Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ron Weinland: Convicted Felon Has Prison Time Delayed

The worlds biggest failure in prophetic utterances has had his sentencing delayed for 30days.  He is now scheduled to report to prison on Feb 1, 2013. 

Mike is reporting on Don't Drink The Flavor Aid Served By False Prophets that the epic failure succeeded in getting his sentencing delayed.  Apparently the Bureau of Prisons failed to designate a prison for his 2 1/2 year stent and Weinerdudes attorneys took advantage of it.

(at Covington)
Criminal Action No. 2: 11-70-DCR
*** *** *** ***
Defendant Ronald Weinland was sentenced on November 14, 2012. However, based on representations of counsel, it does not appear that the Bureau of Prisons has made a designation of service as of this date. As a result, the defendant has moved the Court to continue his voluntary surrender date which was originally scheduled for January 2, 2013. Being sufficiently advised, and in light of the exigencies presented, it is hereby
ORDERED as follows:
1. The defendant’s motion to continue his voluntary surrender date [Record No. 113]
2. The defendant’s date for voluntary surrender to the Bureau of Prisons is EXTENDED and CONTINUED to February 1, 2013, prior to 2:00 p.m., at the institution designated by the Bureau of Prisons.
3. The Clerk of the Court is directed to provide copies of this Order to counsel of record, the United States Probation Office, and the United States Marshal. The United States Marshal shall provide the Bureau of Prisons with a copy of this Order.
This 28th day of December, 2012.
/s/ Danny C Reeves, United States District Judge


Anonymous said...


El Weinerdude is old news. His fate in the hands of the United States Government is signed, sealed, and delivered. His case is a sad, sad, sad case of complete mental breakdown in my opinion. I hope he enjoys the prison slop, cold bunk beds and complete regulation.

Thiel is much more entertaining, and he'll probably be entertaining us for a long long time, as I'm sure he (or anyone else for that matter) is smart enough to not try to cheat the United States out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue, and not dumb enough to issue specific prophecies or issue curses on people, or hold conferences where there is no members or whatever stupid stuff Ron did. :P Thiel will just give ridiculously boring messages and spout off his awesomeness (LOL) with extreme arrogance and disclaimers and stuff I bet.

Corky said...

They'll put him in one of those minimum security prisons where he can live for 2 1/2 years with nearly all the luxuries of home. A pretty much better life than his broke followers. But, he'll be out on parole in 6 months, no big deal. He can then play the martyr for the rest of his life.

Being a first offender, if he had pleaded guilty to start with, he wouldn't even be going to prison but only paying fines, penalties and interest. Which proves he's a dumbass who thought he could get away with it.

It's got to be a rude awakening when an apostle is not reCOGnized as such by the government.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Well, now. Wikipedia says that parole has been abolished in the federal system. My other research indicates he'll serve just over 3 years.

What is your source for claiming he'll be paroled in 6 months?