Friday, February 15, 2013

Meteor Explodes in Russia and Non Ordained False Prophet Thiel Finds Biblical Significance In It

An extraordinary event happened in Russia.  A meteor exploded over a populated area causing injury and damage.  Immediately the false prophets of Armstrongism jumped into prophecy mode and used it as a sure sign of approaching doom and gloom. Did you know that meteors/comets could also be the prophesied "wormwood" from revelation?

The non-ordained false prophet  Robert Thiel was the first to jump on the band wagon since he, and he alone, is the worlds foremost authority on prophecy.  The desperately seeking to be recognized false prophet  said:

Despite the relatively small odds of a significantly large asteroid hitting the earth this century, something from space, probably an asteroid or a comet, is prophesied to do so.
Over 1900 years ago, the Apostle John was inspired to write the following in the Book of Revelation 8:10-11:
Then the third angel sounded: And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter.
A large comet hitting the earth would also seem to have similar effects to that of a medium-sized asteroid.  And having something actually hit the earth and do massive damage is predicted in the Bible.

Although the biblical Wormwood does not have to be a comet, and possibly could be an asteroid (or at least possibly come from the asteroid belt), it sounds more like a comet than an asteroid.


In addition to looking like a star falling from the heavens looking like a torch (and an asteroid could possibly do that), comets normally appear with cyanogen. Astronomers state hydrogen cyanide on comets may be their source of cyanogen gas.

Interestingly, the cyanogen gas mixes with water to form hydrogen cyanide, which has an almond odor and bitter taste, and reportedly causes death at concentrations over 5 parts per million.
And thus for Bible skeptics, the fact that before humans had any idea that comets could produce a poisonous bitter water, it is recorded in the Bible. This should be additional proof to those willing to see that the Bible has been inspired by God.

And while comets are still more likely to fulfill the Wormwood prophecy than asteroids, humans still have no real effective way to deal with potential asteroid devastation, and some day, a major object from the sky will strike the earth according to biblical prophecy.

NASA scientists now know that at least 1,000 nearby asteroids could do that, and have long known that certain comets could do this as well.

And part of Russia today, got to experience just a small foretaste of what objects from outer space can do.


DennisCDiehl said...

SC got splatterd by possible comet debris 13,500 years ago which blew up over Canada, melted a part of the Ice Sheet, caused the Younger/Dryas cooling period as it shut off the Gulf Stream and probably knocked out most megafauna, mammoths and Clovis types at that time.

The splatter was only seen from the air over major parts of SC. The splatter all points to the NW where the debris came in from.

These features were not seen until early airplane flight in the 1930's was able to look down and see these shallow depressions. There are over 50,000 of these in the state and all point NW to SE

Great stuff!!!! Clovis prophecy comes alive!!!

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully at the vapor trail of the says "Hi Bob"

Mee T. Orr

Anonymous said...

"meteors/comets could also be the prophesied "wormwood" from revelation"


Douglas Becker said...

Nutjob = zero credibility.

Byker Bob said...

Other than the fact that this meteor came from outer space, its impact on humanity fails to rise to the significance of Hurricane Sandy. The recent blizzard in the northeast caused greater damage.

These guys are just great at magnifying things to support their so-called evangelism. And, that is a primary advertising or sales technique which they learned well from their guru.


Anonymous said...

Was the asteroid that took out dinosaurs a god asteroid or just a dinosaurs asteroid?

Anonymous said...

Neither. It was just a regular asteroid. But it was sent by Satan as a message. To the dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Thiel says, "the fact that before humans had any idea that comets could produce a poisonous bitter water, it is recorded in the Bible"

Actually, this is not a fact. Biblicists are famous for suggesting that mankind was completely unaware of major scientific understanding, but that it was "revealed" by scripture of the bible canon. Only later, when we "modern scientifically evolved westerners" re-identified and named certain phenomena did it become "known." If it weren't so sad and arrogant, it would be funny.

Just a quick example, the ancient sumerians (records waaaaaay older than the bible)demonstrated knowledge of such relatively modern discoveries as the 9 planets of this system and Jupiter's 4 main moons, by the, information which wasn't known in modern times until the advent of the telescope. And an integral part of Nobel winning quantum physicist Erwin Schrodinger's work was material that he assimilated from the ancient Vedanta and Upanishads.

Thiel and all the ilk from WCG days are woefully ignorant and myopic regarding the broader scientific awareness of mankind and their records and physical testimonies that far pre-date the bible.

What a disservice to a real god and to all mankind, the blathering nonsense that they whoever will listen. The silver lining is that the audience is getting smaller and smaller.