'd have more accurately said last September if any baby is conceived now it will be born after Christ coming in May. What a fartmonger.

Anonymous said...

In RW's world everything happens in about 42 months or less

Anonymous said...

"How can supposedly relatively sane people sit there and listen to this kind of idiotic preaching?"

But is his audience relatively sane? I'm not terribly convinced they are. Most of them have enabled Weinland for many years now with both moral and financial support, and this in spite of all his patently ridiculous delusions and false predictions. The dying embers of rationality may still be barely alive in them, but dimming quickly. This is what happens when individuals give their mind over to an obvious lunatic masquerading as a "man of God." The arrogant unwillingness of people to simply acknowledge that they've made a terrible mistake in judgment can have life-destroying consequences.

Anonymous said...

Dave crows:

"So was watching Hurricane Sandy suddenly turn 90 degrees north while still in Pennsylvania without which turn there would have been enormous damage to our new building."

One of the main reasons they call storms like Sandy "Noreasters" is because of their tendency not to go West. They miraculously tend to go up the coast in a northerly and while Sandy was a big one, continue north and then east.

Nortoofarwesters are very uncommon.

We do know that had any bad weather actually hit Davneyland it would have been credited to Satan who is endeavoring to destroy God's True Headquarters. Fundys and Bronze Age Baal worshippers can't lose!

A miss = God loves us (ME)
A hit = Satan hates us (ME) but God still loves US (me)

Doing the hard work of theological, historical and political study of Bible origins, intent, meaning, writing styles, language and context is waaaaaay to hard, takes too long and would put me out of business.

The increase in knowledge, truly so called, in our times, will be not proof of the end of time, but the beginning of the end of religion and theology taught poorly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Audra! Still happy with your life choices?

Ryan Henson