Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dave Pack Writes About the Pope Being A Better Man and Christian Than He Is

Poor Dave.  As much as the lanky guy tries he just cannot get Church of God members to flock to his fledgling splinter group.  All of the enormous amounts of empty hyperbole spewed out weekly still hasn't drawn them in.  Even the impending deaths of three current COG leaders that he has predicted still will not bring in new members.  The poor guy has become as much a laughing stock as the weak little man Thiel has become.

Dave wrote about the new Pope and the Christian actions he has carried out towards the poor, the marginalized and downtrodden in the world.  This must really be embarrassing to Dave since he has absolutely none of the Christian qualities that the new Pope has.

Dave writes:

In religion, Pope Francis is bringing a radically different approach to his office—an approach being described as more humble and much more inclusive. He is quickly becoming the most beloved pope in recent history—and not just by Christians. Time magazine ran a cover with the headline “New World Pope” accompanying a photo of him. A CNN opinion piece titled “Pope Francis’ Gestures Strike Fire in Our Hearts” summarized his actions this way: “So far, he has waved off any vestige of opulence (gold pectoral crosses and ermine lined mantles), walks rather than rides in a chauffeured limo, and for now at least refuses to live in the Apostolic Palace…He chooses to live in a less pretentious guest house.”
In the Restored Church of God, Dave actually had a chance to also bring about a different approach to the office he now holds.  He could have been more humble and more inclusive in his methods of leadership as compared to the WCG tradition.  However, that was NOT what happened.  Humility is not a word that is known to Dave.  Inclusivity certainly isn't a part of RCG either.  Marriages have been broken up because of him, families torn apart because of his hardline doctrinal stance.  Incomes have been decimated with quadruple tithes and demanded offerings.  He has quickly become the most despised COG leader ever! That's saying a lot considering the track record of Gerald Flurry.

Will there be a day that Dave strikes fire in the hearts of people and brings the hands of Jesus to earth?  Has Dave waved off any vestige of opulence?  Does he walk instead of being chauffeured around in fancy cars?  Has he moved out of his luxurious home into a simple dwelling?  Has Dave set the example in anything Christian?

Then there was the recent example of the pope washing inmates’ feet, including those of two women and a Muslim. This longer excerpt from The Washington Post speaks volumes about the pope’s new style (italics added): “With one act of humility after another, Pope Francis has proven he’s willing to break with tradition…An act of Pope Francis’s on Thursday perhaps says the most about his humility. Taking part in a tradition of Christianity’s holy week…Francis washed the feet of 12 people. What was unusual, however, was that he did not wash the feet of priests or even lay men, as have his predecessors, and he did not do it within the hallowed walls of a Roman basilica. Rather, he washed the feet of 12 juvenile prisoners at the Casal del Marmo Penitentiary Institute for Minors. Two of the young people were women and one was a Muslim, marking the first time a pope had included either group in the ceremony…the pope’s latest convention-busting move at the very least shows an interest in greater inclusivity. It reveals Francis to be a leader who is not merely humble, but courageously willing to reach beyond the Church in new ways.”

When was the last time Dave washed the feet of a lowly member?  When has he washed the feet of the homeless in Wadsworth?  When has he washed the feet of a prostitute or a gay person?  When has he washed the feet of a Muslim?  Better yet, when has he EVER spoken to a Muslim!

Tradition holds in Armstrongism that the person's feet he  washed had been hand selected. Usually another ordained person or a major donor.  He has warm water and fluffy towels to wash and dry feet with.  He probably also has a private room so that the lowly members cannot see his bare feet.

Is Dave willing to break from COG tradition?  They Pope can and has, Dave can't and will not.

When has Dave visited the Ohio State Penitentiary and ministered to the prisoners or washed their feet?

Pope Francis has proven that he really is a leader who is not only humble, but courageously willing to reach out BEYOND the walls of his church in new ways.

Dave has proven that he is not a leader that is humble and is not willing to reach out BEYOND the walls of his church in any way whatsoever.

Pope Francis has already proven to be a better man and a better Christan than Dave.  How humiliating that must be.


DennisCDiehl said...

David Pack is all about David Pack. He has no personal concern about anyone. He is arrogant, self serving and centered. He will implode once his "followers" catch on.

Anonymous said...

DennisCDiehl The exact same thing can be said about most if not all of the other COG leaders.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dave should wash Ron Weinland's feet in prison next year.

Glenn Parker

Head Usher said...

"Perhaps Dave should wash Ron Weinland's feet in prison next year."


I am suddenly struck by the realization that all of Armstrongism is merely a collection of unethical, corrupt and godless people who feel sanctified and special just because they genuflect once a week. And to think I was once a part of that fucked up black hole cult.

Douglas Becker said...

And the next thing you know, Pope Francis will be personally helping the people made poor by Dave Pack.

Anonymous said...

Recommended people for David Pack to wash the feet next year's Passover.
1. A gay with AIDS
2. A lesbian living in with another woman.
3. A transvestite (formerly boy and operated to become a woman)
4. An actor who has been 5 times divorced
5. A man with eczema on his feet
6. A man in advance stage of tuberculosis.
7. A man who has just been released in prison after serving his sentence (because he committed murder)
8. A Grace Communion Church member
9. A Jewish leper
10. A homeless black woman
11. A vehicular accident victim (or war victim) with only one foot.
12. A former WCG member he personally disfellowshipped during the WCG heydays.

Unless he could do these (or to similar types of other people), he could not equal the righteousness of the Pope whom he believes is the False Prophet. So until he exceeds the righteousness of the Pope, he cannot enter the kingdom of this Armstrong god who claims three tithes, who hates doctors and those in the medical profession, unbending when it comes to Sabbath, etc.

Anonymous said...

Dave views the Popes spirituality as a "style" or "approach". This is because Dave doesn't understand sincerity and humility. To him they are merely styles and approaches like his style (arrogant) and approach (Dictatorial) It's why he copies HWA's style and approach instead of Jesus Spirituality. He only understands HWA's way

Anonymous said...

Tweet: Dave's web site is still 77 times bigger and reaches 777 times as many people as the Vatican site!

Anonymous said...

But Dennis...
ALL the COG leaders are crappy...
EXCEPT for the WONDERFUL United Church of God Leaders who don't even remember who HWA was!!!

JUST ASK JOE MOELLER! (or the talking asses at his ranch's "UCG Corral" ... the ones who like to testify in court in support of the UCG's stalkers.)

Anonymous said...

Tweet: Hey Packerbutt! Welcome to the web where armstrongism comes to die! We are spitting in your face, you gutless impotent loser!

Anonymous said...

"Recommended people for David Pack to wash the feet next year's Passover.
11. A vehicular accident victim (or war victim) with only one foot.

How about somebody with no feet! Now, there's a challenge for Dave!

Anonymous said...

If the guy has no feet, does Dave have to wash his butt instead?