Friday, February 15, 2013

Apostle Malm: New Pope Will Be Doing Miracles By October

Apostle Malm is all in a dither right now with the upcoming resignation of the Pope.  Buying into the mindless fantasies of Fatima and Malaky, apostle Malm believes this will be the last Pope that will usher in the persecution of TRUE Christians, forced work on Saturdays, and the setting up of the abomination of desolation in Jerusalem.  Then once you see the Pope in Jerusalem you will know that there are exactly 1,335 days left till Jesus Christ comes to wreck vengeance upon the pagan world.

At the same time the resignation of Benedict XVI opens the way for a younger charismatic pope to take the reigns and begin to deceive the world’s people into regarding him as an ultimate moral authority.  A very important occasion being World Youth Day in Rio in late July.

The assembled cardinals will want a new pope who can electrify the world from Rio, where vast numbers will be gathered to hear the pope, and millions more will watch from around the world.  The fact that he will be new will generate even more interest.

The final pope should already have immense popularity,  when, he is empowered to do miracles as the final abomination as early as early Oct.

Dan 12 tells us that from the time the abomination is set up [doing miracles with the power of Satan], there will be a maximum of 1,335 days until Christ comes to set up the Kingdom of his Father over all the earth.

The apostle then goes on to warn all COG folk out there that their asses are on the line and are set to be destroyed unless they join up with him.  Jesus Christ is really, really pissed at the COG!

While the war and a peace deal may be very quick, or may take into 2014;  it is certain that we are in the last days before the vast majority of today’s COG Groups are rejected by Christ and the tribulation begins.

Of course every good prophet needs some wiggle room:

It is possible that another interim pope will be selected, but the signs of the times strongly indicate that this coming pope will be the last one and will become empowered by Satan at the appointed time; quite possibly in early Oct this year, or a year later.


Anonymous said...

*opens Banned by HWA blog for some entertaining Sabbath reading*

*stares at headline of latest blog posting*

*has this reaction*

*closes Banned by HWA blog quietly*

Douglas Becker said...

Just more silly hyperbole from untreated mentally ill.

Byker Bob said...

How nice.

Actually, there is a lot of end time speculation in the Christian community. The difference between Armstrongism and mainstream Christianity in this is the way in which it is used. HWA used the tribulation in much the same way as Mohammad used actual war to gain converts to Islam. Threat of war, and actual war. They both constitute manipulation.

Mainstream Christianity teaches that the end will come, but does not pretend to know all of the details, and usually just offers assistance rather than brand certain ones as unconverted, others as Laodecean, or the "best" group, Philadelphian. Armstrongism always pretended to be the gatekeepers to the place of safety, and ultimately to the kingdom.

Even if the Bible is of greater authenticity than, let's say, Nostradamus, very little is spelled out in detail. Most religious scholars believe that the ten nations will be from the historic Roman Empire, but since it requires much imagination to read the USA or even all of the English speaking nations into the Bible, whose guess work appears more credible seemingly lies largely in one's trusting someone claiming to be a prophet, or apostle, or for that matter, anyone who speaks authoritatively.

Mystery Bablylon could just as easily come from actual Babylon as it could from Rome. Some speculate that the beast will be Islamic, and will somehow corrupt the Pope, and cause him to apostasize from Christianity. They point to the martyrs in Revelation who have been beheaded, and note that only one culture is utilizing that form of execution today, radical Islam.

Some point to a specific place of safety, others read a gap into certain passages in Revelation (as HWA did into Genesis), only the gap in Revelation accommodates the rapture.

Malm, Thiel, King, Weinie the Pooh, and all of the major recognized ACOG leaders have accepted the word of HWA as if he had been a quasi-Biblical character, and pattern their "prophecies" after HWA. There is little room in their minds for reevaluation, intuitive thought, or additional revelation. If the endtime events are actually for real, and if these events depart from the original vision of HWA, they will not recognize the events until it is too late. The fact that they are still waiting for and trusting in things that were forecast for the 1970's is proof enough of this. If the beast is Islamic, and if he turns Europe into a jihad machine, nobody in the ACOGs will even blink. They'll be waiting for a German or Italian.

Best advice I could give to these delusional ones is, you'd better forget everything you think you know! And, stop using it as your big stick to ram your false teaching down everybody else's throats.


Head Usher said...

I doubt Malm actually puts any stock in Nostradamus or Malachy per se, it's just sort of the zeitgeist. Besides one of the key tenets of Armstrongism is that Jesus is going to return within five years. He's been going to return within five years since the 1930's, and for the indefinite future will continue to return within the next five years.

Also, I think that part of the success of both judaism and christianity is the fact that their scriptures spell out very little in detail. It allows them to be construed in an infinite number of ways, supporting all sorts of different flavors of deluded judgmental bastards. If everything had been nailed down, with very little wiggle room, it would probably suit a lot fewer people and christianity would probably have died out long ago.