Thursday, February 7, 2013

Prophet Bob Thiel Latest Video Condemning the Abomination of Valentines Day

Doesn't the world’s greatest doubly blessed prophet have the eyes to see how BAAAAAAAAAD his videos are?  The sets, the huge lap top screen, the flailing hands, the glare off his glasses, the pathetic plywood speakers stand......the list could go on and on.  Can you imagine sitting there in his little congregation and staring at the back of a lap top the entire time? Where is the "Ambassador" quality?  Where are the standards that HWA set for him?


Anonymous said...

Pretty bad. Dr T's hand gestures remind me of the kid on "Problem Child" during one of his funnier moments. He may as well wear the laptop around his neck and he really needs to have someone show him where the camera is so he can look at it instead of the ceiling.

His lap topping also gives the definite impression he really does not know the material and is trying to read it as if he did.

Once again...LCG has NOTHING to worry about.

I see he has one like and zero dislikes. It must be his like before he disabled

Anonymous said...

"Christians..not the real Christians....the other kind."


Sounds like a bad Spokesman's Club Speech. Someone also needs to tell him the Queen of Heaven is a Spring Equinox/Easter thing, and is not Jeremiah's way of condemning Valentines Day which did not exist of course at that time in Jeremiah's world. What a doof


Anonymous said...

Dr Bob just needs to get it over with and strap the laptop to his head. He could use someone to point to the camera for him so he can stop looking at the ceiling. His gestures remind me of the kid in "Problem Child"

LCG has NOTHING to be concerned about.

Anonymous said...

"Where is the "Ambassador" quality? Where are the standards that HWA set for him?"

They're in the bathroom inside the soap leaf dispenser.

Anonymous said...

This man reminds me of an accountant at my work presenting the quarterly budget report.

Assistant Deacon said...

Gotta WAVE THAT HOLY BIBLE at the outset, just to establish that this here is big-time Bible preachin'.

And, "greetings friends around the world." (Z-z-z-z...)

And, "this is DR. Bob Thiel." Gotta emphasize that credential, because, you know, not every theologian has a degree in nutrition science.

There's a part of me that is beginning to feel badly for this guy. A graduate degree in nutrition science, an ability to write, an aptitude for research...and he somehow feels that this is what he's supposed to do.

More wasted time and ability in the pursuit of an Armstrongist view of the world. It's really a shame, when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

How many Gigabytes has he burned up on You Tube by now?

Why doesn't this cheap skunk pay for his own web service?

Anonymous said...

Nearly all his hits (41 so far) are from curious Ghouls like us!

Allen C. Dexter said...

He doesn't even get a hit from me. I find out all I need to know by checking into this site periodically.

Velvet said...

I agree with Allen. Definitely don't need to watch the videos, just go by the descriptions here, and a passing knowledge of what the Church really used to teach.

Oh, and just for comparison's sake, here is the original. It's not so much comparing apples and oranges, as it is comparing ... UFOs and oranges, IMNSHO.

Head Usher said...

I really hate how he keeps referring back to this volume with a black leather binding. He doesn't tell us why he's doing it. What's the significance of it? Why should we be comparing the real world to this book in the first place? I seriously have no idea. I have lots of books that size that don't talk about valentines day and it never seemed to bother anyone that it wasn't mentioned in any of those books. What's the big deal if it isn't mentioned in this one either? At best, isn't that an argument from silence anyway?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note the level of Bob's scholarship. All of his research comes out of a 1966 encyclopedia. This the level of research junior high school students do. Oh yeah, and Herbert Armstrong too.

It is true that Pope Gelasius I did in 496 assign February 14 as a day dedicated to the memory of a man named Valens, of whom all we know for sure is that he died on February 14 and was buried along the Via Flaminia, as was the custom.

However, Gelasius was completely opposed to the celebration of Lupercalia, as were most high-born Romans at the time. It really didn't have much to do with christian morality though. Running naked in the streets just came to be seen as a trashy way for a high-status individual to behave.

Bob is factually incorrect when he says Gelasius transferred the celebration of Lupercalia to St. Valentine's day. There is nothing but weak and conflicting circumstantial evidence to suggest any link between the two.

Keep up the good work, Bob!

Assistant Deacon said...

Good point, Anon. Made me wonder what even Wikipedia would say about the holiday. Sure enough, under the heading "Lupercalia," the first sentence says:

"There is no evidence of any link between Saint Valentine's Day and the rites of the ancient Roman festival, despite many claims by many authors..."

Ha, even an eighth grader grabbing last-minute essay info from the Wiki folks would have more accurate information than Bob the Nutritionist.

It is interesting to note the things he is focusing on at the start of his menstruey: rules, laws, and condemnations. But of course. It's a COG.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love the massive screen of Bob's laptop blocking about 80% of him out as he speaks behind an old piece of furniture turned with it's back to the camera as various noises are being picked up from the outside of a nearby window.

Keep it up, Bob, your production values are truly top-of-the-line and paragons of broadcasting excellence. Industry awards shall soon be coming your way, no doubt about it!

And THIS is the guy who claims to have been given a double portion of the Holy Spirit? Well, now I've seen just about everything!

Anonymous said...

...And then there's another ex-WCG star, the mighty Bill Dankenbring, whose broadcast professionalism is very much on par with Bob's:

Byker Bob said...

Well, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish "Dr." Bob a "Happy VD"!


Anonymous said...

Bill Dankenbring, whose broadcast professionalism is very much on par with Bob's:

90 minutes , Another You Tube hog
He drones on about Hebrew calendar.
Loud Hum in his microphone makes it unwatchable