Monday, April 22, 2013

LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka: Gives Directions to the Place of Safety and Speaks About "... the Satanic Videos Out There, you know, I Wrote Down the Titles, you know....."

From a reader here:

Here are some fascinating quotes from a video by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka (with approximate time at beginning of each line).  (I don't have time to listen to the entire thing to hear what he has to say about the Place of Safety.)

Directions To The Place of Safety

~time: 26:45 Rev 12:1 “….Here we have the church in the wilderness; the House of Israel. Christ is coming as a baby, and He’s going to establish the New Testament Church. The House of Israel is giving birth to the Messiah.”

~time: 47:20 (Those worthy of protection) Isa 33:14 “’….Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire; who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?’ You know, who has the character; who is able to withstand, who is able to dwell, live through the <pauses> it’s really the, um, the-the, the uh second death – the lake of fire. That’s the question, who has that character? Well, only those who are converted, only those who become spirit beings. ‘Who can dwell with everlasting fire?’ you know, looking forward to what will come. Well, the answer is only those who God has judged as being, or Christ has judged as being worthy firstfruits.”

“So now we come to verse 15 and we move back in time. ‘He who walks righteously…’ and this is a prophecy that alludes to the place of safety, but it gives characteristics of those who God counts worthy of having the right spiritual character to become firstfruits. Those who He counts worthy to be firstfruits, He also counts worthy to go to a physical place of protection.”

~time: 58:40 (concerning video games) “You parents, watch what your kids read, and play, and do. I am familiar with the video games that are out there and I wrote down a number of titles. And I’m not going to give them, so that we, you know, don’t get in trouble (snickers) for mentioning certain titles. But there are video games out there that are so violent and disgusting, I think it would shock you. I won’t even describe what the plots are and how graphic they are. And they are the top selling games. You know I’m not some old guy - grew up in the woods - doesn't now about computers, you know, doesn't own a TV, and I’m just making this up. The top selling video games are graphically violent and graphically sexually violent. And I’ll let you fill in how. And satanically graphically sexually violent. It also applies to most of the popular television shows, you know, reenacting murder, meditating on that. How does that, how does that gel with Isaiah 33:15 or Philipians 4:8?


Anonymous said...

So what happens when several COGs go there? Will they fight it out?

Anonymous said...

Cisielka was a source of controversy in LCG several years ago. Rod Meredith sent Cisielka to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University to earn a master's degree, and some LCG members were afraid this was a signal Meredith was moving further toward Protestantism by endorsing that institution.

As for Satanic videos, he could do well by starting with those by his boss, Meredith.

Douglas Becker said...

Quite daft: Speculation on fantasy with bizarre assumptions ungrounded in any sort of reality.

If it were easier to follow, it might be entertaining.

DennisCDiehl said...

What a shock it might prove to be if LCG and all COGs ever came to realize that Revelation was a basically failed, pre-fall of Jerusalem "prophecy" written to encourage the Jewish Christians that "soon" , no more than 3 1/2 years, the Romans would be routed and a New Jerusalem set up under the Messiah.

That it was written to the Jewish Christians in the Seven Asian Churches who had repudiated Paul as the False Apostle, and that Paul admits all had forsaken him there, and that Vespasian was the Anti-Christ.

That it was the dying swan song of the more militant Jewish Christians who had no place for gentiles and that both the false Apostle Paul and Vespasian, while wished into the bottomless pit, ended up the winners and that's why today we are stuck with Roman and Gentile Christianity as promoted by the Apostle Paul.

Talk away their misunderstanding of Revelation as a yet to come prophecy and their tithes would dry up and their message become less urgent, which is the great motivator. Take away the 'and WE shall be changed" , which was Paul's mistaken notion for himself and the early church under his views and all of a sudden one is stuck with living a normal life loving others no matter, helping out along the way and dying like everylast human being has before them. Even if Gerald Waterhouse took and extra three days and three nights before he believed HWA was actually dead.

I accept this more historically correct scenerio on the background of Revelation as my own and the views of this writer do not necessarily reflect the views of the lurkers. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh nice going. You just gave everyone directions to Petra. Now everyone will show up there to be safe.

I thought David was content with "hide me in the grave until thy wrath be past"? Maybe it's just me.

Anonymous said...

" is stuck with living a normal life loving others no matter, helping out along the way and dying like everylast human being has before them."

If only more people would realize this (instead of believing that they are "uber-special beings" due to their uber-special beliefs and "personal contact" with their uber-special gods), we would have a more peaceful world in which to live.

Corky said...

I wouldn't think it would be very safe to be in a country near 'Armageddon' when the Armstrong predicted nuclear weapons started going off over there.

Besides that, there's no place of safety on this entire planet in the case of an all out nuclear war. A person may as well die in the blast as to be radiated to death a few days later.